2866 Descending from the Sky!

“Before we venture into the Lunisolar secret realm, I’ll assist you in forging your weapons,” Crown Prince Mo announced.

Instantly, everyone brimmed with delight and promptly presented their weapons before the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince accepted each weapon, storing them one by one in his inner world, and nodded approvingly. “This will take some time.”

“No hurry, take your time,” Little Fatty chimed in with a grin. “You won’t need them in the academy for the next few days anyway.”

Mo Lian nodded in agreement. “All right.”

After a brief chat, they left the private room following dinner. Outside, they encountered the group of Young Sirs and Misses from the Qin Estate occupying the adjacent room.

“Crown Prince Lian and His Highness the Chen Prince, it’s wonderful to see you both,” greeted Eldest Young Sir Qin with a smile.

Mo Lian and Duan Yue gazed at them with indifference. It seemed rather redundant since they had crossed paths at the dining hall entrance just fifteen minutes ago. Was it necessary to feign surprise as if they had only just met?

“Has the taciturn lady truly returned to the capital?” Eldest Young Sir Qin inquired with a subtle blink.

“None of your concern,” both Duan Yue and Mo Lian simultaneously replied.

They exchanged glances and engaged in a brief stare-down.

“Why is it not my concern?” Ming Asi approached from the end of the corridor, taking confident strides. “I have something incredibly important to discuss with her. This matter has great implications for our future.”

Crown Prince Mo nearly retorted with vulgarity but restrained himself. His phoenix-like eyes gleamed with a hint of sharpness as he retorted, “What future could you possibly share with my wife?”

This individual seemed utterly obsessed with her for no apparent reason. He detested him upon their initial encounter, loathing him ten thousand times more than Duan Yue.

If Duan Yue had been privy to Crown Prince Mo’s inner thoughts, he might have burst into laughter.

Oh my, goodness! I didn’t expect to be such an ideal person in Crown Prince Mo’s eyes…

Ming Asi’s countenance darkened as he spoke coldly, “I don’t want to talk to you. I’ll only speak to her.”

Mo Lian had an urge to deliver a punch to this individual’s face.

“Hey, hey, hey, everyone, let’s not behave this way!” Ming Bao leaped forward from the side, intervening between Crown Prince Mo and Ming Asi, wearing a grin. “Let’s have a friendly conversation, shall we?”

“There’s no need to speak with him,” Mo Lian and Ming Asi responded in unison.

Crown Prince Mo furrowed his brows. What’s going on? Why do they keep saying the same things to others today?

“Actually, we’re all students from the same academy…” Ming Bao began to speak, but his words were abruptly cut short by a loud crash emanating from above the dining hall.

A slim silhouette descended from the shattered ceiling like a tempest.

They landed with great force!

More precisely, they landed on top of an unfortunate individual, using them as a stepping stone to cushion their descent.

The point of impact happened to be on the staircase, causing most of the wooden steps to crumble under the combined weight of the two individuals. Wood fragments scattered in all directions.

Mo Lian, Duan Yue, Ming Asi, the group of Young Sirs from the Qin Estate, and Mu Xingchen, who had arrived late, all stood there in shock.

Meanwhile, the diners in the dining hall who had been unwitting spectators collectively gaped.

All eyes were fixed on Her Excellency Lady Qiaoqiao, who now stood amidst the debris, patting dust off her attire with an expressionless face. She simultaneously displayed a profound sense of exasperation.

Were they dreaming?

The figure that had descended from the heavens moments ago was undoubtedly the taciturn lady.

Her composed and emotionless demeanor left them questioning if they had just witnessed a mirage.