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Chapter 498: Victoria Fulger's imagination is so good~

"Anyway, it's your turn to tell me why you're so obsessed with your son."

"...." A silence fell around them, and Victoria looked at her sister.

She sighed lightly. She couldn't keep quiet after her sister told her her most hidden secret.

"Tatsuya is my blood, my son, and my hope."


"Unlike me, who is a failure who didn't inherit the Lightning of our Family, he is a talented boy who inherited both Lightning from our family and his father's powers."

"...." Natashia's face darkened.

'There, that problem again.' It can be said that all the problems that Victoria, her beloved sister, had in her life were because she did not inherit the Lightning from Clan Fulger.

She was an abnormality among Vampires, a being who didn't inherit any kind of power from her parents.

She just had the basic Vampire powers, and that's all.

Vampire biology suggested that all Clan descendants would awaken the power of their Clan and inherit their father and mother's talent. Still, Victoria's existence proved that this was not 100% true most of the time.

She didn't inherit the Lightning power from the Fulger Clan; she just inherited the upper body that someone from the Vampire Count Clan was born with.

'On a normal occasion, she should be just like me, but for some reason, she doesn't have that... And that was a big problem for my mother at the time, so much so that it escalated to such an extent that Victoria got kicked out of Clan Fulger.'

"I want him to have the best future, the best mate. I want him to be what I wasn't."

"Because of that, I'm super protective of him... Whenever someone approaches him, I feel like someone is taking advantage of him." Victoria was silent and didn't say anything else, showing she'd finished explaining.

"...." Another silence fell on their surroundings, and Natashia couldn't help but sigh.

"Sis, what you're doing is worse than my wishes."

"... I know."

"You're treating him like a substitute."

"It's not that!"

"He's not my replacement."

"He is my beloved son!"

"..." Natashia sighed again while placing her finger on her brow; she was feeling a massive headache now.

'This is bad; she doesn't even understand that what she's doing is wrong. Having expectations in your child is normal, but treating him as your substitute to achieve something you never achieved in your life is just wrong.'

Natashia understood the problem; in fact, the problem was pretty obvious; it was the same problem that plagued Victoria for years.

'By being born without the power of Clan Fulger and not having my mother's approval, she has acquired a great complex of her own, and she cannot even see her current qualities.'

Natashia was honest with herself; she couldn't build the empire that Victoria built herself from scratch.

She was not that competent.

Natashia understood that the Clan Fulger had only regained its former strength and was growing exponentially because of Victoria.

Yes, her presence helped, she was well known, and it made people trust the Fulger Clan again, but... Even if Natashia didn't come back, Victoria would have been able to rebuild the Fulger Clan.

Her talent for business management and being a Leader may even surpass Natashia herself.

'Wait...Speaking of which, shouldn't I make my beloved sister join Ruby's plan?' Thinking about Ruby's future plan, Natashia's eyes glowed blood red.

And a big smile appeared on her face.

'It's perfect! If she participates, the chances of my husband fucking her and filling her entire insides with his seeds increase even more! Better yet, the chances of her falling in love with him increase too! And with that, I'll have my entire family under his control! Fufufufu~'

'But before that, I must make her overcome her inferiority complex. She is an amazing woman, and she must know that.'

"Okay, it's decided."


"You will go with me to the Snow Clan." Natashia took hold of Victoria's arm and started dragging her.

"... H-Eh?" Again, Victoria couldn't keep up with her crazy sister's insane thoughts.

"W-Wait, why are you taking me to the Snow Clan!?" She tried to escape her sister's grasp, but she couldn't!

Damn gorilla! Why is she so strong!?

"My husband will be there."

"!!!" Victoria felt shivers run down her spine, and an image flashed through her mind.

She was in a room with red lights, tied to the bed, completely naked; a gag was covering her mouth, and she was utterly helpless!

She couldn't do anything!

Soon, she heard the slamming of a door and the voice:

"Fufufu~, I captured a little lamb for you, my husband~." It was her sister's voice!

"MMHMMMHM!" Victoria started thrashing around madly in a futile attempt to escape this place. Then, finally, she looked up and saw robust chains made to hold Vampires.

She only stopped trying to run away when she felt someone touching her legs.

"A beautiful little lamb indeed~."

"!!!" Victoria looked at the owner of the voice and saw a tall man, completely naked. His body was perfect, his face even more perfect, and his violet eyes were looking at her with a sadistic look.

A look that sent shivers through Victoria!

The man started to touch her legs, and slowly he was reaching an important place.

She was scared! She was feeling betrayed by her sister for trapping her in this place! And most of all... She was horny.

"NOOOOOOO! I will not submit to this excit--- Terrible situation!" Victoria began to struggle.

"What the fuck?" Natashia looked confused at her sister, who looked like a chicken that had lost her mind.

"Ahh, stop struggling, Sis."


A ruckus began to break out in Clan Fulger's office.

A confusion that caught the attention of butler Jeff Larkin, a former butler of the Fulger family and an extremely loyal man, and realizing that something might be up, he decided to call Sasha, who was in the library.