Chapter 2139: Lian, Believe in Me!

However, when he saw her pause as if to sprint toward the area with vines, he reflexively grabbed her petite hands tightly.

“Lian, believe in me.” Qiao Mu turned to look at him.

Mo Lian’s heart jolted. Right now, her eyes were especially radiant, like balls of fire that lit up the entire room.

He suddenly had the feeling of ‘how could there be such a lovable girl in this world?’.

“Okay.” Mo Lian released his grip on the little lady’s hands.

He naturally believed in her. He didn’t panic when they got separated by the barrier earlier either.

Because he knew that she did not need to be sheltered under anyone’s wings and be taken care of like a quail.

She was a little lady that could soar alongside him. She could definitely overcome any crisis or predicament.

Letting go at suitable times so that she could grow up quickly was the best way to love and care for her.

Miss Qiao smiled at Crown Prince Mo with incomparably bright eyes.

The iciness from her stoic face suddenly melted into a smile that welcomed spring. This instantly put Crown Prince Mo into a trance.

On the other hand, Young Sir Ding was staring at them with a cloudy expression.

It would be a lie to say that he was not envious.

There was a special atmosphere between these two people that prevented even a tack from squeezing through.

He couldn’t help being envious while also being in admiration.

Qiao Mu quickly ran to Madam Zhang, who was wrapped in vines.

Seeing this, Ding Yun’s expression turned stern and he flashed to Mo Lian’s side. He couldn’t resist berating, “You’re just going to watch her seek her death?”

Wasn’t that tree seed somewhat abnormal?

Madam Zhang’s cultivation was not low, but the tree seed still treated her as a vessel and took over.

By now, her soul had been snatched away. Her body’s flesh and power had turned into fertilizer for the tree seed.

With this, Mo Lian was actually still willing to let the little lady approach the tree seed up close?

Wasn’t he worried and scared?

Yet Mo Lian didn’t really want to respond to him. He merely cast him a glance and stated coldly, “My wife does not need an outsider like you to worry about her.”

“Ha.” Young Sir Ding scoffed, “You think I want to worry? If not…”

Ding Yun lowered his eyes and bit his lip:?If not because you met Qiaoqiao first, who knows who would be the one right now saying ‘My wife does not need an outsider like you to worry about her.’

It was like Mo Lian could detect this person’s thoughts. He glowered at him and reprimanded, “Inordinate ambitions refers to striving to obtain what does not belong to you by any means necessary! Instead of pining over what you cannot obtain, you might as well learn to let go sooner.”

“You say it so simply.” Ding Yun abruptly turned his head. The anger in his bewitching eyes had subsided, leaving behind a faint calm as well as a provoking look. “If it was you, what would you do? Obediently give up and you each live your own lives?”

Mo Lian’s gaze turned sharp. “I do not need to answer this hypothetical question.”

His Qiaoqiao naturally could only belong to him!

There was no hypothetical possibility at all.

“Ha.” Ding Yun showed a mocking smile. “Frankly said, it’s all because we are in different situations. That you can say such heartless words.”

On the other hand, the moment Qiao Mu jumped into the bundle of green vines, she was welcomed right in the face by a wizened skeleton opening its ugly mouth wide.

If it was anyone else, they naturally would start screeching in fright.