Qiuqiu nodded furiously, and a smile bloomed on his face. "Masta, isn't Qiuqiu amazing! Qiuqiu has officially entered the early adolescent stage."

Qiao Mu nodded and sized up their surroundings.

Before she had come inside, she had sensed that her star domain's Paradise Planet, Fish Orchid Planet, and Chuyun Planet had grown significantly in size.

After surveying Paradise Planet, that sure enough was the case.

"Qiuqiu, let's go check out the Hundred Herbs Garden."

"Alright." Qiao Mu turned to wave at Mo Lian and the others. "I'm going to pick some stuff from the medicinal garden first. You guys do your own thing."

Mo Lian nodded in acknowledgement.

Dao Wuji and them had already long run off to who knows where.

"Aiyah, I don't want to go outside anymore. How nice would it be to retreat into seclusion here to cultivate." The Peony Immortal flicked her slender fingers seductively with a sigh.

"Older Sister, I was thinking the same thing." The Gingko Immortal concurred.

When they just came in, they had already felt a dense spiritual energy assaulting their senses. Yang Xirong and them were truly lucky to have found a training location with good feng shui and a fast passage of time. Their cultivation must have improved by leaps and bounds during this time.

The Gingko Immortal really wanted to the same right now.

There were so many mundane affairs outside. How great was it that there was nothing to worry about in here?

The little fellow had run back joyously by now with a handful of herbs. She just so happened to overhear the sisters' conversation and quickly shook her head. "Cultivating here would not be very useful to you at your cultivation levels."

At the very least, this spiritual domain would have to level up to the divine realm before it would make do for this group of people at the venerable spirit realm and above to cultivate.

"That doesn't matter. The important thing is that it's peaceful." The Gingko Immortal giggled. She looked at the herbs in her hands. "You've finished picking what you need?"

"Mhm." Qiao Mu nodded and then ran over to Mo Lian. She said happily, "My medicinal garden has more than doubled, and I have more fields now too. I had the sapling plant all the herbs we bought from Liangyuan Pharmacy!"

Sure enough, Qiuqiu was an extremely hardworking child. He had already finished organizing them by type for her.

Besides the low-rank medicinal materials that did not get planted, the herbs in the medicinal materials ranged from mid-rank to sacred-rank. There were now so many varieties.

However, there was still a lot of empty land. They could continue planting should they encounter any rare herbs in the future.

She was in a jubilant mood after surveying her flourishing medicinal garden.

Mo Lian was also very happy to see her joyous mood. He held her petite hand and asked with a smile, "Do you want to go visit the beach?"

Qiao Mu shook her head. "I don't want to hinder Second Aunt-Master and them from cultivating. Let's go outside!"

After coming out from Paradise Planet, they ate dinner and then returned to their respective rooms to rest.

When Mo Lian saw her take out the Nine Stars Mirroring the Moon Cauldron, he knew that she was going to start refining pills. He got up and reminded, "Don't stay up too late refining pills."

Qiao Mu nodded and watched him go. She tilted her head and was just about to start refining spiritual-energy-gathering pills when someone pushed open the room to her door.

"Qiaoqiao." Fairy Huanghe whisked inside in a hustle.

"Where did you go? Have you eaten?" Qiao Mu asked curiously. She had just washed her hands and had not yet started when she saw Fairy Huanghe walk inside.

"I had a casual bite when I went out to scout for information." Huanghe said gloomily, "I didn't expect for the official mansion to still be operating smoothly, as if nothing had happened at all."