Chapter 2134: Who Are You!

Mo Lian glanced at the two people at the entrance with impatience. He looked down at Qiao Mu and explained, “It’s those two d*mn dogs Hubby disciplined just earlier. Yet how they dare still come looking for trouble!”

“What are you all still standing there for, go…” The grim-faced young man trailed off, suddenly goggling at Qiao Mu. He yelped, “How is it you!”

Qiao Mu looked at him puzzledly and then sized up the both of them.

No impression of them at all! Had she seen such a third-rate man with ordinary looks before?

“Who are you!” Qiao Mu asked out loud.

Everyone: …

How come they felt that the expression of the young man sitting on the wheelchair had contorted beyond limits when the little stoic asked this question?

“You b*tch, you’re afraid to own up to what you did?” Before the grim-faced young man could speak, the young man in the wheelchair had snapped while hitting his armrest.

Madam Zhang quickly walked over to the person in the wheelchair and soothed, “Dan’er, what happened? Calm down first. Just tell Mom what happened.”

“It’s her, it’s this b*tch! Her! It’s her!! She was the one who threw me into the water to feed the sharks, causing both my legs to get shredded!”

Madam Zhang’s entire body started shaking nonstop upon hearing this.

She incisively fixed her eyes on Qiao Mu like a venomous snake. It was like the poison in her gaze was about to drip out tangibly.

“You didn’t recognize wrongly? It truly is this b*tch?” Madam questioned sternly.

Zhang Wudan hit his thighs while bawling, “Mother, it’s her. Even if this little wh*re were to turn into ashes, I wouldn’t forget her! It was her who caused the area below this child’s knees to be severed, as well as be unable, unable…”

All the men present instantly understood from Zhang Wudan’s chagrined expression!

F*ck, this guy couldn’t have been so unlucky that his pen*s also became shark food…

That was too tragic!

Everybody looked at the stoic-faced little lady like she was an oddball.

Yet the stoic face still looked confused. She looked up at her hubby, then at Young Sir Ding, and at last at Madam Zhang’s gritted expression and Zhang Wudan’s contorted face.

“Who are you!?”

Everyone: …

What was even more awful than engraving someone into your memories, yet finding out that the other person completely didn’t recognize you?

Mo Lian nearly laughed out loud.

His little lady was a child who didn’t even recognize Duan Yue’s celestial looks when she was younger.

If not for Duan Yue showing up in front of her all day long with all sorts of excuses, her face-blindness might have taken effect, preventing her from recognizing him…

Talking about another example, the little fellow didn’t even recognize Asi, the brave and abnormally handsome tercel of the grasslands.

It truly was a demanding task for such an ordinary-looking Zhang Wudan without any special traits to vainly expect the little stoic to remember him!

If Qi Xuanxuan, Duanmu Qing, and the others did not enter closed-door cultivation, they would definitely die from laughter at the little stoic’s actions.

They did not expect for the little stoic to even forget what had happened in just the past few months…

She and her teammates had encountered this Zhang Wudan when they were journeying to Polan Prefecture by ship.

The grim-faced man who was standing was Tie Feng, the son of Shuntian Prefecture’s senior manager.

The one sitting on the wheelchair was the second young sir of Hongyuan Island, Zhang Wudan.

At that time, the little stoic and company had taught them a ruthless lesson on the deck of the ship.