Chapter 2118: Dumb*ss!

Was she having delusions of breaking through to the spiritual realm?

And perhaps even to the divine realm?

Hahaha! Don’t be joking! She was just trash who had grown up in the countryside. Without the assistance of high-level experts, she wouldn’t be able to advance smoothly.

Geng Pengcheng’s pupils contracted abruptly. His expression also went from being anxious and nervous to anger and embarrassment. His face had turned ashen in dismay.

If the black-clothed woman was willing to turn back and glance at him, she would definitely find it extremely entertaining.

Geng Pengcheng’s inner thoughts right now:?Couldn’t this d*mned dumb*ss just look back at him!?

He hated how he couldn’t utter a word!


Prefecture Lord Geng felt like he was going to die from being stifled like this. He glared at that arrogant woman and wished for nothing more than to howl at the sky!

Dumb*ss! How would she dare make this bet with you if she didn’t have the ability!

Look at this woman’s complacent attitude. She was obviously looking down on the little stoic!

It was only natural that she would suffer a loss!

The two people flew out of the rundown room and stood in an empty area in front of the forecourt.

This abandoned residential area was very dilapidated. There was a unculitvated patch of nursery plants up ahead.

That woman’s features were now indistinguishable from getting burnt. Her eyes had turned into slits as she stood beside the uncultivated nursery and stared venomously at Qiao Mu.

“Ha.” The woman summoned a double-edged blade from her inner world. The sharp blade emitted a faint raven light in the dim light.

“Don’t put the blame on other people when you’re seeking your own death.”

Qiao Mu looked at her coldly and did not say anything. She waved her hand and summoned her ferule.

“Victory has not been decided yet. Don’t be too overconfident.”

“You’ll know whether it’s confidence after this match.” The black-clothed woman grunted, and flung the double-edged blade out of her hand, spinning toward Qiao Mu.

The sound of the blade whipping through the air got louder and louder.

Qiao Mu did not dodge. She extended her lustrous hand and erected a spiritual energy defensive circle around her, swiftly blocking the rapidly rotating double-edged blade outside.

*Whish, whish, whish, whish.* It became more and more difficult for the double-edged blade to get closer after getting blocked by that stream of spiritual energy.

However, it did not entangle too long with Qiao Mu’s energy. It abruptly turned around, appearing back in the black-clothed woman’s hand.

The black-clothed woman slashed down mightily with her blade, sending out blades of energy.

Qiao Mu did not even need a second glance to dodge her blades of energy.

After several attempts at attacking, the woman realized that Qiao Mu had nimble movements and unusual footwork.

It was absolutely impossible for her to catch up to this stoic face by just relying on speed.

The black-clothed woman’s eyes flashed, and she suddenly flung out several dozen talismans that zeroed in on Qiao Mu.

All the talismans discharged in front of Qiao Mu.

The mighty talisman energy pressed down on Qiao Mu.

Qiao Mu did not get surprised, just as if she had long seen through this woman’s identity. She merely curled his lips coldly. With a flick of her fingers, she threw out several hundred talismans that met the the billowing talisman energy head-on.

The black-clothed girl was completely floored, and she just stood there stupidly.

What had happened?

This little b*tch was actually a rare talisman practitioner?

Otherwise, how could she have so many talismans?