Chapter 2117: I’ll Grant You the Opportunity to Challenge Me

After all, this person was already a corpse in her eyes.

The woman rolled back and forth on the floor. Her face and skin were completely mutilated.

She touched her face in shock while wrapped up in those black flames. However, this touch set her nose and eyebrows on fire, subjecting her face to extreme pain.

The intensity of the fire on her face was much weaker than the rest of her body. It was like boiling a frog slowly in warm water. It kept singing her face, but did not turn her face into charcoal.

“Ah, ahhh!” The woman rolled about haphazardly. The people who happened to be in her way merely took a step backwards.

They just watched her lone performance of rolling about the floor.

Qiao Mu was speechless. She suddenly scattered a stream of snow pellets around that woman.

Once the snow pellets came into contact with the sacred fire, the layer of black fire enveloping the woman quickly and obediently died down.

Mo Lian’s anger had not subsided. He gripped the little fellow’s hand and said indignantly, “Why did you save her. She deserves to burn to death for her foolhardiness.”

Qiao Mu quickly placated him with her hand and blinked. “I still have things to ask her!”

“You plague, you obsence b*tch! I won’t tell you anything! I absolutely will not betray my master!!”

“You only know to act imperiously by relying on men! You b*tch… ah!”

A burst of wood spirit instantly hit her mouth and knocked her teeth out.

“Such a stinky mouth. What else are you going to hear her say,” Feng Chen said disapprovingly.

Upon seeing everybody’s anger, Qiao Mu involuntarily waved it off and explained, “What is there to haggle over with a dead person? Wait until I finish asking.”

“Ah phooey!” The woman found it difficult to talk after getting her teeth knocked out. She hollered, “In your dreams!”

“Didn’t you say that I act imperiously because I can rely on men? Then I’ll give you an opportunity to challenge me.” Qiao Mu interrupted her and declared, “As long as you defeat me, I will let you go. How about it?”

The woman was startled. However, she did not notice Prefecture Lord Geng shaking his head vigorously behind her.

He wanted to alert this woman, but he could not speak.

Qiao Mu swept Prefecture Lord Geng a cold look and showed him an icy and resolute expression.

This foxy Geng Pengcheng wanted to deceive this darling?

It was obvious what he said was not completely true!

However, it did demonstrate his utmost loyalty to the person backing him.

If she didn’t feel like she could dig up any info of importance here, would she have especially laid out a trap for him to enter?

Sure enough, someone really did barge into the room that night after leaving just Geng Pengcheng inside.

This woman didn’t seem to even possess half of Geng Pengcheng’s intelligence!

That woman evidently started hesitating. However, as she did not look back at Prefecture Lord Geng, she simply didn’t see Prefecture Lord Geng yelling at her inaudibly with worry.

“Okay! I promise you!” The woman nodded emphatically.

She had sensed by now that the people around this girl were breathing lightly but exuded heavy pressures.

Evidently, these people beside her were all people with extremely high cultivation.

This d*mned lass before her was being so arrogant just because she had those people as backing!

Master had told them already that that lass grew up in the countryside, so it would already be extreme luck to trigger her mystic meridians in this lifetime.