2835 An Unfair Victory

“Sophistry,” The little stoic raised her hand, only to have it gently grasped by Mo Lian.

He turned to smile at her before shifting his gaze to Rong Li, questioning, “Is the Crown Prince of Ultramarine Province still not departing?”

/If they lingered any longer, were they asking for trouble?/

Rong Li seethed with anger, though he concealed it beneath a facade of displeasure. In this academy setting, he couldn’t afford to flaunt his status as the Crown Prince of Ultramarine Province.

Yet, even if he chose to assert his status, it ultimately depended on whether the others acknowledged it.

Having been cold-shouldered by the little stoic, Rong Li wore a dark expression as he departed with Young Mom Xu. His resentment towards Duan Yue deepened.

/How was it that Duan Yue enjoyed such an inexplicable rapport with the Divine Province’s Crown Prince and Crown Prince Consort?/

This only intensified Rong Li’s wariness toward this individual.

/It seemed Duan Yue possessed some uncanny tactics and was a cunning character. Rong Li needed to strategize on how to handle him…/

“I want to teach him a lesson,” the little stoic stated impassively as she glared at Rong Li’s retreating figure.

When she detected a glint of mischief in his eyes as he approached her and Mo Lian, she remembered how Duan Yue had suffered in Ultramarine Province. She pondered how many times this absurd “Big Bro” had bullied him.

/Rong Li’s belief that he could befriend the Divine Province’s Crown Prince, Crown Prince, and Crown Prince Consort with his demeanor was utterly laughable./

Mo Lian stifled a silent chuckle. Duan Yue, that rascal, had a knack for feigning victimhood. It had genuinely convinced Qiaoqiao that she had endured hardships in Ultramarine Province.

Based on Mo Lian’s knowledge of his romantic rival, Duan Yue had undoubtedly thrived in Ultramarine Province. He was undoubtedly thriving!

Her Excellency Lady Qiaoqiao, continued her critique, saying, “Just look at the Crown Prince of Ultramarine Province and then glance at Duan Yue. Hehe, ironically, they hardly seem like they share the same father. He’s truly unlucky. There’s no resemblance to Big Bro Duan Yue at all.”

“It’s as if you and the Vassal Prince of Jianping are cousins, but you couldn’t be more different.”

“As they say, the dragon’s nine sons come in all forms. They dig holes, burrow into dirt, and gnaw on walls. They’re a diverse bunch.”

Mo Lian couldn’t contain his laughter any longer and gently held the little one’s hand.

In reality, Rong Li wasn’t that bad…

From any angle, Rong Li could be considered a handsome man.

Qiao Mu raised her eyes apathetically and noticed Third Young Master Duan swiftly leaving the stage. He happened to retreat near the two of them and almost stumbled but managed to regain his balance.

The little stoic’s eyes sparkled with excitement. She hurried over to Third Young Master Duan and cheerfully declared, “You lost!”

As it turned out, while they were conversing with Rong Li, Third Young Master Duan and Duan Yue had already engaged in a quick bout, with Third Young Master Duan retreating in defeat.

When Duan Tianya turned around, he saw a stoic face wearing an expression of joy at another’s misfortune standing not far from him.

Duan Yue also descended from the arena and, with a grin, said to Qiao Mu, “Qiaoqiao, Qiaoqiao, Qiaoqiao, I won, I won.”

Mo Lian rolled his eyes and extended his hand to block the approaching smile. He thought to himself, /You’re a scoundrel in the divine realm, yet you act like a self-important braggart and suppress your aura to compete against someone who hasn’t reached the divine realm. What’s there to be so pleased about when you win?/

Duan Yue forcefully pushed away Mo Lian’s hand and moved to the other side of Her Excellency, Lady Qiaoqiao, with a grin. “Qiaoqiao, am I amazing?”

Her Excellency, Lady Qiaoqiao, nodded and sighed, /The first few times we met, he believed he was a weakling, but he has already grown this far./

Duan Tianya wasn’t angry. He tilted his head at Duan Yue and extended his hand openly. “I am Duan Tianya.”

“Duan Yue.”

The pair of hands held together tightly and then let go with each other.