Chapter 2116: Unbearably Stinky

That person turned his head stiffly and saw a young girl in pale-colored clothes standing not far away from him, staring at him coldly.

“Uh, uh??” The black-clothed person let out a guttural sound like a turkey getting gripped by the neck.

Mo Lian glanced at him coldly and flicked away the black cloth veiling his face.

This was an ordinary face that would not even make a splash among common people.

Qiao Mu looked at him coldly. She walked up as a sharp, glistening icicle formed in her hand.

“You, what do you want to do? Ah!” The black-clothed person couldn’t help trembling while watching her.

“What do I want to do?” Qiao Mu stated expressionlessly with a cold look, “What do you think.”

“Ah!!” With Mo Lian tightening his grip around that person’s neck, the latter’s screech immediately lodged in his throat.

Qiao Mu’s sharp icicle was sliding inch by inch behind the person’s ears.

These hands that were accustomed to holding needles and knives did not make any noise while slicing open that person’s skin. She also wielded the amount of force necessary with precision, cutting just half an inch beneath that person’s skin.

The black-clothed person’s neck was in Mo Lian’s grip, so it was impossible to move.

He could only stay erect while suspended in mid-air like a dead fish.

Mo Lian stretched his arm out in distaste, putting this person as far away possible as he could. He even furrowed his brows and stated coldly, “Unbearably stinky.”

Qiao Mu blinked and looked up at her dear hubby. She quickened her pace and ripped the fake skin off that person’s face.

“Tsk, tsk. You really lack judgement at the appropriate times.” Feng Chen chuckled and walked up to examine the black-clothed person. “Yo! It’s a woman.”

“Wah, that’s so awesome. Lemme see.” Dao Wuji quickly crowded over and admired the woman like a zoo animal.

The black-clothed person had long been scared out of her wits. Her body trembled, and her eyes even lost focus as she looked at Qiao Mu.

Qiao Mu was irritated and slapped that person in the face. “Stop pretending. How can people believe your acting when it’s so bad.”

After getting slapped so ruthlessly, the woman who had an unfocused gaze turned diabolic as her left cheek swelled up.

“You plague of a little b*tch! Shameless sl*t! My master won’t let you off! Kill me, don’t dream of getting anything out of me!” She cursed madly with a wicked glint in her eyes.

Mo Lian released his grip, throwing that woman to the floor. He took a clean handkerchief and slowly wiped his hand.

He tossed the handkerchief at that person’s feet, and then a black flame immediately sprouted and burnt the handkerchief into ashes.

At the same time, the flames leapt up from beneath the woman and instantly enveloped her in layers of sacred fire.

“Ah, ah!! AHH.” The woman screamed in agony as she rolled on the floor.

That black fire was mystical. It did not burn anything else in the room and merely enveloped that woman. It scorched her mightily, as if wanting to usher her soul out from her body.

Qiao Mu trotted to her hubby’s side and raised her hand to placate his raging emotions.

How would she care about what curses this woman was spouting…?