“Your Spiritual Ruin Realm is damaged due to your unstable mental state. Blaming your sister for it is unfounded.”

“Your sister is a grand talisman practitioner at the Earth level.”

“Your sister learned how to craft teleportation talisman matrices on her own. Why feel envious?”

“I’m not envious of her,” Mu Rouxuan protested. “She’s… She’s nothing! Just a pitiful little wanderer in my humble Star Domain for all these years.”

Indeed, how could she possibly envy such a pitiful creature?

Mu Qingya shook her head and remarked, “Xuan’er, your impatience for quick progress is preventing you from acknowledging your own errors.”

Observing her mother’s disappointed expression, Mu Rouxuan couldn’t help but cry.

After all, she was merely a 17-year-old girl, her resilience not as formidable as others might believe.

“Alright, stop crying,” Mu Qingya sighed in exasperation and embraced her daughter. She patted her back and added, “There’s no need to dwell on it. You simply need to gather all the necessary medicinal ingredients and consult a pill alchemist at the Mystic level to craft a pill for you.”

“Mom, I truly am not envious of her.”

“Very well, very well, I understand.” Mu Qingya nodded with a smile. She recognized that young women had delicate sensibilities and were often unable to set aside their pride. Thus, she acquiesced and continued, “Xuan’er, you must remember that your sister is exceptionally gifted. You should maintain good relations with her in your daily interactions. Instances like today, where you uttered such words, should not happen again.”

Mu Rouxuan sobbed and nodded, feeling a twinge of remorse.

Earlier, she had spoken those words to Qiao Mu in front of many witnesses. If these words were to reach Qiao Mu’s ears, it would be quite unkind.

“Alright, Mu Liang and the others are trustworthy individuals. They won’t divulge this to outsiders. Nonetheless, you must exercise greater care with your words moving forward. Furthermore, Qiaoqiao is your sister. How can you harbor such sentiments and make such utterances about her?” Mu Qingya raised her hand and affectionately patted her daughter’s hand.

“You shouldn’t combine two ‘Mu’ characters in one brushstroke. Both you and your sister are the rightful heiresses. In the future, you must jointly support the entire Mu Clan.”

“The higher she ascends, the more the Mu Clan and your prospects will flourish.”

“Don’t pay heed to her. She’s still a child and keeps attempting to sever her ties with our Mu Clan.”

“As long as the Patriarch is here, this bond will never be severed. Do you understand?”

Mu Qingya gently adjusted her daughter’s hair and offered her a warm smile.

“It’s only right for you to have refused that conniving Shi Yongqian. You needn’t engage with individuals of that sort in the future. You and Qiaoqiao are family. Don’t let outsiders influence you into making unwise decisions.”

“Mom, I understand,” Mu Rouxuan replied, her head lowered.

“Xuan’er, there’s no need for you to feel inferior. You believe your status is lesser than your sister’s.”

“Mother never informed you that you were betrothed from a young age.”

“Your future husband is no less esteemed than the Crown Prince of the Divine Province.”

Mu Rouxuan was struck by these words as if by lightning. She stared directly at her mother, her voice trembling as she asked, “Mother, what are you saying?”

“Due to your abrupt departure earlier, I forgot to inform you. I had intended to visit you at the academy and share this news in person.”

“Now that you’ve returned, it’s time to tell you.”