Chapter 539: A Daring Move.

Nightingale, a few days later.

"Unbelievable!" A Demon woman's scream was heard throughout the Castle.

"You are not a father, Vlad." Morgana's eyes gleamed with hate, anger, and their primary emotion being...


'What should I expect? He was always like that. Always! It's all about his damn Kingdom! King before being a father! King before being a husband!' Morgana was hyperventilating.

"You're just a goddamn sperm donor!"


"...." A silence fell in the office, and the two beings present just looked at the door.

Jeanne, who saw her friend leaving with quick, irritated steps, just looked at her with understanding eyes.

The reason? She understood how she felt because she was feeling the same thing.

The only difference is that... Jeanne, from the beginning, had no hope that Vlad would help her daughter.

Even though Lilith was not her biological daughter, her most trusted friend's children were still her children. After all, that was the relationship she had had before; they were sisters.

And they were still sisters. That never changed.

Because of that, she could understand it.

Jeanne turned her eyes to the man, with long black hair, a slightly trimmed beard, and an older expression. He looked like a middle-aged man, which was the current form of the Vampire King.

"What...? Do you have anything to comment too?"

"Not really." Jeanne shook her head, and the neutral face she looked at Vlad with made the man feel strange. It was as if the person that was reflected in her eyes was nothing to the woman.

A look of disinterest and neutrality; not even a single emotion was seen because there were no emotions in relation to Jeanne for Vlad.

"From the beginning, I had no expectations or thoughts that you would help in this case."

"Between your Kingdom that took 3000 years to build or one of your children, I always knew you would choose your Kingdom."

"...Jeanne, you should know that Diablo won't do anything-."

"Can you be 100% sure about that?"

No, he couldn't. He was only 70% sure because he understood the scheme he was involved in.

This was because a few hours after the invasion ended, he attended a meeting with the Werewolf King and Witch Queen, and the two were angry.

In a dark room, Vlad looked at two screens showing Evie and Volk's faces.

"What is the purpose of this meeting? I am busy now."

"Diablo kidnapped my son." Volk wasted no time and spoke, and by the twitch in Volk's eyes, Vlad could see how irritated he was.

"The bastard used his Demon hordes to destabilize some key points of my Kingdom, and in the meantime, the bastard Agares invaded the place where my youngest son was and kidnapped him."

'Second Key of Solomon, Rank 2 Duke Agares.'

If it were another son, Volk wouldn't have cared. Anderson or Fenir could take care of themselves, but it was his youngest son, who was only 12 years old.

And even though he was so talented that even Fenrir, The Beast of Ragnarok, recognized and gave his Blessing, he was still young.

Even though he had been an Alpha since he was a kid, he hadn't fully awakened his status as an Alpha. He was talented, and he had potential, but... He wasn't strong enough to deal with Demons.

And... that act hurt Volk's pride and mostly aroused his ire, his son was in a place he didn't know, and it irritated him.

It was worth mentioning that his wife Tasha was livid, the woman summoned her entire army of Wolves from Egypt, and with just one look, Volk knew that she didn't take it very well like him. She was angry like him, and the woman was going to do something ... And it wouldn't be pretty.

Volk's reason for holding this meeting was his suspicion and to know what happened in the respective realms.

"How many Demon dukes were sent to your realm?" Vlad asked.

"Only one. The rest were just Demons that, although powerful, had no pillar status."

"...." This made Vlad narrow his eyes.

"Tell me in more detail about these Demons."

"…What are you planning, Vlad?"

With the same narrowed eyes, Vlad explained,

"Six Demon Dukes have invaded Nightingale."

"And among those Rank 1s, Baal kidnapped my daughter."

"Volk, it makes no sense that Diablo would only send a single Demon Duke to invade your realm."

"Successfully attacking your Kingdom and buying enough time for Duke Agares to kidnap your son, some elites must be in that army."

Nightingale had elites that were like walking nukes and a few elites of Elder Vampires, but in total, their raw army was no more than 20,000 to 30,000. Most of those numbers were Vampires who had never trained.

