Chapter 2126: Prodigal Qiao

This was to guard against the heavenly star dying once she got home, and then come back to make trouble for their pharmacy all for that one spirit currency?

Qiao Mu was baffled.

Was she such a senseless person?

Even if it did die on her, it was only one spirit currency. Was it worth it for her to come make another trip?

Zhang Wuxiang laughed mockingly again.

The little stoic looked at her and rolled her eyes. “Do you feel that your nostrils are clogged up? You had best treat illnesses early.”

“You nostrils are clogged, and internal heat is weighing down on you while your lung energy is rising up. This easily produces an illness in the lungs. Not treating a small illness will make you suffer more once it grows into a big illness. I advise that you treat it properly.”

Madam Zhang and Zhang Wuxiang were instantly flabbergasted.

After a moment, that Zhang Wuxiang finally hollered, “What are you saying, what attitude are you using to speak to me? Do you know who I am!”

What kind of attitude… her attitude was awfully good!

“I’m telling you… I am Zhang Wuxiang, the third miss of Hongyuan Island. You best be careful. B*tches who cannot keep their mouths shut do not live long!”

Qiao Mu knitted her brows.?How come the phrase “Hongyuan Island” shoulded familiar?

“Xiang’er.” Wu Jinyi hastily pulled back the irascible Zhang Wuxiang. He furrowed his brows and chided, “Don’t cause trouble.”

The other person was just standing there buying herbs, yet she was constantly picking fights with the other person. No one would be feeling comfortable in this situation.

When Zhang Wuxiang saw Wu Jinyi trying to speak up for the little stoic, her wrath ballooned even more on the inside. She angrily flung away Wu Jinyi’s hand and muttered, “Brother Wu, why do you keep speaking up for that b*tch. I am the third miss of Hongyuan Island. How can she, a countryside girl, who popped out from who knows where, dare to talk arrogantly in front of me? How can I not lecture her properly?”

“She has no money, yet she pretends to be a prodigal. She just bought a dying plant but acts like a nouveau riche. It’s simply…” Zhang Wuxiang’s voice suddenly stopped. Her eyes opened wide as she stared at the ink-clothed man who gradually appeared at the top of the stairs.

His suit of ink-colored clothes complemented his tall figure. His exquisite brows seemed to have been chiseled by Heaven, instantly stealing away other people’s breath.

Heaven, Heavens! There was actually such a handsome man in this world?

Compared to that ink-clothed man, Wu Jinyi simply could not look any more ordinary. Even throwing him into a crowd would not create a splash!

Zhang Wuxiang could not take her eyes off Mo Lian. Her gaze seemed to want to bore a hole in his face.

She had really never seen such a peerless man in her life. His back was straight as bamboo, and he walked over while parting blossoms and willows. For a moment, the scenery in her eyes seemed to have lost their natural color save for a smiling man.

Qiao Mu’s gaze was glued to that bag of carrot cakes Mo Lian was holding. She ran over happily and hugged his arm, asking, “Hubby, how come it took you so long.”

She had already made three rounds around this second floor out of boredom. Qiaoqiao was unhappy that this guy had taken so long.

“Oh, Hubby encountered two vile dogs blocking the path along the way. I came late because I was teaching them a lesson.” Mo Lian patted the little fellow’s head.

Oblivious to everyone else, the two of them walked to the side and put down the carrot cakes on the small table that the pot of heavenly star had been placed on earlier. Mo Lian unwrapped the oilpaper and took out a piping hot carrot cake. He held it near Qiao Mu’s lips with a smile. “Here, have a taste.”