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Chapter 509: The Big Players.

Unknown location.

Above the clouds, a gigantic medieval island was floating, a unique island that contained various exotic animals that were not supposed to exist. An island where the very word 'ecosystem' did not seem to work, a complex island where time and space itself did not interfere.

Everything happened both simultaneously and not at all, a place where existence itself defies common sense.

An island that is outside the jurisdiction of existence, an island that is home to one of the most powerful beings in the world.

On this island, a large white palace could be seen.

Moving closer to this palace, in one of the ridiculously large rooms that strangely had no decorations, was a white-haired man with closed eyes and a neutral smile on his face. He had a strange appearance, and if you look at him for a while, you will see that he is a young adult.

But the moment you shift your attention elsewhere and look back at the man, he will look like an old man.

If you do this again, he will look like a child.

Too complex to understand, but at the same time too simple, without feeling, but at the same time, he made sense, he was constant, and at the same time, he didn't exist.

In a way, this man was an irregularity, and the world itself did not know how to define what kind of being he was.

That was the experience everyone had of looking at the man.

This man didn't have names that beings knew, but he had titles that people gave him, The Irregularity, The Entity, the one who judges the gods, but the best-known ones were, The Limbo prison owner.

And the mediator of the meeting of supernatural beings.

A man that not even the gods dare to provoke. They don't want to be trapped in his prison forever after all.

The man was wearing a simple black suit, and with a professional smile on his face, he spoke.

"The meeting of supernatural beings has begun."

As if his words were a trigger, the entire palace began to distort, and soon all of reality was changed.

The old palace that was just white, and had nothing, started to change and became an incredibly luxurious palace.

Reality was shaped by his words.

"First guest, representing the will of all the gods of the pantheon allied with the Gathering of supernatural beings."

"Coming from the Hindu pantheon, he who holds the title of 'The Destroyer', Shiva, the god of destruction."

Reality once again began to change, and suddenly, a tall man with dark skin, short hair, golden eyes, and a serious and neutral expression on his face was standing at the entrance of the palace.

Wearing his divine attire, which is made up of his power, Shiva looked around.

"...I can never get used to it." He muttered as his gaze shifted to the palace doors, which began to open.

It was simply disconcerting to be forcefully teleported from his divine domain by some kind of force he didn't understand.

'Although it's this kind of ridiculous existence that this man is... A man who existed even before I was born.' Shiva, as one of the elder gods, could not see through man.

Once again, the man's voice was heard.

"Accompanying Shiva, hailing from the Norse pantheon, the one who holds the title of 'The Genocide of Titans', representing the Norse, Thor, the god of thunder."

Once again, someone appeared beside Shiva. He was a tall, muscular man with a large red beard and red hair that held the hairstyles of the ancient Norse people.

He was wearing full armor that looked simple but at the same time quite sturdy, and his famous hammer was resting gently on his waist.

Along with his brown eyes and distinguished demeanor, he gave off the feel of a mighty warrior.

"...I really don't like hearing that title..." Thor muttered as he looked around.

"A mere title doesn't make you the person you want to be." Shiva gave some words of advice.

"..." Thor looked at Shiva and gave a grateful nod.

It is worth mentioning that Shiva is one of the few gods that Thor respects. Despite having the title of 'The Destroyer', Shiva is often very benevolent.

... But like every title, there is a story behind it, and just like Thor, who has the title of The Genocide of Titans for killing most of the Jotuns, frost giants of his mythology.

Shiva bears the title of The Destroyer for a reason.

He is benevolent, yes. But don't confuse that with kindness, as he is one of the most impartial beings there is. After all, in his mythology, he is also seen as a being that protects and transforms the universe.

And to transform something, you have to destroy... Even if that something is innocent.

He's a destroyer, and a benefactor, and it's that complexity that makes him one of the wisest gods.

"One of my Jotun lovers really hates that title." He chuckled lightly.

"I can understand your feelings." Shiva commented with a neutral smile.

"Let's go in? I don't particularly want to wait for the next guest."

The moment Thor finished speaking, the man's voice was heard again.

