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Chapter 508: So it begins.

"Now that the girls have arrived..." Victor assumed a serious expression, and said:

"Vlad, they'll be the backup if things go to shit."

"...." Vlad narrowed his eyes.

"Do you think they will attack Nightingale?"

"I don't know."


"But I won't let loose ends, my family lives here, and I will protect them."

"...." The three countesses smiled slightly, they fully understood that the 'family' he spoke to was not just the people close to him, it was also her clans.

"And to be honest, you have a lot of enemies…just like I do."

"…The Ophis incident, huh."

"Even now, the witch queen is trying to contact me." Victor added.

"I'm keeping her at bay with the excuse of scum, or other random reasons, but there will come a time when she will lose her temper."

"...not even the queen can't touch you here, you're a vampire Count." Vlad spoke in a serious tone.

About this specific incident, Vlad guaranteed to help Victor, after all, what he did was help his daughter, he would be ungrateful if he didn't do anything.

And if it wasn't for Victor, Vlad would step in, the moment he found out what those beings did to Ophis... The urge he had to blow that small country into existence was enormous.

Victor in a way was the lesser evil, he took care of everything, and punished only the culprits.

"We both know that's not true."

"Even so, witches will not take actions that will harm her relationship with vampires."

"And it's understood that if you hadn't intervened, I would have... and things wouldn't have been pretty." Vlad's eyes glowed slightly blood red, and with only a small intent to kill, everyone in the room excluding Victor, the countesses, Ophis, Nero, Morgana and Jeanne broke into a cold sweat.

"Vlad, who is the witch queen?"

"A powerful woman and-."

"She's a greedy megalomaniac bitch." The two spoke at the same time.

The two shared the same smile while ignoring the shocked faces of several people present.

"Witches don't just openly intervene in faction relationships, because in the grand scheme of things, they don't have as many powerful beings as other factions."

"Yes, the queen is powerful, and so are her daughters, she may have some witch masters in specific spells."

"But you don't win a large-scale conflict alone... Even my master isn't capable of that."

"...." Scathach was silent, she didn't refute Victor's statement, because she knows it was true, she doesn't have the strength to fight an entire pantheon or one of the great factions alone.

Yes, she can hit The Inquisition, but if The Inquisition's god or his minions act, she'll have to back off.

Trying to get along with The Inquistion? Impossible, they're enemies, because of that, Scathach dares to invade the place, it's not like it would damage their already frayed relationship.

"The great power of witches is their economic power, and their connections." Natashia added.

"And they can do a lot of things indirectly with those connections, even hurting Nightingale's business without the blame falling on them, it's quite possible." Agnes was the one who added, she was used to the witches' schemes.

Something Victor knew all too well because he had Adonis' memories.

"I'm already taking care of it, they won't interfere with business and Nightingale." Vlad added for the two countesses.

"Oh?" Victor raised an eyebrow.

"Why do you think they haven't come knocking on your door yet? It's because I'm preventing it."

"This situation will not harm Nightingale."

"I'm keeping you on short ends with the threat I spoke of earlier, if it wasn't you, it would be me, and the situation would be worse."

'Of course my friend's 'encouragement' also helped this situation.' Vlad thought inwardly.

"...I see... So I have to deal with her, huh."

"Yes, you have to at least talk to her, and 'answer her crimes' against her people, and receive her 'punishments'."

"Hmm..." Victor stopped talking and started thinking.

Nero looked at Agnes:

"Because my father must answer for his crimes, hasn't the situation basically been resolved?"

"... It's to keep the face." Agnes replied.


"All the factions know they cannot judge witches by their laws, or kill a witch, or you will have a problem with all witches, and these punishments can vary depending on the situation, it can range from an economic blockade to total annihilation. , it all depends on the 'enemy'.

"But since this current situation is involving large factions, and powerful beings, the witch queen has been left without movement."

"Therefore, Victor has to face the witch queen, and he must be 'judged' and 'lost' something."

"Probably these bitches will use this 'judgment' to try to boost her reputation." Morgana spoke with venom in her voice.

"Something like. "Jeanne makes quotes with her hand and says: "look at how we judge a vampire count, look how powerful we are!"

"But of course the king won't let that happen, right?"

