In reality, the young couple had already selected the team responsible for initiating the mining operation. The Crown Prince had arranged for experts in mining and smelting.

By opting for a group of Hidden Night Pavilion members with a foundation in cultivation for the mining task…

Naturally, the progress would be much swifter.

Even though the young Crown Prince Consort had organized a contingent of ordinary laborers for mining, the advancement of such a large Chess Mountain Spirit Stone mine wouldn’t proceed too rapidly.

However, the Crown Prince Consort had indeed assisted the capital magistrate in resolving a significant issue.

Palace Lady Jing concealed her inner amusement and beamed.

Who would have thought that the seemingly aloof Crown Prince Consort was well-versed in worldly matters? Her gesture of reciprocation would undoubtedly bring immense joy to Stubborn Cao.

“Crown Prince Consort, when do you plan to depart?”

The young Crown Prince Consort pursed her lips.

She wasn’t naive. Earlier, when Eunuch Hu came to deliver the compensation, he indirectly inquired about her departure, asking when she intended to leave.

It was probably Mo Lian’s father who didn’t like her presence and wished for her speedy departure.

“Immediately,” declared the young Crown Prince Consort as she stood up.

How rare!

Did he presume she enjoyed lingering in the capital?

With Hubby absent, she had no reason to remain here any longer. Her Hubby eagerly anticipated Her Excellency Lady Qiaoqiao’s swift return for a reunion, hmph.

The young lady hastened her steps. “I’ll leave after checking on Caixiu.”

After a night of rest, Caixiu’s injuries had significantly improved.

Qiao Mu briefly visited the Butterfly Pavilion to offer a few words of encouragement to Caiqi and Caixiu. She left behind some sacred rice, fruits, and vegetables that delighted shopkeeper Hu. Before parting, she mentioned, “In a few days, a person with excellent handwriting will arrive to assist you. You can have him create menus and design recipes.”

Shopkeeper Hu’s face twitched as he nodded repeatedly. “Certainly, Crown Prince Consort, you can trust me. I’ll keep an eye on that lad from the Zhang family.”

“Very well,” Qiao Mu replied indifferently before dropping a parting remark. “Add the Emperor to your blacklist.”

Everyone was left in shock.

As Qiao Mu departed, she coincidentally heard the shopkeeper’s head making a dull thud as it collided with the door frame.

She pouted and commented to Eunuch Chen, whose eye twitching persisted incessantly, “Mo Liusheng is quite petty. He doesn’t resemble his elder brother, Kang Prince, at all.”

After all, it was just 5,000 spirit currency. He seemed so impatient that he wished she would never return to the capital again. He was utterly infuriated!

Contrast this with Kang Prince, who gave her the entire Half-Moon Cliff and the hot spring villa!

After internally scolding the Emperor, Qiao Mu dispatched a messenger to Huifeng, instructing him to complete the recruitment for the Chess Mountain Spirit Stone mine before returning to the North Wangda Forest.

Qiao Mu summoned Qingluan and took to the skies, planning to fly for some time to calculate the distance before utilizing the transfer talisman matrix. Hopefully, she could teleport to the vicinity of the academy with a few teleportations.

As she embarked on her journey, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was surrounded by formidable adversaries, not far from the capital.

Hmm, hm? What’s going on?

As if in response to her heightened senses, an arrow whizzed through the air and suddenly closed in from behind.

Seeing her expression darken, the young Crown Prince Consort quickly pressed down on Qingluan’s broad head.

With a swift whoosh, Qingluan soared upward, narrowly avoiding the sharp arrow.