However, Qiao Mu, who was versed in medicine and had even focused on studying the meridians in a human's body, did not feel anything. She merely furrowed her brows in distaste. She pulverized that skeleton with a wave of her hand.

Madam Zhang truly had gone for wool and come back shorn. She had wanted to strengthen herself but had instead become food for the little tree's fragment.


She really didn't know what to say about this Madam Zhang.

How delighted must she be. She had lost her second son, and her daughter had run away. In the future when her husband married another wife, Zhang Wuxiang would not be having it easy with a stepmom.

However, this all had nothing to do with Qiao Mu.

Right now, she was ambling along the central area where the branches intersected. She looked like she was on a leisurely walk, without the slightest worry that this seed doppelgänger was going to suck the life out of her.

She touched the vine beside her. It was a familiar feeling, extremely familiar.

No wonder her heart jumped from the intense aura that spread when Madam Zhang took out that seed.

It turned out that… it turned out that her Qiuqiu was here!

"Hey, Sister!" Suddenly, a tiny voice popped up from the side. It was feeble and sounded a bit wispy.

Qiao Mu abruptly turned around and zeroed in on the source of the voice.

She saw a small boy of about four or five years of age. He had cherry lips and pearly teeth, looking extremely adorable. He was squatting in the brush and looked at her with pitiful and watery eyes.

Qiao Mu's heart jolted, and she sped up while walking toward him.

She stopped ten feet away and stretched out her arms to him. "Come."

Yet the little boy did not move, merely looking at her with expectant and guileless eyes. "You come over, Sister."

A green vine shot out of Qiao Mu's sleeve and coiled around the boy's waist before giving a pull.

The boy yelped in surprise and crashed into her arms like a cannonball.

"Wah!" The little boy dropped into her arms and was just about to struggle.

Yet he discovered that he had gotten trussed up by the vine into a small cocoon. He was unable to move or exert strength.

"You want to play dirty with your sister?" Qiao Mu flicked his forehead. "You think you can beat me?"

"Wu." The little body gazed at her pitifully. He reflexively shielded his forehead with his fair and tender, chubby hands.