"Of course, the only one who can judge vampire counts is only the king, and no one else." Vlad spoke in a neutral tone.

"Ugh, this is complicated." Nero muttered, "If he doesn't have to do it, why should he? It's not like they can do anything."

Nero might be brilliant for a kid, but at the end of the day, she was still a kid, and world politics wasn't one of her strong points.

"This is important so that a precedent is not set." Agnes added to the girl.

"A precedent?" Nero raised an eyebrow.

"A precedent that any being who kills the witches would go unpunished... This is something extremely important to the witches, and they won't give up on it."

"Not even by Vlad's threat, if this is not resolved, Victor becomes the enemy of all witches."

Agnes turns to face Vlad, and says:

"And Vlad can't help Victor with that, because he would jeopardize Nightingale's business." Agnes agrees with this decision from a political point of view, but that doesn't mean she likes it.

"...I did my best, I lessened the damage, but going beyond that will harm Nightingale."

"Business has continued, and it will no longer be Nightingale's problem, but Victor's." In short, Vlad took his ass out of the fire and told Victor to deal with it all.

'Having my country harmed, that is something that as a king, I cannot allow.'

"..." Agnes raised an eyebrow, and that small reaction had many meanings, meanings that only Victor understood.

"Mah, mah, no need to make that face Agnes."

"I made my decision back then, and the consequences are biting my ass now."

Victor pats Ophis' head, and adds:

"Although, I don't regret that decision." Victor snorted in disdain.

So what if half the big faction wanted their meat on a skewer? He would not change his action or regret it.


Looking at Ophis's smile, Vlad felt slightly complicated.

"Vlad, a word of advice, old man."


"Putting the country first is good and all, but don't be blinded by it, if it was anyone other than me, I was sure that person would feel betrayed."

A silence fell on the place.

Alexios couldn't help but nod slightly imperceptibly, that was a warning he would give his king too when they were alone.

Vlad narrowed his eyes: "Interesting... You talk like you're a third party now, are you feeling this way right now?"

"Of course not." Victor rolled his eyes:

"From the beginning, I didn't expect your help, or count on your help, so I have no feelings of betrayal about it." Victor spoke in a simple, easy-to-understand tone.

Yes, he expected help from his wives, they would somehow move about it, but that was it, he only expected help from his wives, not Vlad.

As far as he can tell, he has a status quo relationship with Vlad, they just don't hit each other over the girl in his ass now.

"You did what you had to do as king, which might be an attitude I disagree with, but who cares what I think? After all, you're the king. Not me."

Instead of worrying about the way Victor spoke those words, words that could incite some sort of rebellion, he asked curiously:

"Because you disagree with my action."

"For one simple reason…Allies."

"At the end of the day, people, allies, and subordinates are what make the king what he is, if a king is willingly 'sacrificing' his 'ally' he is not a good king."


"Because at the end of the day, when shit hits the fan, only your most trusted, closest allies will help you get through the problem."

Vlad opened his eyes wide.

"So yes. Don't fuck your ally, after all, I wouldn't be surprised if those allies turn traitors because of certain actions you say you take for the good of 'country'." Victor chuckled lightly.

Silence... That was what followed when Victor finished speaking, more than once he was leaving people who didn't know him well speechless.

Even though people who knew him only displayed a small satisfied smile, they had a look that said.

'Look at him! This is my disciple/husband/master/father/friend!'

Each of those present who had a relationship thought of this phrase with their own context of their relationship.

Again imperceptibly, Alexios was nodding as if agreeing with Victor's words, he had a look that said.

Good! Tell him that! He needs to hear this!

Satisfaction... That was the expression on Alexios' face now, even though no one saw it, everyone was focusing on just Victor and Vlad now.

"I see... I'll keep that in mind."

Again, an expression of shock passed, but this time it was only for Vlad's subordinates, and Vlad's own children.

Did he really learn anything from it? Impossible.

"So you think I'm not a good king, huh."

"You really like to draw your own conclusions, huh. When did I say that?" Victor laughed.

"I just said that I didn't agree with his decision, and then I expressed my opinion on the matter." Victor flashed a sly little smile.

"Anyway, let's get to the main subject, and forget about 'my' problem for now."

"By the way, thanks for the help, although I didn't need it, but I won't be stingy about acting like a child and denying help for free." Victor added.

