2860 Sensation

If they had to invest more than 10 magnetite per storage, it became excessively costly.

Additionally, considering that they were all using spirit currency to determine pricing, the engineers needed to stay current and enhance the lockers they produced.

In the previous theory class, everyone was required to utilize spirit currency instead of magnetite storage in the locker-making process.

Naturally, the usage of this spirit currency had to be capped at five units.

Exorbitant fees would undoubtedly render these lockers inaccessible to the common people in the central district.

The task for today revolved around crafting lockers. However, for most individuals, completing a locker in a single day was an unattainable feat.

His Highness the Crown Prince was preoccupied with thoughts of his wife, causing a lapse in his concentration.

During the practical class, the academy provided the smelting weapons furnaces and spiritual fire used by everyone.

The absent-minded Crown Prince’s actions caused quite a stir in the smelting weapons hall…

As the Divine Province faculty students made their way to the dining hall in the afternoon, they eagerly shared the news about how His Highness the Crown Prince effortlessly crafted a locker in just fifteen minutes.

Everyone exclaimed, “His Highness is truly remarkable.”

Even the students of the smelting weapons hall felt privileged.

“It’s truly magical. Our mentors allocated us two days.”

“Who would have expected His Highness the Crown Prince to create such a flawless locker in just a quarter of an hour?”

“Let’s not forget that it can be retrieved and stored tens of thousands of times, all for the cost of a single unit of spirit currency! If this locker were placed in the central district, it would undoubtedly offer unparalleled convenience to everyone.”

“That’s correct, indeed. I heard that Dean Yun personally visited His Highness the Crown Prince to discuss this matter. Perhaps he wishes for His Highness to craft a few more lockers, which the academy intends to purchase.”

“His Highness doesn’t lack for wealth.”

“Exactly! He’s simply indulging in a little fun,” someone candidly remarked.

Numerous individuals couldn’t help but lament inwardly, feeling a sense of injustice. Why did someone born with a silver spoon have to possess such remarkable intelligence and skills?

This incident gained notoriety throughout the Imperial Academy, stirring up not only the Divine Province Division but also the Nether Province and Ultramarine Province Divisions.

In the Nether Province of the Ultramarine Province, some students were yet to be acquainted with Mo Lian, making them eager to befriend His Highness, who displayed extraordinary talent in weapon smelting.

At noon, students who typically had lunch flocked to the Imperial Academy’s dining hall.

The hall was exceptionally crowded today. Everyone, regardless of whether they intended to dine or not, wished to meet His Highness the Crown Prince.

As Mo Lian and Duan Yue walked side by side into the hall, they were met with hundreds and thousands of pairs of eyes turning their way, with all gazes fixated upon them.

Dazzled by the sudden attention, a chorus of admirers couldn’t help but voice their admiration.

Little Fatty and Qi Xuanxuan swiftly dashed to the front, forming a barrier between the approaching crowd and Mo Lian and Duan Yue. They gestured with their hands, urging the onlookers to step back.

“What’s going on? What’s happening here? Back off, all of you! Don’t come any closer! I’m warning you, if anyone takes another step forward, watch out for my fists.”

There was no room for jest. In the absence of Her Excellency Lady Qiaoqiao, they felt a weighty responsibility to protect His Highness. They were determined not to let any female approach him when Her Excellency Lady Qiaoqiao wasn’t present.

“His Highness Lian!” Suddenly, someone shouted and pushed through the crowd with all his might. He forcefully pounced over and pretended to hug Mo Lian’s leg.

How could Mo Lian let him hug himself? He promptly dodged to the side and launched herself at nothing.