Chapter 2112: The Real Truth

“If you don’t fight for it, how will you get what you want?” The Ultramarine Province Emperor chastised.

Duan Yue observed his dad’s expression closely. He felt like his dad was in a bit of a hysteria right now.

“I don’t want to fight.” Duan Yue spoke calmly, “You think that you can get everything in the world just by fighting for it?”

“You will at least have a chance by fighting for it. If you don’t, you won’t get anything!” The Ultramarine Province Emperor sized up his foolish son, expecting better from him.

His obtuseness was infuriating.

“You’re a disappointment. You have inherited the demon emperor’s bloodline and will definitely be the most powerful person in our clan. You will shoulder the future of the entire Ultramarine Province! Yet you cannot even resolve this matter with a girl!”

“You think that you will get your wish fulfilled just by secretly drawing a portrait and staring at it all day? Simply ludicrous!”

Duan Yue glanced at the Ultramarine Province Emperor. “Imperial Father, are you being like this right now because you had an unrequited love when you were young?”

The Ultramarine Province Emperor: …

“You brat, right now Imperial Father is talking about your mess!”?What were you trying to imply?

Duan Yue gazed at him deeply. “Imperial Father, it couldn’t be that… you once contended with the current Divine Province Emperor for a wife?”

It couldn’t be denied that our dear Duan Yue had hit the nail on the head!

Just from looking at the Ultramarine Province Emperor’s green face, Duan Yue knew that he was not far off the mark!

No wonder the emperor was looking at him with that kind of gaze. He wasn’t sizing him up, but looking at himself from the past!

Duan Yue looked at the Ultramarine Province Emperor with a spurious smile. “Do not think too much, Imperial Father. I will not be contending.”


“You must have contended back then!” Duan Yue started to stab his imperial father’s heart again. He swept the Ultramarine Province Emperor a glance and asked nonchalantly, “But did it work? Didn’t it just result in disappointment?”

“You!” The Ultramarine Province Emperor felt like this son of his was going to make him explode from anger!

It was simply hateful how he so calmly kept jabbing at him where it hurt.

The Ultramarine Province Emperor felt like he was reliving the scene back then when that beautiful girl had left him.

That instant, he was actually staring at Duan Yue in a trance.

It was naturally impossible for Duan Yue to wait for him to regain his senses.

Even though he returned to the Ultramarine Province with his mother, he still resented the Ultramarine Province Emperor deep in his heart.

Duan Yue turned and walked out of the main hall after saying, “If there is nothing else, this son will be leaving first.”

The Ultramarine Province Emperor directly shot up from his seat and glowered at his son.

This unfilial son!

He hadn’t even finished talking, yet this muddle-headed son was already anxious to leave!

Did he have such an urgent matter to attend to?

Did he view his father with importance at all?

The Ultramarine Province Emperor just stood there staring at Duan Yue leave. After a while, he sighed and slumped down tiredly back in his seat.

At a glance, the main hall was silent and empty.

For some reason, his heart also became a bit empty. He could obscurely make out that girl’s beautiful smile ripple in front of his eyes.


The past was dead. They couldn’t go back.