Chapter 2114: Absolutely No Falsehood

“He stands far away every time he comes to issue missions. There are then maidservants who come up to explain the details.”

“That is why I have only seen several glances from far away.”

“I truly can’t distinguish his features!”

Qiao Mu’s lips reveal a snigger. She asked with a nod, “Oh? You sure.”

“I-I, I am sure. I am.” Shuntian Prefecture’s Prefecture Lord Geng Pengcheng was like a quail that had lost its guts. He covered his transparent head with his hands and trembled while saying, “Crown Prince Consort, there is absolutely no falsehood in this humble one’s words.”

Qiao Mu’s gaze turned especially profound. She swept Geng Pengcheng a glance and nodded with a flick of her sleeve. “At least you know your place.”

When her lotus-colored sleeves flitted over Geng Pengcheng’s head, his face paled from fear.

He had thought that the little lady intended to wipe him out. Yet that did not happen.

She did not do anything. It was as if her sleeve had inadvertently passed over his head.

“Hubby, it is not early anymore. Let’s go back and rest.”

Mo Lian looked at Geng Pengcheng and then gave a nod. He grasped the little fellow’s hand and walked out, heading to the rooms next door.

Everybody also walked out one by one, returning to their own rooms to rest.

For a moment, this room had become completely quiet. Only the dirt prison on the table as well as Geng Pengcheng remained. Geng Pengcheng was muttering something to himself while hiding inside a corner of the dirt prison.

That night, the stars had completely hidden beneath the sky’s black drapes.

It also started raining lightly outside.

The weather seemed to have entered the rainy season these past several days. A rainstorm would come every few days, making people wet every time they went outside. This caused the peddlers on the streets to decrease by two-thirds even in the daytime.

After night fell, the streets were silent.

Geng Pengcheng sat dazedly inside the dirt prison.

At this time, a black figure suddenly drifted past the window and abruptly appeared inside the room.

Geng Pengcheng got invigorated, and just as he tried to say something, he found out that no matter how he tried to speak, his voice was lodged in his throat. He could not even utter a single sound!

Uh! Uh! Uh??He tried to make simple sounds, but it was no use at all.

His spiritual conscious apparition started shaking, and a bad premonition passed through his heart.

That vicious and wicked little lady did this on purpose!

She purposely left him in this room alone as bait to capture his accomplices!

She knew that someone would come.

Uh! Uh-Uh!?Geng Pengcheng was a bit flustered. He wanted to rush to the dirt prison and shake his hands to stop the black-clothed person from coming closer.

Yet he didn’t expect several rocks to drop from the top of the dirt prison. They knocked him flat on the ground, and his spiritual conscious apparition instantly took heavy damage. His entire body turned even more transparent and illusory. He didn’t even have the strength to move a single finger.

The black figure did not hesitate. The person grabbed that dirt prison from the table and glanced back before departing through the window with a swish.

Geng Pengcheng was incredibly anxious, but he was unable to talk. He could only watch as that person brought him and the dirt prison away.

After moving for about 250 meters, they entered a deserted residence.

That person closed the door and looked down at Geng Pengcheng, still inside the dirt prison. The person sniggered, “You actually put yourself in this terrible state.”

“Tsk, tsk, how useless.”