Chapter 2111: Reproof

After walking out of the hall, Rong Li swept his second brother and third brother a glance. He did not speak.

The third prince was not a patient one, and he grabbed the crown prince, Rong Li’s, sleeve once they got out. “Eldest Brother, what do you say Imperial Father will do? Why did you mention giving Fourth Brother a consort? Shouldn’t we be saying to Imperial Father to harshly punish this person who is ignorant of the severity of the issue?”

“As his eldest brother, I naturally cannot watch him continue down a wrong path.” Rong Li said with a faint smile, “An unrequited love for the future crown prince consort of the Divine Province will not end well.”

The third prince fumed with flaring nostrils. “Shouldn’t we be lodging an even fiercer complaint with Imperial Father at this kind of time? Mentioning something else would mean we are pleading on his behalf to escape censure.”

“If Imperial Father truly is contemplating matchmaking him with a young lady from a noble family, won’t he be looking down on us even more in the future? After all, he has inherited the demon emperor’s blood. All the great patrician families in the Phoenix Imperial City are clambering to establish relations with him!”

“Old Third, don’t be worrying yourself there.” The second prince patted the third prince’s shoulder with a chortle, and he turned to say to the crown prince, “Eldest Brother, Third Brother, I obtained several bottles of excellent wine a few days ago. Would you two care to honor me with your presence for some drinks?”

“You’re still in the mood for drinking?” The third prince fumed with glaring eyes.

“Okay.” The crown prince nodded with a smile.


The inside the main hall had descended into a moment of silence.

After entering, Duan Yue merely saluted the emperor simply and stood at the foot of the platform without speaking.

The emperor stared at him with an expression that seemed as if he expected better from the latter.

After a while, he grabbed the counterfeit painting next to him and tossed it at Duan Yue. “Take a look yourself.”

Duan Yue was baffled. He examined it for some time and asked with furrowed brows, “Who is this?”

The emperor couldn’t help but laugh from anger.

“Old Third told me that this person in the painting is the person you like, but that this painting was drawn so-so and does not exude even a third of that girl’s aura.”

Duan Yue threw that painting to the floor with an indifferent expression. “They deserve to be drawing her? I don’t know what dogsh*t the person in this painting is. This son does not recognize this person.”

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The emperor berated, “Rong Yue!”

“Imperial Father called this son here to ask about this painting?” Duan Yue couldn’t help but laugh from anger too.

“You think Imperial Father called you here today to reprimand you about this painting?”

Duan Yue did not say anythign and just looked coldly at the person on the throne.

“You are my son! You are a prince of my Ultramarine Province. What is there that you cannot obtain? You think that you can get what you want just by looking at a portrait all day long?”

Duan Yue looked up queerly at his imperial father. He re-evaluated the latter anew.

The Ultramarine Province Emperor on the throne looked to be just in his thirties. There was no need to talk about his looks. The people of the Rong Clan certainly possessed outstanding features.


He thought that this imperial father of his was used to being high up and above. He shouldn’t be accustomed to chatting with his son, and especially about love matters out of the blue.

“I can very definitely tell you that you will not get anything you want with your cowardly attitude right now.” The Ultramarine Province Emperor chastised him, angry at his lack of drive.

“So what if it’s the crown prince consort of the Divine Province? You are the Ultramarine Province Emperor’s son! Your status does not lose out to other people.”