Chapter 2137: Each Fleeing on Their Own

Zhang Wuxiang was also scared silly. She didn’t even look at her second brother and fled outside immediately.

Wu Jinyi and Zhang Wudan were not on familiar terms. Since the other party’s own blood sister wasn’t even going to save him, why should he put in effort?

Therefore, he quickly ran out the door after Zhang Wuxiang.

He had originally planned on fleeing back to Tianfu Faction to bring help, but he halted midway. He contemplated:?Those young men and women were so formidable. Even if he went back to bring help, it would not change the situation and would just be sending people to their deaths for nothing.

Hence, he decided against it. He looked back at Zhang Wuxiang, who was shuddering in fear in front of a shop.

This lass was too prideful. She always felt like Hongyuan Island was invincible, so how would she expect people with such profound cultivation to be as numerous as stars in the sky? Not everyone was willing to do Hongyuan Island a favor.

Zhang Wudan watched in dismay as his own sister and brother-in-law bolted out the door without paying him any mind. He wanted to shout at them, yet he could not utter a sound.

He was nearly about to piss his pants from fear.

He shuddered as he tried his hardest to move the wheelchair forward. However, the wheelchair refused to move, even getting stuck in the middle on the door threshold.

“Where are you still wanting to go?” An ominous voice came from behind him.

He suddenly got caught by a wood spirit. As if pulled by an invisible force, Zhang Wudan flew out from his wheelchair and crashed at Ding Yun’s feet.

“Ah, ahhh!” Zhang Wudan paled in terror as he looked at the young sir who was staring down at him.

He hastily looked at his mother, who was wrapped up in green vines. He screamed, “Mother, Mother save me, Mother save me!”

“Dan’er, Dan’er!!” Madam Zhang showed her face through the green vines. The vine tentacles writhed forward, but that was it.

It was like she wasn’t controlling her body. The seed burrowed into her flesh and bones, absorbing her body’s flesh and power.

Would this seed… snatch her soul away?

Madam Zhang shuddered all over uncontrollably when she thought of this possibility.

“Mother, Mother save me, Mother. I beg you to save me, ahhh!!” Feeling the wood spiritual energy wringing his neck get even tighter and tighter, Zhang Wudan’s tears, snot, and saliva streamed down all at once.

He begged for mercy, gazing pleadingly at Ding Yun’s frigid face.

He didn’t want to die, he didn’t want to die!

If he had known, he wouldn’t have come to provoke this she-devil. Disaster would befall him every time he provoked her.

He lost both legs the first time. This time, he might possibly lose his life!

Ahhh, he regretted it so much!

Zhang Wudan wailed tearfully and wished for nothing more than to repeatedly kowtow to Ding Yun. “Let me off, okay. I-I won’t seek trouble for this miss again.”

*Snap!* However, why did that crisp noise sound so familiar?

AHH, it was the sound of his neck snapping!

He had died. That wood spiritual energy had twisted off his neck!

“Dan’er!!” Madam Zhang, who was enveloped in vines, screeched in heartbreak. The vines around her body squirmed even more madly as if boundless vitality had been injected within.

Qiao Mu creased her eyebrows as she picked up the Nine Stars Mirroring the Moon Cauldron.

Mo Lian darted to Qiao Mu and put his arm around her waist. He knitted his brows as he looked over.