Chapter 2130: Kicked Out

A spirited and handsome man dressed in purple walked inside.

He promptly winked at Qiao Mu upon entering and chuckled, “Qiaoqiao.”

Qiao Mu was startled.

The person that suddenly sauntered inside turned out to be Young Sir Ding Yun.

His businesses really could be found everywhere in the Shuntian Prefecture…

Mo Lian couldn’t help but get angered to laughter. “The cult master of the Demonic Cult is in quite the leisurely mood. Your business is quite extensive, from pharmaceutical to restaurants to an underground battle arena. Truly anything one can think of.”

“Thank you, thank you.” Ding Yun cupped his hands pridefully at Mo Lian to piss him off.

“Qiaoqiao, just directly take anything you want from inside this shop of mine!”

Qiao Mu was expressionless.

The shopkeeper wiped his swept as he bowed courteously. “Young Sir.”

“Mhm.” Ding Yun whipped open a shiny gold fan and fanned himself while turning to look at the shopkeeper. “Shopkeeper Qiu, what is going on? Someone told me there was someone smashing things in the store?”

Shopkeeper Qiu quickly dabbed at his sweat and replied with a nod. “This, was only a misunderstanding. Do not worry, Young Sir. It is now fine.”

“Misunderstanding?” Young Sir Ding harrumphed as he swept his gaze past Madam Zhang and her daughter. He asked while fanning himself, “But they were stirring up trouble?”

Madam Zhang’s face promptly turned bright red.

“How did I teach you? We buy and sell on small capital and value doing business peacefully, but we don’t need to be overly courteous to people who are purposely making trouble. Just directly kick them out!”

The shopkeeper couldn’t help but wipe his cold sweat as he nodded with a green face. He peered at the young sir.

Sigh, he didn’t know what had gotten in this young sir’s head today.

He did not believe that the young sir was unaware of the mother and daughter from the Zhang Clan. The young sir had most likely already investigated thoroughly while on the way here.

“Alright, escort all miscellaneous people out. Our pharmacy’s fair prices will certainly get us business.” Ding Yun waved his hand and declared, “You don’t need to compromise for those troublemakers.”

Madam Zhang’s nostrils flared in anger, and Zhang Wuxiang was also shaking all over in wrath.

This handsome young sir in purple clothes was especially good-looking, but his tone of voice and the look of contempt he directed at them was simply untolerable for the mother and daughter duo!

“Insolent!” Madam Zhang shouted harshly, her face flushed bright red.

Zhang Wuxiang’s entire body was shaking as she pointed and Ding Yun and shrieked, “Who kicks out their customers? Are you planning not to open your pharmacy in the Shuntian Prefecture in the future anymore?”

Ding Yun glanced coldly at that women. “Scram while I haven’t lost my temper.”

Zhang Wuxiang screamed in envy and pointed at the little stoic, who was nibble carrot cakes on the side. She shrieked as if she had lost all rationality, “You shameless thing! If not for you, how would we get kicked out?”

Just as she said this, Ding Yun swept his sleeve over. Zhang Wuxiang felt a powerful force crushing her chest.

She spurted out a mouthful of blood as she crashed into the shelves behind her.

“Oh hey, wait!!” The shopkeeper freaked out and quickly flung out a rope to catch Zhang Wuxiang’s body. This stopped her from crashing into the medicine chest behind her.

Otherwise, this chest of herbs would’ve suffered from disaster.