Chapter 534: Morgana, The Reaper.

"...This is ridiculous, queens are very strong."

"Yes, especially, Queen Jeanne... And to think she could use that power yet."

"Stop talking, and focus!" A strict voice was heard.


"Get ready to use the Vampire Count form at any time, even if we are only few compared to the demons, we are elites, we will not fall so easily!"

"Do you understand, fools!?"

"Yes, Commander!"

"Tsk, fools." The man snorted in disdain, and turned back to the battlefield.

The entire capital was taken over by demons, and for this old man that wasn't a problem, he's seen many wars, and compared to the wars he's fought, this one is still easy.

Are there three demon dukes walking around? Yes, it does, but Nightingale had the two queens who were also powerful, not to mention the man who is the king's most trusted servant.


If that human hasn't shown up yet, it's because things were still under control.

For a moment he looked at a demon that had died suddenly, the 'shadows' of the king, or as they are called, the eyes and ears of the king.

The royal guard was not alone, if the demons wanted to conquer the capital, they needed to put in more effort!

The man thought proudly.


The Commander looks up to the sky, and sees Jeanne punch the giant demon in the face.

'What a ridiculous force...' The commander's eyes widened in shock.

Yes, he could do something similar, but you have to take into account the demon's strength and endurance.

Sending such a strong demon flying says a lot about this woman's physical strength.

'The queen is stronger...' Thinking about the word 'Queen'. He remembers a conversation he had.

It was before the invasion started.

"My Queens-."



"We are not your queen anymore." Jeanne spoke in a cold tone.

Morgana shared the same tone, and cold eyes:

"Me and Vlad are divorced." Morgan spoke.

"So we're not your queen anymore." Jeanne finished.


He was so shocked that he didn't even realize he was kicked out of the room.

'What happened? Did the king divorce? Is he no longer married?'

The vampire king's private life is completely private, few people know what goes on in Vlad's personal life, and the commander of the royal guard was not one of those people.

Despite being an elite, he is not one of the vampires personally created by Vlad, or as they are called, the eyes and ears of the king.

Vlad is a king who completely separates his personal life from his life as a king, at least as far as letting his subjects know what he does, or doesn't do.

He's completely secretive about it.

Because of this silence that the rumor of the first wife having betrayed the king was so shocking, even if the situation had been resolved, this event was still etched in the vampires' minds.

'...It's not my job to know about the king's personal life.' The commander shook his head, and looked at Morgana.

'Even if they are no longer the king's wives, they are still our queens, until the king says otherwise.' The man's loyalty was fanatical.


With Morgana and Dantalian.

"Fighting a Succubus of my unprepared level... Are you so desperate to die?"

"...." Dantalian just swallowed hard as he looked at the creature in front of him that provoked Dantalian's worst fears.

Even though he knew this was a dream being projected into reality through the woman's powers, he couldn't resist it.

He was terrified, this dream was completely affecting his psyche!

The grotesque monster with multiple faces, faces, and expressions approached Dantalian.

"You are alone, your legions cannot be summoned because of my friend..."

"Dantalian, the demon duke who commands an immortal army, is nothing without his army."

"You are nothing in front of me. While I fought with Baal and his army when I was the general of Lilith."

"You were always a nuisance that I ignored."

"But not today... Today, you will die, no one sets eyes on my daughter and leaves alive!"

The demon gritted his teeth, and his eyes glowed red, patterns of black tattoos began to appear on his body, and he howled.

"Do not underestimate me!"


A pillar of darkness came out of his body, and his form started to change and become more demonic, but even in the process of changing, he never stopped talking:

"My king has chosen me, he has given me an opportunity, he has given me a gift, and I will not waste it all!"

'Curses... He went this far for power...?' Morgana opened her eyes in shock, she knew very well the letter patterns that appear when the tattoo was completed on the demon's skin, this was not a technique that was used by demons, or runes used by the Aesir gods of the Norse pantheon, just one races had the knowledge to do this.

'Fucking witches!' A vein pops in Morgana's head.

'These whores always have their hands on everything.' Morgana felt irritated now.

His hand began to glow with a power of darkness, his tattoos that had formed a runic on his body began to burn into his skin, but he didn't care.


Morgana's monster's appearance began to shake and soon shattered like a mirror.

"With that power, even me at rank 72 can fight you, The Reaper." Dantalian's heavy voice was heard around.

"..." Morgana just raised her eyebrow in amusement, and with a flutter of wings, she flies in an absurd direction and attacks Dantalian's face.

A crash was heard, and Morgana opened her eyes in shock when she saw a shadow hand gripping her wrist.

Using his claws, Dantalian attacks Morgana's face.

Dark power with violet hues glows around Morgana, and the woman disappears and appears far from Dantalian.

But the 'morgana' who was in the position suffered an attack that caused her to lose her mind, and when that Morgana fell to the ground and died...

She started to disappear.

"Fucking Succubus, cursed race of Lilith."

Dantalian's eyes red with anger looked at Morgana floating, and he shot towards her.

"...Worms who submit to being experimented on by witches, don't talk about our mother with that foul mouth." A dark power formed in Morgana's hand, and a western sword of pure power was created.


's claws Dantalian Morgana's sword collide causing a deafening sound as two metals collide with each other.

"Tsk." The strange letter-patterned tattoos began to glow even brighter on Dantalian's body, and the next moment he attacked with his other hand.

Morgana dodges flying backwards with the thrust of her wings, she positions herself while holding her sword down, and she attacked by flying in a straight line.

Dantalian looked down on this stupid move, and with his giant claws, he pierced Morgana's body.

The woman opened her eyes in shock, and the sword she was holding disappeared, soon the spark of life died in her eyes.

'That feeling…' Dantalian narrowed his eyes, and looked around ignoring the body he had just pierced.

He didn't believe Morgana would die so easily.

He looked around for Morgana but found nothing.

'Where is she!? That fucking succubus!' That was the problem with fighting Succubus, in a fight where seconds determine everything, these demons who specialized in dreams, was irritating.

It is unlike Tatsuya who needed to focus on his bloodline to do this, and had a limited form of illusion that didn't harm the target.

Succubus could exploit this more easily, after all, they were dream demons, and an succubus could project a dream into reality, and that dream was lethal, it was both physically and mentally damaging.

The body that Dantalian pierced broke into a smile and cut Dantalian's hand with her sword that was created in moments.


Morgana pierces Dantalian's body with her sword and pulls it up.

Realizing that he was going to be cut in half, his eyes flashed in panic, and reacting to his instinct, something happened.

A demonic hand came out of his body and held Morgana's body.

"What the fuck?" Morgana looked in disgust at the face of a demon that appeared in Diablo's body.

Diablo's body began to heal at visible speeds.

"Since you've never paid attention to such an inferior being, you don't know anything about me, right?"

Crack, Crack.

Morgana's body began to break, but the woman didn't scream or show emotions, she just struggled to get out.

'How much strength...!' She bit her teeth in frustration, and even greater power began to flow from her body.

"DIE!" When he was going to strike to kill Morgana, the power of the woman's body exploded.



Morgana's demonic features started to get even worse, her body grew larger, a long stout tail grew behind her, and yet another horn grew on her head.

She took the vampire count transformation one more level.

A dark pressure left her body that made Dantalian apprehensive, he realized that she was over her again even with the curses on his body.