2861 Taking In

Everyone gazed at the sight before them, their lips involuntarily twitching. The individual who had suddenly accosted them not only sported an unkempt, unshaven appearance but also had greasy hair that hung disheveled over his head. His overall appearance resembled that of a stray dog who had roamed the streets for years…

Duan Yue took a step backward and cast a sidelong, amused glance at Crown Prince Mo. He couldn’t resist teasing, “Ah, Lotus Palace, could this be one of your long-lost kin, by any chance?”

The Mo family was known for producing talented individuals, and even in their worst state, they didn’t typically look as unattractive as this Mo Kun.

“Your Highness, my name is Xing Tianyang, and I earnestly wish to become your disciple!” This individual suddenly dropped to his knees with a thud, giving off an air of deep-seated, long-standing determination. His words threatened to provoke laughter at any moment.

“You’re attempting quite fruitlessly with that appearance of yours,” Little Fatty began, only to halt abruptly.

His eyes widened, and he abruptly disengaged from the situation. “What? Are you seeking to become His Highness’s disciple?”

Was this young man here for comedic relief?

Judging by his age, he seemed to be in his thirties!

Mo Lian regarded Xing Tianyang with evident exasperation. “Please move aside.”

He had no intention of taking on such a greasy-looking disciple.

“Yes, yes, step aside!” The onlookers chorused, urging Xing Tianyang to clear a path.

The cluster of people found themselves effectively barricaded at the entrance. Xing Tianyang crawled closer and reached out, attempting to cling to Mo Lian’s leg once more. “Your Highness! Please accept me!”

“Accept me as your disciple, Your Highness!”

Collectively, everyone raised their eyes to the sky in exasperation.

Could it be that Xing Tianyang possessed a peculiarly misguided mindset? With his

disheveled appearance, anyone who took him in would likely suffer ill fortune.

If he were to accept this individual, wouldn’t he find himself suffocated by him on a daily basis?

Duan Yue lowered his head slightly, struggling to contain a smile on his lips. “Given Xing Tianyang’s earnestness, why not consider taking him under your wing?”

Xing Tianyang shot a grateful, tearful glance at Duan Yue.

Mo Lian glanced at Duan Yue, a wry chuckle escaping his lips as he playfully chided him. He stepped past Xing Tianyang.

Upon witnessing this, Xing Tianyang promptly sprang to his feet and hurried a few steps closer. He pursued Mo Lian, calling out, “Your Highness Lian, please accept me. Your Highness Lian, I truly desire to be your disciple, even by a mere centimeter…”

Little Fatty swung his rotund arms and gently pushed Xing Tianyang aside, abruptly silencing him.

At that moment, the door to a private room on the second floor of the dining hall swung open. A person had wrapped themselves up tightly, revealing only a pair of eyes.

A group of people descended the stairs with this individual at the center, coincidentally running into Mo Lian, Duan Yue, and their entourage.

The corners of Little Fatty’s mouth twitched noticeably as he lowered his head, his shoulders trembling slightly.

Qi Xuanxuan also stole a glance at the mysterious figure before coughing and taking a few steps to the side.

Just then, a male student holding a bowl of soup inadvertently turned around. The bowl grazed against the masked individual, causing the soup to spill onto a small section of the tightly wrapped person’s chest.

“Hey!” One of the individuals beside the masked person immediately barked, “Watch where you’re going!”

“You clumsy oaf!”

“I apologize, I apologize,” the Baron student quickly lowered his head to apologize, sensing the hostility of the group.

The person who had berated him stepped forward and slapped him.

With a resounding crash, the bowl of soup held by the Baron student slipped from his grasp, hitting the floor with a loud clatter that drew the gaze of numerous onlookers.

“Do you have any idea who this individual is?” The person placed their hands on their hips, bearing a resemblance to a sly fox trying to assert dominance with a scowl.