Chapter 2129: Why the Need to Buy?

Yet who knew that Hongyuan Island’s orders for one year did not even compare to the young lady’s purchases in a single day.

Wasn’t this just slapping her face?

It was completely crushing her pride underfoot into the mud!

Zhang Wuxiang’s entire body shook from fury.

Her gaze fixed on Qiao Mu like a contorting poisonous snake.

If possible, she really wanted to transform into a python and swallow this b*tch whole.

Zhang Wuxiang felt that she had never been so humiliated in her 32 years as a daughter of a noble family.

She felt like she saw a hint of scorn from Qiao Mu’s emotionless gaze.

It was just like that stoic face was completely looking down on their Hongyuan Island.

Zhang Wuxiang clenched her fists so hard that they were cracking.

Madam Zhang was also extremely embarrassed right now. She did not know how to respond as she looked at Qiao Mu.

Qiao Mu had already walked to the counter with Shopkeeper Qiu to complete her payment.

The total came out to 15 thousand spirit currency. The shopkeeper was also extremely sheepish by how his shop assistant had charged this honored guest one spirit currency for that shoddy plant earlier.?It was truly too… embarrassing!

Therefore, Shopkeeper Qiu took out a good many mid-rank herbs to compensate Qiao Mu in apology.

Qiao Mu naturally did not mind.

In reality, that heavenly star really wasn’t some shoddy herb!

It really was scary being uncultured.

Qiao Mu looked at Shopkeeper Qiu queerly before gathering the large pile of three leaf flowers on the ground into her inner world. She said with a nod, “Alright, you don’t need to give me any more.”

“Mom!!” Zhang Wuxiang protested angrily, “Are you just going to watch your daughter suffer such a big loss without standing up with me??”

Madam Zhang was somewhat hesitant right now.

There were not many people who could take out 15 thousand spirit currency at once in the Shuntian Prefecture!

Madam Zhang did not believe that this young lady had no background.

However, it was the truth that her daughter had suffered a loss. If she just let that young couple depart like this, Madam Zhang would feel stifled.

Wu Jinyi had a headache, and he whispered to Zhang Wuxiang, “Wuxiang, don’t cause any more trouble. The fact that this young lady can take out 15 thousand spirit currency at once to buy such a large amount of medicinal materials must mean that she is not ordinary. It does not benefit us to keep making a fuss.”

Zhang Wuxiang gnashed her teeth and clamored, “Brother Wu, you couldn’t really be fancying that vixen? Why are you speaking up for her again and again? So what if she can take out 15 thousand spirit currency at once? It’s not like our Hongyuan Island’s Zhang Clan can’t take out so much spirit currency at once? What’s there to brag about?”

After saying this, she declared while pressing on the back of her waist, “Buy out all the medicinal materials in this entire Liangyuan Pharmacy if you have the ability!”

The businessmen in the main hall were in a corner pointing fingers at Zhang Wuxiang in disapproval.

“This young lady is truly overbearing and unreasonable.”

“Isn’t that right? Why does she keep picking a fight with a young girl?”

“Her ordinary looks are even more gruesome with how they’re contorted right now.”

Zhang Wuxiang was livid and turned to scream, “What did you say??”

“Why does she need to buy out this Liangyuan Pharmacy? I can give everything to my Qiaoqiao for free!” A laugh entered everybody’s ears.

Everybody was startled when they heard this, and they turned to the entrance.