Seven to eight men dressed in black suddenly emerged from the outskirts, their sharp eyes fixed on Miss Qiao.

Although Qiaoqiao felt somewhat surprised, there was no trace of shock in her demeanor. She didn’t waste any words on them and immediately unleashed a barrage of flying needles, sending them scattering like flower petals carried away by the wind.

Her Excellency Lady Qiaoqiao had no patience for questions like “Who are you guys?”

Regardless of their identities, if they had come to take her life, they needed to be prepared to face death.

Qiao Mu’s attack was swift and unrelenting. Following the volley of flying needles, she swiftly produced over a hundred talismans from her inner world, hurling them at the group of men in black without hesitation.

The men in black were struck by the five-spirit talismans. While a few managed to evade, their movements were still visibly disrupted. However, two of them were caught within the electric grasp of a handful of thunder spirit talismans, causing lightning to surge through their bodies. They collapsed to the ground with grim expressions.

Qiao Mu’s fighting spirit flared brightly.

Witnesses saw a seemingly ordinary young girl with an impassive expression gracefully descend from Qingluan’s back. In her hand, a gleaming longsword danced through the air, its blade aimed squarely at the throats of her assailants.

A palpable air of death encroached as two of the death warriors unfurled a massive net woven from red copper and gold, attempting to ensnare Qiao Mu’s head. In a heartbeat, she executed a spinning kick that landed squarely on the chest of one of the men, sending him sprawling to the ground.

With a swish, the Startled Swan Dagger from Qiao Mu’s mental arsenal sprung forth, swiftly slashing through a man’s neck with incredible speed.

In less than five minutes of battle, one of their own had met their demise before their very eyes

Although they were sacrificial soldiers, none of them truly desired death.

However, strict orders had come from higher-ups today: they were to eliminate the young lady at any cost. So, none of them could afford to back down; they had to persevere.

Even though the girl’s tactics were ruthless, she was proving to be a formidable adversary.

“Make way,” a deep, commanding voice echoed from the rear of the crowd.

The onlookers quickly parted, allowing an unassuming middle-aged man to advance rapidly toward Qiao Mu.

Without a word, the man unleashed a volley of Viscount-level attacks directly at her face, displaying a particularly vicious intent. He aimed not only to end her life but also to mar her appearance.

Qiao Mu sneered and promptly used an icicle to intercept the incoming assault. Her Startled Swan Dagger whirled around the middle-aged man with lightning speed, returning to her grasp with a swish.

A streak of blood appeared on the man’s arm, while a white mark on the back of his hand hinted at a concealed weapon.

The audacity of injuring her left Qiao Mu seething with anger. She reached out to restrain the little white snake that was poised to strike and communicated to the others mentally: “Don’t interfere!”

She was determined to handle this individual who had dared to harm her personally.

A fierce glint flashed in Qiao Mu’s eyes as she lunged forward, driving the Startled Swan Dagger toward the middle-aged man.

“Heh!” A mocking smile played on the man’s lips. With a mere wave of his hand, he summoned a spiritual aura Viscount, effortlessly blocking the Startled Swan Dagger’s attack.

The Startled Swan Dagger struck the man’s spiritual energy shield, despite the surge and sway of Qiao Mu’s own spiritual energy. Her efforts were in vain against this formidable defense.

Clearly, this person’s defense was above hers, and his cultivation realm was definitely much higher than hers.