"Following Shiva, coming from the Greek pantheon, the one who holds one of the most weighty titles in the international supernatural community, the king god of the Greek pantheon, Zeus."

Just like Thor and Shiva, a man appeared alongside Thor.

He was tall, dressed in Greek robes, and had long white hair, a white beard, and light blue eyes. He had an air of arrogance and authority that was quite common in beings who held the title 'GodKing.'

"Hahahaha, you really came, Zeus. You really have a lot of courage." Despite being disgusted to see the man's face, he still greeted him with his usual greeting.

"Apparently, humiliating yourself in front of 'The Destroyer' wasn't enough. Do you want to do it on an international scale?"

"..." Zeus looked at Thor with a sneer, "If memory serves me correctly, you lost too, Thor."

"Hahahaha~, indeed, but unlike you, I look at defeat as a form of learning, and it's no shame to lose to one of the strongest beings. I should just be grateful for being alive!"

"..." Zeus's frown of disgust only deepened, and just as he was going to taunt Thor for that mindset, he heard:

"Guests, please come in, and don't forget that this meeting will be shown to all major Factions."

The man's intention was clear, their actions were being watched, be careful.

A light warning to these beings of great prestige.

This is something everyone knew, the first part of the meeting of supernatural beings is broadcast globally to all factions, but the second part, which is when the meeting actually starts, is kept secret, and the decisions made here will be announced after it ends.

In a way, this place is like the UN for humans, but for the supernatural world, the place where powerful beings with influence in the world come together and create rules, abolish rules, and dictate the pace of the supernatural world.

"The Shinto Mythology Pantheon and the Egyptian Mythology Pantheon left the decision up to Shiva. They didn't send a representative."

Zeus and Thor opened their mouths slightly in shock but quickly got over it. It wasn't every day you saw two entire mythologies trusting the judgment of a single god.

"Enter, and wait for the next guests."

"..." The three men nodded slightly and started to enter the palace.

The moment the three gods passed through the gate, the gate closed again, and something strange happened.

The entrance to the gate changes completely, and even the decorations that were luxurious change to a more 'holy' tone.

"Second guest, coming from the seventh heaven, holding the title of strongest Seraphim, Michael, supreme chief of the army of the eternal father."

A man appeared out of nowhere at the palace door. He had six white wings, golden armor, and a western sword at his waist, the man's entire presence emanated 'holiness'. The light was present.

And the light didn't let his face show, it was as if a veil was covering his whole face, and the only thing visible was his golden hair falling behind him.

"Accompanying Michael is his brother, the seraph who represents justice, the one who announces the word of the eternal father, Gabriel."

Just like Michael, another man in armor appears alongside Michael.

They were almost identical to each other, with their golden armor and western sword. Nothing could identify the distinguishing feature of the two other than the one simple difference.

Their different hair took on a silver color, and the intensity of the 'presence' was less.

Without even commenting or saying anything, the two just entered the palace, and just like before, the palace was closed.


At Victor's house, in the basement room, the entire group was in front of a large television.

Victor's childhood friends Edward, Leona, Fred, and Andrew were there.

Andrew's mother, Liena, as well as Ruby, Nero, Renata, Anna, Leon, and Zack, who was sitting on Anna's lap.

"Gods... And now angels..." It would be an understatement to say how shocked Andrew was.

Not just Andrew, Fred himself was shocked too.

"I know of their existence. I've studied them, but... seeing them is something completely different from studying..." Fred's sense of reality was pretty shattered now.

"So these are the gods, huh..." Like Fred and Andrew, this was the first time Edward had seen these beings.

"...." Anna and Leon were very shocked to display some comments, because, look! They are Seraphim! Real angels! Bruh! Look at their six wings!

Leon was extremely shocked now, I mean, he had met a goddess, the prettiest of them, but still, they were angels!

He doesn't consider himself a very religious person, but like every common man, he believes in a greater force, a god, and it can be said that seeing 'angels' who are servants of god is extremely shocking.

If he were any more fanatical, he'd be freaking out right now.

"Angels... Wrong, seraphim, huh..." Lina spoke as she focused her attention on the seraphs. Not even she, as a former hunter, and the former inquisitor had seen a seraph before.