And there were only 3 – 5 thousand powerful beings, soldiers who Scathach and Clan Adrastea trained.

Even though these 3-5 thousand Vampires were few, their power together could rival the other Factions.

And Vlad and the Vampire Counts were here, beings whose very names caused fear.

Nightingale had strategic elites and beings with ridiculous bloodlines.

And Samar had numbers. Unlike Vampires, who couldn't breed fast, Werewolves could do that, and as time went on, the number of warriors only increased.

Some of these Werewolves were Masters of close-quarters combat, and with the addition of Tasha's army and Ragnarok's wolf, they now had more strategic class Elites.

If dispatched, Fenrir himself, the Beast of Ragnarok, alone could destroy an entire country if left unchecked.

Everyone present knew this. Of course, countries always had hidden 'cards' up their sleeves, and Vlad himself was the same, but everyone was aware of his 'military power'. After all, this military power prevented the other factions from invading Nightingale.

If you want peace, prepare for war.

So it didn't make sense for Diablo to have just sent one Pillar Demon to Samar.

"Tell me, what were the characteristic of these soldiers?" Vlad's eyes gleamed.

Volk stared at Vlad across the screen for a few seconds, clicked his tongue, and an image appeared where his face had been before.

"It was these pieces of shit."

"...." Vlad's expression trembled a little, and with just that gesture, Volk knew that Vlad knew something.

"Vlad, share your thoughts."

"...These Demons are Lilith's Ancient Army..."

"... don't tell me..." Volk gritted his teeth.

"Yes, he used you to clean his house."


Veins bulged in Volk's head.

'... Lilith may be many things, but she would never send her subordinates to their deaths. She is that kind of existence, a Mother... Is an internal fight going on?' Remembering how Lilith looked before and after.

Vlad narrowed his eyes; 'No, something else is happening that's quite visible, and Lilith's attitude at the meeting of Supernatural Beings was strange too. With her great pride, even if she sided with Diablo, she would never ask for his opinion. She was not that kind of being.'

His gaze went to Evie, who was eerily silent.

"Witch Queen, anything to comment? What happened in your Kingdom?"

"...." She made a complicated expression, and various emotions passed through her face, mainly anger and hate. Even the Magic Circles in her eyes were spinning a little faster.

"...That bastard kidnapped my daughter."

"...." Vlad opened his eyes slightly but quickly changed his expression to neutral. He realized that when she said 'daughter', she wasn't talking about the Seven Daughters she'd chosen to help in her government.

Controlling his boiling emotions, at least on the surface, Volk spoke:

"From your reaction, it wasn't one of your glorified daughters, was it? Just who was the unlucky one that planted his seed in you?" He spoke in a slight tone of disdain and humor. After all, in his wildest dreams, he couldn't imagine this woman bedding anyone.

With a petty attitude, he was still angry, and he didn't like the Queen, and although he understood why she ruled her Kingdom the way she did, he disapproved of how she ran her affairs.

Nobody liked to lose money. After all, Witches played an essential role in Samar's strength. The 'talismans' they bought from Witches were a vital tool to bring about a 'false' full moon that enabled Werewolves to use their complete transformation.

Alphas like Volk and his children didn't need it, but other Werewolves, especially Betas, needed this talisman, and Volk often did business with the Witches about this product.

"...." Evie glared at Volk.

Something that took Volk by surprise.

'She never loses emotions like that, even when I teased her several times before... Don't tell me I was correct?' An expression of disbelief appeared on the Werewolf's face.

"I will increase the base price of the talisman we sell to Werewolves starting today. The starting value will be tripled if a Wolf wants the Witches' service."


That greedy bitch! She still wants to suck my resources even more!?

"You can not do that."

"I can. And I will. That's the beauty of monopoly." She spoke in disdain.

"All this because of a provocation?"

"Apologize, and I will lower the price to what it was before."

Impossible; Volk wouldn't do that.

Everyone in the room knew that the man was very proud, and he was worse than Vlad in a way.