At present, he was the sole robust member of the He family. The family had numerous mouths to feed, and obtaining employment in the capital proved challenging. Consequently, he had spent some time mingling with refugees and beggars.

Little did he know that he would be ensnared in such a predicament, falsely accused of participating in a mob and subsequently thrown into prison.

A seven- or eight-year-old boy from the He family nestled behind his grandmother, his youthful visage bearing a persistent scowl. His innocent round eyes observed Qiao Mu closely.

Qiao Mu scrutinized the burly man, her attention catching a glimpse of the young boy before she queried Dao Seeking, “How many refugees like you are residing in the camp?”

For the sake of maintaining peace throughout the capital, the local magistrate had established several refugee camps within the Huanlang District in the western region. Refugees from the north and south were housed separately. Presently, the conditions had not deteriorated to the point of survival becoming unattainable, especially in a place like the Divine Province, which remained relatively stable. Moreover, there had been no reported zombie outbreaks. Thus, even refugees accommodated in these battalions could enjoy daily distributions of hot porridge and rice provided by the royal court.

“Yes, there are quite a few people,” responded the burly man from the He family, his voice laden with urgency. “Many hailing from the same hometown as us—approximately forty to fifty individuals.”

Qiao Mu nodded. “I have employment opportunities here, but I’m unsure if you’re willing to take them.”

The burly man surnamed He felt a surge of inward excitement and unsure if you’re willing to take them.”

The burly man surnamed He felt a surge of inward excitement and swiftly inquired, “Please enlighten us, Crown Prince Consort.”

Although he was a regular individual, his body exuded strength. He believed that upon securing a job, he could undoubtedly provide for his family.

“I’m looking to hire laborers for extracting Chess Mountain Spirit Stone from the mines. Mining can be strenuous, but with a day or two of focused training and mastery of the relevant techniques, you’ll be able to work in the mines.”

“I’m offering a daily wage of 50 spirit currency. Are you willing to take on this role?”

The man was nearly euphoric.

Fifty spirit currency per day was just enough to support two or three individuals, although the He Family had numerous members to feed…

“Both men and women are welcome,” Qiao Mu affirmed.

Upon hearing this, the two middle-aged women from the He Family, who appeared robust, eagerly inquired, “Crown Prince Consort, really? Can we participate in the mining as well?”

Typically, there were few employment opportunities for women, particularly in physically demanding fields like mining, which hardly ever recruited female laborers.

The young Crown Prince Consort nodded. “You’ll be granted two days off every month and five days during holidays. Exceptional performance will be rewarded. Are you agreeable…”

“Yes, yes.”

“Excellent. Go to the refugee battalion and post a notice. I’m looking to employ approximately 300 individuals.” Qiao Mu stated in a matter-of-fact tone. “Recruit those who have a decent reputation. I don’t want individuals accustomed to thievery, idleness, or mischief.”

“Yes, yes! We understand, Crown Prince Consort,” the burly man responded eagerly.

Qiao Mu turned to Huifeng. “I’m entrusting this task to you.”

Huifeng rubbed his nose and had no choice but to lead the jubilant family away to fulfill the given mission.

Although Palace Lady Jing didn’t voice her thoughts, she deeply admired the young Crown Prince Consort’s actions.

Despite the cold demeanor of the petite Crown Prince Consort, her deeds demonstrated a commitment to guiding people toward a more prosperous path.

While the royal court occasionally provided relief, which ensured basic food and clothing for some refugees, the ultimate objective was to tackle the underlying issues. Finding stable employment for them was the most effective solution. This way, they could secure a consistent source of income and no longer endure a life of vagrancy and hardship in the capital.