And probably, she wouldn't have seen it if it wasn't at Victor's house right now. As one of the guests to attend, he was also given a device capable of seeing the meeting.

The meeting is being broadcast only to the important supernatural beings, and even the privilege of seeing this event is handpicked.

As they are part of 'Alucard's group, they are able to see what is being 'broadcast' on television.

If it wasn't for that, the only thing they could see was an ordinary broken television.

"Victor will be fine in this place…?" Leona asked aloud, specifically speaking, she asked Ruby.

"..." Ruby was quiet. She wanted to say, he's going to be fine, but she knew her husband's personality, and he had a knack for making trouble.

"Honestly, my mother and the two countesses will be there, they stopped Victor from doing something foolish, and even Victor won't cause chaos in this place... Probably."

"Ugh… that doesn't give me any confidence." Leona muttered.

"...." Renata only showed a small smile when she saw the people around her looking at the gods and angels. She liked to see that reaction.

"Ruby…your cell phone." Nero spoke while touching Ruby.

"Hmm?" Ruby looked at her cell phone and picked up the phone.

"Thank you, Nero."

"Mm." Nero nods and goes back to looking at the television.

Ruby opened her messages and saw the wives' chat group full of messages from Sasha and Violet.

Violet: Are you guys watching this!?

Sasha: Of course, my aunt and I are watching. Oh, Tatsuya is here too, along with Hecate.

Violet: Ruby, how about you!?

Violet: Ruby, answer me!

Violet: Ruby! God Dammit, she is sleeping?

Violet: Wake up, bitch! RUBY!

"…." Ruby flashed a tight smile, she had a deep urge to ignore Violet's spam messages, but she knew this was an endless hole, and it was only going to get worse.

So she replied.

Ruby: Yes, I'm watching with the people at Victor's house right now.

Violet: Good, now, record the fucking meeting!

Ruby opened her mouth in shock a little. She completely forgot about it!

Ruby: Good idea Violet, I had completely forgotten about that.

Violet: Fool, these are the most 'influential' beings. We need to have their appearance recorded. Even a simple appearance is enough to have some information.

Ruby pursed her lips a little, Violet giving good advice? Will the earth burn tomorrow?

Ruby: I know, I'm doing it right now.

The moment Ruby said it, she heard it.

"Third guest, hailing from Samar, a thriving nation on another world, the strongest Alpha, the one blessed by the beast of Ragnarok, the werewolf king, Volk Fenrir."

The entrance to the palace changed again to a design that matched the character of the man who had just appeared.

He was a tall, muscular man with dark skin. His body was big, his arms were big, and everything about him was ridiculously disproportionate to ordinary men. With the height of 220 CM, he gave the feeling of a wild man.

He was wearing clothes of various animal skins, he was barefoot, his hair was a light black with shades of blue, and this hair extended to his waist. It was wild hair.

A small scar was on the left side of his chin, while his bright blue eyes were quite disconcerting to behold.

Everything about him screamed 'intensity'!

"Hmm…" He cracks his neck a little.

"This feeling is still annoying, no matter how many times I go through it."

"...." A silence fell around Ruby's group.

They had no words to describe the man in front of them. It was a very different feeling from the King of Vampires.

It's worth noting that Edward, Nero, and Leona were looking intensely at the man on television.

"Accompanying, Volk Fenrir, his two sons, Fenir, the first son, and Anderson, the second son."

'Tsk, they were summarized because there are no achievements, huh.' Volk internally grumbled.

Two men appear behind the werewolf king.

They were similar to their father, but lacked the glaring feature that was their immense body and the wild attitude their father had. Compared to the king, the two sons were more...

Civilized... They even wore normal clothes!

"Looks like we've been ignored, Brother." Anderson spoke in an amused tone.

"Shut up Anderson, don't damage our reputation." A tall, dark man with light black hair with dark blue undertones.

"..." Anderson just smiled coldly. His thought was clear:

'You are embarrassing yourself now, fool.' But he wouldn't break his brother's illusion.

"Please enter, and wait for the next guests."

Volk grunted lightly and began to stride toward the entrance.

"the fourth guest..."