Vlad just nods, he had several thoughts running through his head right now.

"The meeting is tomorrow, and only the leaders, in case the representatives can enter, at the meeting place."

"If that's the case, why are you taking us too?" Agnes spoke, and then continued:

"You of all people don't need that much firepower."

Vlad didn't answer, he couldn't, it's not that he didn't trust the people present, but this topic is based on something without evidence, and it's just a suspicion of his, so he was silent, but during that silence, Scathach and Victor seemed have discovered something.

"Oh, they are bold." They spoke at the same time.

The two immediately look at each other, and laugh in a rather sensual, amused way, which demonstrates their connection.

"What? Did you discover anything?" Natashia asked.

"... Later." Scathach and Victor spoke at the same time, and then they both looked at Vlad.

"What is the chance of that happening?" Victor asked.


"Oh? You are not sure?"

"Without concrete information, I can't be sure of anything, so it's better to be sure." Vlad responded neutrally.

"Even with Alexios, you didn't find anything?" Scathach raised an eyebrow.

This time it was Alexios' turn to speak.

"Something interrupted my vision... Something powerful, I didn't get anything very useful."

Yes, everyone was now curious about what they were talking about.

Scathach and Victor narrowed their eyes at the same time, and their expression was not good at all, and of course seeing them like that, it attracted everyone's attention, including Vlad.

"What are your thoughts?" he asked curiously, and in such a strange way.

The two really were similar, they were as if they were the copy of each other.

The obvious difference was that one had the potential to become what the other was, and while the other already achieved mastery.

But the similarities were there, it was like they were the younger and older versions of each other, they were simple to say.

They were brilliant...

And Vlad didn't know if that was a good thing or not.

"This stinks... This whole situation stinks." Victor spoke, he had no evidence to back up his thoughts, he just felt that slight sense of danger.

Something Scathach felt as well, in the woman's experience, was as if she were stepping into some beast's territory, and she was completely unarmed.

Scathach nods in agreement:

"Everything is very strange, I wouldn't be surprised if the meeting itself was a trap."

"…And on what basis do you have to think about it?"

"Instinct." The two spoke at the same time.

"...." Vlad was speechless, but he didn't completely deny the thoughts of these two beings.

"We need an escape plan if things have gone terribly wrong."

"Alexios, I want to take Natalia with me."

"...." Vlad raised his brow, but soon he opened his eyes when he understood what Victor was planning, he didn't need to think too hard, he just needed to look at Victor's shadow.

Even though he couldn't see it, he knew there were several beings in his shadow.

'The Blank Clan... And to think that he found someone so compatible that he can remain in his shadow as long as necessary.'

Vlad didn't propose the same method, for the single, simple reason that his shadow... It was simply too powerful.

Unlike Victor, he is a fully mature progenitor vampire.

"…Can you protect her?" Alexios' words were simple, he immediately understood Victor's plan as well as the vampire king,

And Victor understood the reason for the question, after all, Clan Alioth was the most desired Clan for a reason, the power to manipulate space was very coveted.

"No one will touch a hair of hers, they will have to get through me, and three countesses for someone to touch her, and above all, she will be in the safest place in the world." Victor chuckled lightly.

"...In this case, I allow it."


Vlad coughed lightly, and caught everyone's attention, and then he spoke:

"On preparations for defending the realm." Vlad snaps his finger.

And one of the king's 'eyes' appeared beside Morgana, and he gives the woman a scroll.

"Burn the scroll when you're done."

"Okay." That was all Morgana said before she took a look at the plan, and passed it on to Jeanne.

"Jeanne and Morgana will act as backups, I don't know what you've planned, but they should cover most of the missing parts."

"…Do you believe so much in their strength?" Even though they've regained their former strength, they're still not at the level of a countess, the vampire earl.

What Vlad doesn't know, is that, not only did they regain the former strength they had, they became stronger, especially Jeanne who remembered who she really was.

"Of course, if I didn't believe it, who would?" Victor spoke in a serious tone with a small smile on his face.

The women mentioned cannot help but display a small smile.

The meeting progressed smoothly, the countesses and earls talked about their plan, and what to do when they went to the meeting place.

Everyone was serious, and at the same time relaxed, the preparations were ready, all that was left now... was to drive the lion's den.