2833 Summoned Beasts Everywhere

Duan Tianya stood at the center of the battle stage, clutching his sword firmly. His indifferent gaze scanned the composed countenance of Crown Prince Mo before drifting beyond them. With a graceful movement, he leaped off the stage.

“Eh? Third Young Master Duan isn’t continuing?”

“Are you daft? As long as Third Young Master Duan remains in this arena, who would dare challenge him?”

“Indeed, Third Young Master Duan can simply choose his opponents at will.”

“That’s right.”

“After all, there are no strict rules in this competition. It’s all about accumulating more victories for credits.”

“At such a tender age, Third Young Master Duan is on the verge of breaking through to the divine realm. I doubt there are many in the entire academy who can match him.”

“I’ve lost count of his consecutive victories!”

“Third Young Master Duan is here, everyone! Third Young Master Duan!”

On the other side of the arena, the watching students erupted into cheers.

Not all students participated in the competition.

The majority hailed from the Cultivation Hall, and for those in the lesser-ranked divisions, they could practically forgo competing altogether.

For those with sufficient cultivation, trying their luck was an option, but those severely underpowered were better off as spectators.

Even though the academy didn’t set stringent criteria for participation, none who registered for the preliminaries this time were below the level of a sixth-tier spiritual cultivator.

For instance, Qi Xuanxuan had barely reached this level, and she faced some jeers when she stepped up to compete.

However, what everyone witnessed next left them dumbfounded.

Despite this young lady’s unimpressive cultivation, she possessed the capability to dispatch a level-nine spiritual cultivator in the blink of an eye.

The primary reason for this remarkable feat was…

/The young lady, in fact, had not one, but two spiritual beasts under her command/

Without a moment’s hesitation, as Qi Xuanxuan took the stage, she summoned her spiritual beast, a resplendent golden-fur lion.

This spiritual beast exuded an imposing presence, with both its offensive capabilities and speed appearing to approach the level-15 cultivation of the spiritual realm.

However, the most astonishing aspect was yet to come. The young lady casually waved her hand once more, summoning another snow eagle with breathtaking attack speed, which appeared beside her with a resounding cry.

Puzzled whispers filled the air as the audience tried to comprehend how she could have two contracted beasts.

Some astute individuals quickly grasped the situation, pointing to the faint “summon” mark on the snow eagle’s forehead and exclaimed, “It’s a summoned beast! This young lady possesses a summoned beast as well!”

/Oh my goodness!/

/A level-six minor spiritual cultivator with two accompanying beasts! What chance do others stand against her?/

Qi Xuanxuan, displaying her cleverness, promptly left the arena after her initial match and proceeded to challenge level-six and level-seven spiritual cultivators in another arena.

Consequently, her credit tally skyrocketed.

It didn’t take long for everyone to realize that there were quite a few affluent students among this new batch.

Surprisingly, several individuals were capable of summoning multiple beasts simultaneously.

/What’s going on here?/

/Could it be that summoning talismans and Summoning Talismans were like cabbage on the street these days that could be picked up at will?/

It was a sight that left everyone in disbelief.

Some among the audience even resorted to rubbing their eyes and giving their arms a vigorous pinch. “Is this real? It feels like I’m in a dream!”

“Forget it, you idiot! You pinched my arm, and it definitely hurt!”

“I’m seeing summoned beasts everywhere. What’s happening?”

“Could it be that the Zhen Duobao Auction House recently auctioned summoning talismans and Summoning Talismans again?”

“In your wildest dreams! Zhen Duobao auctioned a Summoning Talisman for an astronomical price several years ago, even when their clan was in dire need of funds.”

“Even the most esteemed talisman patrician families can’t easily create summoning talismans and Summoning Talismans. Do you think they’re as common as cabbages?”