Chapter 536: Big Brother.

Upon returning to the battlefield, the sight of Jeanne with an angry face, body covered in a sickly red aura, while beating up a demon was definitely not the sight she had expected.

"Hmm? Why don't you repeat what you said before again? Have you lost the ability to speak, you brainless?"

"W-Wait, I feel-."


Jeanne cuts the demon's throat with her sharp vampire claws:

"Did you say something? I didn't hear anything." A sadistic smile appeared on her face, and climbing on top of the demon and placing her feet in his eyes, her smile widened.

"Who did you say you were going to harm, hmm? A worm like you thinking he's powerful just because I'm holding back is laughable...!" In the end, her tone got a little stronger, and she stomped on the demons' eyes while sinking her entire skull.

🇧🇷 Strange screams were heard by the twin demon.

"…just what happened?" Morgana looked around and saw Paimon in the air looking with a slight fearful eye at Jeanne, and the other demon twin cut in half.

'... When did Jeanne get so strong? I don't remember her being able to exert all that strength, she's not even using her vampire count form!'

'And what is this authoritarian and sadistic tone? Isn't she very kind?' Even when someone irritated Jeanne, she didn't take that tone.

As a great friend of the woman, Morgana knew all of Jeanne's flaws and strengths, she knew that the woman was strong, and a great warrior, after all, they trained together many times.

Morgana could trust Jeanne with her back, but...

Looking at the bloodthirsty red glow around his body, his sadistic eyes, a heady grin on his face, and a sneer.

For a moment, Morgana couldn't recognize Jeanne.

'Is this my friend...?'

Thinking about the possible reasons for this to happen, she can think of only one.

'Victor changed her?... Actually, he brought his real one, me?'

"Haaah." Jeanne gives a big sigh, and she says in an annoying tone, "I'm getting tired of this shit."

"W-Wait, I didn't know you were the servant of this great entity-."

Jeanne turns to face Paimon, and her face darkens even more, she raises her hand in the air, and with that gesture Paimon feels her throat being choked.

"Servant? Don't look down on me, Demon."

For the first time in her life, Morgana saw a high-ranking demon piss himself in fear.

'Hm? Who is Him? And why is he so scared!? fuck! What happened in that short time that I went to the castle!?'

"He is my family."

"...." Paimon's face darkened even more.

"You insulted my son, and desecrated his existence."

The only thing visible on Jeanne's face now was her blood red eyes, her entire face was dark as if no one could see through the veil that hides her 'existence.'

"You said you were going to turn my son into your Boytoy, right?"

With just a single word from an arrogant demon, he brought upon himself a disaster never seen before.

Feeling arrogant because Jeanne was being 'pressed' by his twin demons, and himself, he became arrogant, and let his desires leak out.

And when he spoke of his intentions to turn Jeanne's son Adam into his BoyToy, after all, he had a soft spot for pretty boys.

This... This disaster happened!

'The woman has suddenly changed! What the fuck!?'

"… Those words, this insult… It will not be forgiven."

"UghGHH." The fallen angel tried to say something, but he couldn't.

'Fuck, why did I come to this place!? I need to get out of here! Fuck Diablo's mission, I don't want to die!'

"Not even the heavenly father can save your soul from the punishment awaiting you now." In contrast to the dark red aura coming out of his body, a green aura like nature began to come out of his body.

But the fallen angel was not relieved, his body just shook even more.

'It is true! She is your guardian! What is a being like this woman doing here!? Fuck, Vlad, if I die, I will curse all your descendants, you cunning vampire!'

"..." Morgana's body shook when she felt that 'gentle' aura.

Yes, make no mistake, it was a gentle aura, but it was terrifying.

Unconsciously, she stopped using her powers and backed away a little in mild fear.

'How has she changed so much? What did Victor do!?' If before Jeanne could be considered weaker than Morgana.

... Morgana couldn't measure her strength now.

Wrong, the phrase here would not be measuring strength, but...

Has she become an unreachable existence?

