Chapter 2127: A Lesson

The little fellow nibbled on the piping hot carrot cake. She fanned her mouth and complimented while bobbing her head. “It’s delicious.”

Mo Lian nodded with a grin. “Mhm.”

Afterwards, he also took a bite out of that carrot cake. “My efforts were worthwhile. It’s quite tasty.”

A piercing comment ruined the mood. “So shameless.”

“Xiang’er.” Wu Jinyi was simply about to lose his mind.?Xiang’er wasn’t so small-minded in the past. How come she kept poking her nose in other people’s business today?

That young sir in ink-colored clothes didn’t seem like someone to be trifled with. Xiang’er was simply challenging his tolerance repetitively by doing this!

Qiao Mu turned to look at her while creasing her brows in irritation. She wrapped up the remaining carrot cakes and stuffed them in her inner world. Afterwards, she held Mo Lian’s hand and headed down the stairs. “Hubby, let’s go.”

There was no need to speak nonsense with an idiot. It would simply be a waste of energy.

“Let’s go downstairs and wait. I bought a lot of herbs.”

“Tsk, so a dying plant worth a single spirit currency is called a lot of herbs.”

“Xiang’er.” Wu Jinyi warned impatiently, “Watch yourself!”

“Brother Wu.” Zhang Wuxiang didn’t expect Wu Jinyi to scold her in public. Her eyes immediately teared up as she complained aggrievedly, “You’re actually scolding your fiancée for this shameless b*tch. You’re also bewitched by her, right? Who the hell does she think she is! I am the third miss of Hongyuan Island! Besides looking like a vixen, how else can that b*tch compare to me? Ah!”

Mo Lian abruptly turned around, with an ominous light shooting from his frigid phoenix eyes.

A wave of his left hand sent a mighty palm strike through the air at Zhang Wuxiang’s face.


“Ah—” Zhang Wuxiang flew out with a stagger and hit the back of her waist on a display case. Luckily, that display case was extremely sturdy and the crystal layer was also quite thick. Otherwise, her crash might have destroyed it.

However, Zhang Wuxiang felt like the back of her waist was about to snap.

She pressed on the back of her waist and yelped in pain. Wu Jinyi also hurried over to help her up, yet she started screeched like a shrew, “Mom, Mom! Kill her, kill that b*tch for me.”

The middle-aged woman’s expression had also turned green seeing her daughter suffer like this.

She darted over and jumped over the second floor railing, landing in the main hall on the first floor.

Several businessmen who were choosing medicinal materials were shocked by her sudden entrance. When they looked up, they saw this vicious woman glaring hatefully at a golden couple standing in the middle of the main hall.

“You want to die?” Mo Lian uttered coldly. He still did not forget to feed the little fellow while confronting the middle-aged woman.

“This junior is talking so big.” The middle-aged woman’s eyes glinted coldly as she berated, “You want to leave like this after hurting my daughter?”

“Madam Zhang, please stay your hand.” Wu Jinyi was helping Zhang Wuxiang down the stairs and advised, “This is the Liangyuan Pharmacy. It is not suitable to be fighting here.”

Zhang Wuxiang screeched, “Mom, kill that b*tch, kill that b*tch!”

The little stoic bit a carrot cake while grasping Mo Lian’s hand. She looked up at Zhang Wuxiang with indifference:?What a crazy woman! Where in the world did she pop out from!?