Chapter 2121: Falling Short

Everybody looked back at her in surprise.

They saw the little stoic press her lips together tightly and then declare expressionlessly, “But next time, who knows who will win.”

She had indeed lost this time. She had expended so much effort to capture these two people, yet she was not able to extract any useful information from them.

That person from the talisman patrician family was truly a person of means.

That person was an expert at using people and also at manipulating power.

It was certain that they would clash again. At that time…

Qiao Mu lowered her eyes.

Just as she was letting her mind wander, she heard Feng Chen scoff beside her, “Tsk, still not behaving even in death.”

He shot out a green light from his finger. It flew past Qiao Mu and landed on something like a weak red candlewick wisp.

After a soft sizzle, that extremely faint candlewick distorted before vanishing into nothingness.

“Geng Pengcheng’s life lantern miniature?” Qiao Mu’s heart jumped.

If Feng Chen didn’t react in time, Geng Pengcheng’s miniature would surely create complications once it traveled back to the Divine Province.

“Mhm.” Feng Chen nodded.

“He could still leave behind this life lantern fragment after self-detonating his spiritual conscious.” Qiao Mu resented this person even more.

He truly was working himself to the bone for his master.

“He used his last bit of essence blood to form a life lantern fragment.” Feng Chen sniggered, “But too bad he fell short.”

Qiao Mu nodded. Her malice for Geng Pengcheng had already reached its peak.

“I seemed to have wronged Mu Jingrui back then,” Qiao Mu acknowledged. “I had thought Mu Jingrui sent Fan Gu to assassinate me because I refused to return to the Mu Clan.”

“From the looks of it now, we can ascertain that Fan Gu and Fan Qiuhe are also pawns of this mastermind from the Mu Clan.”

She was a bit displeased that she had lost this time, but a loss was a loss.

There were still long days ahead of them, so they just had to wait and see.

They were all tired after busying about most of the night. Therefore, they noiselessly returned to the inn and continued sleeping.

As a result, everybody woke up a bit later the next day.

They only came down the stairs one by one after the sun had risen high into the sky.

Xiao Huanghe was naturally unaware of what had happened last night.

She had been busy every day settling matters with Yunxue’s cremation.

Everybody gathered in the lobby. After a moment of silence, Fairy Huanghe said, “I plan to make a trip back to the official mansion.”

The Gingko Immortal paused eating and couldn’t help but roll her eyes at her. “I say, Big Missy, do you think your life is so long that you have to cast yourself back into the net and experience another bloodbath?”

“I didn’t pack up the things in my room since I left in a rush that day.”

Qiao Mu waved her hand indifferently. “Just buy new ones.”

Fairy Huanghe pressed her lips together and hesitated. “I have two extremely precious handwritten medical book copies. I was perusing them in my room that day and forgot to put them back in my inner world.”

Qiao Mu looked at her in surprise. “I also have several handwritten copies. I’ll lend them to you to read.”

Afterwards, she took out one of Long Chuyun’s handwritten copies and tossed it to Huanghe.

Huanghe held it gingerly. After flipping through two pages, her eyes lit up.

During the entire meal, Huanghe was just drunk on reading the book and ignored everyone else…

“Qiaoqiao, can you lend me this medical book to read for two days? Uh, where is she?”