It was the same feeling when an ordinary mortal looked at a high rank god for the first time, they felt... helpless.

Power… It wasn't right to say that to that aura.

Morgana thought of it as an... authority.

The fallen angel flew to Jeanne, and the woman grabbed him by the neck.

"Elder brother, open the portal."

A soft green portal appeared beside Jeanne.

And even though it looked like a gentle portal, both the fallen angel and Morgana gulped when they saw that portal.

'What is it!?' Morgana had no idea.

Very different from Paimon that her entire face froze in shock, and soon her expressions went through a variety of emotions such as disbelief, fear, until finally stopping in despair.

Tears began to fall from Paimon's face, the former Duke of Hell who looked like an arrogant being, was reduced to a weeping, piss-stained pile.

"Disgusting creature, just die, and disappear from my sight." Jeanne throws Paimon into the portal.


Cough, Cough.

Coughing several times, Paimon looked around and found himself in a lush forest.

"Where I am..."

"... Paimon."

When his name was called, Paimon's entire existence shook, the once lush forest had turned dark and much more threatening, his body began to be controlled without his permission, and he flew into the air.

"W-What happened!?"

Paimon's body was forced to turn around, and suddenly, he saw a gigantic existence staring back at him.

The 'being' didn't have a defined appearance, he didn't look humanoid, he didn't look like a monster, he was just there, and watching.

And that was more terrifying, because Paimon with her limited perspective couldn't understand what she was looking at.

He just knew he was looking at 'something'... And just looking at that 'something' was killing him.

Paimon felt his throat go dry, his eyes widened in shock, his body shook with fear, and like a broken man, he just looked at that being with a look of shock.

"You made a big mistake pissing off my little sister."

"...." Words were not spoken, in fact he couldn't speak even if he wanted to.

"Should I be in awe of you being able to piss off someone as kind as her? She's not normally one to get angry like that."

"... Well, let me play the big brother for once, something that since the beginning of my existence I have failed to do."

When the voice finished speaking, Paimon's body exploded in blood, body parts flew all over the place, and soon a dark, corrupted soul in the form of Paimon was seen.

"Your existence will be shattered." When the voice spoke, the world fulfilled its authority.

With a scream that could only be described as 'incomprehensible.'

Paimon's soul began to be torn apart.

Legs, arms, chest, everything was shattered into thousands of pieces.

"Expose the core of your soul."

Finally, his head exploded causing a horrible sound, and soon a sphere with white flames was floating in the air.

That was the core of Paimon's existence.

"From today, the being known as 'Paimon' will be eliminated, and its soul will be recycled."

And just as decreed, by being, it became reality.

Paimon's soul core exploded into thousands of pieces, and scattered throughout the area in white particles, and the second later, these white particles came together and created a new white sphere, this time much smaller than the previous one.

"...Your name will be <....>" Speaking at the end with an ancient and unknown lineage.

The sphere began to glow a little brighter, and grew to the former size of Paimon's soul, and the sphere appeared to be 'pulsing' like a heart symbolizing the beginning of a new existence.

A tree branch popped out of the ground, and grew big enough to stand next to the sphere.

"Go back to the reincarnation cycle."

The sphere appeared to nod its head, and gently floats towards the branch and 'entered' it.

"The judges of the abyss will take care of you."

When the soul disappeared, the whole atmosphere of the place became more joyful again, the lush forest was seen again, and everything returned to peace and tranquility.

"With that, I have someone to watch over my sister in case she loses her memories due to the passage of time again~." An older man's voice was heard.

"Haah~, it's a pity I can't give up my duties… Talking to that man seems to be fun, I also need to know his intentions with my sister. I can't let something like Vlad happen again."

"... Pfft." As if remembering something, a laugh almost escaped the being: "That fool risked his soul just to make a woman 'shine' more, Hahahaha~." A casual and amused laugh was heard, making the world more 'vibrant' as if reflecting the emotions within the being.

"But... A fool like that is something I could respect... I hope he doesn't change."