2834 You Are the Person Who Wanted to Kill Duan Yue

“Who says that a patrician family can’t create summoning talismans or Summoning Talismans?” A student protested defiantly, “That’s because your Divine Province’s Mu Clan can’t create them, right?”

“In our Ultramarine Province, the Qi Family’s Eighth Young Master is already proficient in crafting summoning talismans and Summoning Talismans.”

“Correct, correct.”

Everyone began discussing animatedly with one another.

Suddenly, someone shouted, “Third Young Master Duan is challenging again.”

“Third Young Master Duan is formidable!”

Duan Tianya paid no attention to the clamor around him. He ascended a battle stage and fixed his intense gaze on a young man on the platform with his deep, pitch-black eyes.

Swish! The moment Duan Tianya stepped onto the battle stage, the surrounding crowd erupted in excitement once more.

“Third Young Master Duan is issuing a challenge…”

His voice trailed off. It was evident that the audience was not very familiar with the young man on the stage.

However, the young man was adorned in his academy uniform, exuding an air of elegance and self-assuredness. His refined and graceful demeanor appeared to faintly surpass that of Third Young Master Duan.

“Who is that?”

“It seems to be a new student from this year…”

“They’re not from our Divine Province.”

“Oh, how audacious to challenge His Highness the Chen Prince of our Ultramarine Province.”

“Eh? Is this the talented His Highness the Chen Prince from the Ultramarine Province?”

Rong Li blended into the crowd, a faint coldness crossing his eyes as he emotionally watched the two young men facing off on the stage.

He hadn’t anticipated that trying to obstruct this guy’s path by using people chasing after him would be utterly futile.

/They’re all utterly useless!/

Unable to bear watching any longer, he was on the verge of turning and leaving when he noticed the Divine Province’s Crown Prince and Crown Prince Consort standing not far behind him.

He couldn’t pretend not to have seen her. With a forced smile on his face, he approached them and greeted, “Crown Prince and Crown Prince Consort of the Divine Province. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Mo Lian’s eyes held a trace of surprise upon hearing his introduction.

This left Rong Li taken aback.

/What on earth! Is he truly the Crown Prince from a distant corner of the Lower Star Domain?/

/He can’t even recognize his own Ultramarine Province Crown Prince?/

Rong Li pursed his lips, suppressing the annoyance within. He respectfully bowed and continued with a smile, “I am Prince Rong Li, Rong Yue’s elder brother.”

Upon hearing this name, the usually stoic Crown Prince Consort immediately adopted a hostile stance and flung an icicle in his direction.

Rong Li was utterly bewildered!

Over the past couple of days, he had observed and learned enough to understand that the Crown Prince Consort of the Divine Province was not someone to be taken lightly.

/Why did she attack me out of nowhere? Did she intend to confront anyone she met?/

Rong Li, recognizing the futility of engaging with the feisty Crown Prince Consort, wisely refrained from retaliation.

Fortunately, he had always been accompanied by skilled individuals. A slender and alluring woman swiftly stepped forward upon witnessing the situation. She deflected the Crown Prince Consort’s attack with a graceful wave of her hand and spoke earnestly, “Crown Prince Consort of the Divine Province, please cease this.”

“Xu Youniang, assist me in restraining her!” Rong Li’s complexion had turned pallid due to his anger. He turned his gaze to Mo Lian and demanded, “Crown Prince of the Divine Province, I implore you to provide me with an explanation.”

“Are you the Ultramarine Province Crown Prince who, after sending assassins to target Duan Yue, now seeks to eliminate him?” The Crown Prince Consort’s petite face remained icy.

Rong Li’s countenance fluctuated, and he hastily responded, “There must be a grave misunderstanding. Rong Yue is my younger brother, and I would never engage in such heartless and savage actions.”