Chapter 2132: Nothing But Bare Walls…

Qiao Mu looked up at her dear hubby and asked puzzledly, “Hubby, what are you doing?”

“All for Qiaoqiao.” Mo Lian lowered his head and said this to her.

Qiao Mu looked queerly at all the spirit currency on the floor, and then she looked up at Young Sir Ding’s unsightly expression. “I don’t want it!”

Everyone: …

Oh my goodness! Both of them were so willful!

One took out such a large amount of spirit currency and bought out all the medicinal materials. Not to mention how he also scared everybody out of their wits.

The other one was even more insane, saying that she didn’t want it!

“Why? Mo Lian stroked the little fellow’s head. “Don’t you like medicinal materials the most.”

“Too much, can’t hold it all!” Qiao Mu replied.

All the herbs growing in the medicinal garden in her Paradise Planet were already a lot!

If he bought such a large bunch of random medicinal materials now, where should she put them?

“It’s fine, you can put them in storage talismans. If you don’t like it you can just toss it away for fun!” Crown Prince Mo hugged her and then promptly turned around with a practiced change of expression.

He turned from a gentle and soothing young sir into the lofty and temperamental Crown Prince Mo. “What are you still gawking there for? Quickly go and pack up the herbs!”

“Ah, yes. Yes, yes, yes!!!” The shopkeeper felt like he was about to go insane!

He was definitely cursing on the inside…

Where exactly did these two weirdos come from!?

Could these two lords consider the feelings of the common people in their clash? Could they not be so intense!?

Qiao Mu could only sigh in exasperation. She communicated with the water child deep in her conscious pool:?Dottie, are men all this immature!?

The water child quickly concurred:?Masta, Masta, you’re right. Men like duking it out the most! They’re not as cute as Dottie, right?

Qiao Mu nodded. She couldn’t resist asking,?When you transform later on, will you take on a boy or girl form? You had better become a girl. It won’t be as vexing then.

The water child:?… Masta, I will have to disappoint you…

The water child fled in tears.

A certain person who suddenly noticed that the water child had stopped talking didn’t think too much. She thought that the water child was busy doing something else.

Qiao Mu kicked the clinking spirit currency at her feet and then started following Shopkeeper Qiu. Subsequently, she sighed. “You don’t have to do it, I’ll collect it myself.”

She could only put all these medicinal materials in storage talismans. Her inner world couldn’t hold so much.

Besides, one storage talisman was not even enough!

Ten empty blue storage talismans floated around Qiao Mu and glided toward the items in the main hall.

Another ten flew to the second floor.

Soon, Shopkeeper Qiu ran down the stairs with a queer expression. He looked in stupefaction at the expressionless little stoic, and then at his young sir’s sullen face.

“Cough, Miss. You, you! You also took away the display cases and those medicine chests!!”

This heartless and barbaric miss didn’t even leave them a single feather.

Right now, there was nothing but bare walls on both floors…

The miss even freakin’ took away the lamps and vases in the corners!

Everyone: …

How come they felt like the miss was swindling them!

“If I don’t take them away, how should I store the medicinal materials? Should I just be packing them up all randomly??” Qiao Mu rebutted angrily, “Besides, can your chests and lamps and tools be as expensive as medicinal materials? I bought them all out! How come I can’t take anything else!”