A purple figure flashed, and an Eight Trigrams array materialized in front of Qiao Mu, securely entrapping the middle-aged man.

The power of a supreme-grade purple talisman, combined with an earth-level Eight Trigrams binding talisman, was exceptionally formidable. Once activated, it rendered anyone below the divine realm incapable of evading its effects.

“Boss!” Amidst the collective shock, they watched as the stoic young lady charged toward their leader like a cannonball and delivered a punch straight to his face.

Since the man was immobilized by the Eight Trigrams binding talisman, he couldn’t move to defend himself.

The punch landed on his face without any hindrance, producing a distinct sound of bones cracking.

His nose bridge shattered, causing his face to sink slightly from the impact.

The audacity of the young lady’s actions sent shivers down everyone’s spines.

“Swish!” A shadow swept by, and the individuals suddenly found themselves outside a blindingly bright light screen.

Simultaneously, the Startled Swan Dagger flashed and claimed the life of one of the black-clad men.

Quick and precise, Qiao Mu tightened her lips and raised her dainty hand to nonchalantly touch the blood oozing from her arm.

“Naive,” she uttered coldly.

Suddenly, her expression shifted slightly as she observed that the two black-clothed sacrificial soldiers ahead of her displayed no hesitation; they immediately initiated a self-detonation right before her.

The ensuing blast wave engulfed her, and even though Qiao Mu had hastily erected a defensive barrier and numerous protective talisman matrices with a wave of her hand, she remained unable to fully withstand the ferocious forces unleashed by these two self-detonations, given the extremely close proximity.

After all, these two sacrificial soldiers who self-detonated were both Level 10 and above grand spiritual cultivators.

Hence, she was inevitably flung away by the quilt, and her internal organs were suppressed to a certain extent.

Cough, cough. A trace of blood seeped out from Qiao Mu’s lips. She knew very well that her internal organs had been damaged.

The angrier she was, the colder her eyes became.

Her meters eyes revealed a killing intent.

“No one is to come out and help me.” Her cool-headed and almost cold words immediately stopped the sapling, Qiuqiu, and the others from jumping out.

Masta was silently enraged…

Purple talisman, purple talisman, purple talisman. Purple talisman radiance slowly flashed around the little lady’s body, and one by one, they floated around her.

After a ray of purple light, the diamond talisman attached itself to her hand. Qiao Mu’s expression was extremely cold.

“Go to hell.” She pounced at him, and Xiaoxiao’s jade-like hand, which was attached with the diamond talisman, punched the other party’s chest coldly.

It instantly broke several of his ribs.

These ribs stabbed diagonally into that person’s heart and lungs in a contorted posture.

A large amount of blood gurgled out.

However, there was not a hint of anger in her eyes.

Kill him!

At this moment, these words kept echoing in her mind. As if she had gone crazy, she fell into a fiendish, demonic state.

“Qiaoqiao.” The Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal suddenly appeared beside her and reached out to grab her, but she launched into nothingness.

With a flash of viciousness in her eyes, she immediately dragged that person into the transfer talisman matrix.

Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal grew exasperated and had no choice but to swiftly trace the path of the talisman matrix.

With a swish, Qiao Mu forcefully teleported herself and the middle-aged man countless times until they appeared high above the academy.

Upon passing through the academy’s protective array, Qiao Mu found herself disoriented, surrounded by a haze of blood. She couldn’t discern her location amid the chaos.

As she stood atop her adversary, she suddenly plummeted from the heavens. With a resounding crash, she collided with an object.

Fragments scattered in all directions…