Chapter 540: A Daring Move. 2

"All this because of a provocation?"

"Apologize, and I will lower the price to what it was before."

Impossible; Volk wouldn't do that.

Everyone in the room knew that the man was very proud, and he was worse than Vlad in a way.

"How many beings invaded Arcane?" Vlad spoke, breaking this pointless fight.

"...." Evie looked at Vlad and answered.

"Only low-level Demons."

"...." Vlad narrowed his eyes, "Did you stop a Primordial from invading your realm?"

"I am the Queen, Vlad. And you know me, I'm pretty paranoid. Do you think I wouldn't have countermeasures for someone with Clan Alioth's annoying abilities? Not even a Space God can invade my realm."

"Even the Primordials, those who regulate existence, will have a hard time trying to invade my realm."

Prestige... That was a tool Witches had, especially their Queen. Their Magic was just that versatile.

"And yet, someone still managed to kidnap your daughter," Volk spoke in disdain.

"... I was betrayed."

"..." The two Kings looked at Evie's expression with raised eyebrows.

An expression of pain? Does this Queen know what that is?

"I trusted someone I shouldn't, I gave this woman my trust, and she was working with the Demons... She brought my daughter's existence, which I tried to hide from everyone, into the limelight, and now, she's been exposed to danger."

"...." The two Kings could understand why Evie hid her daughter, considering she had many enemies, Gods, and Races who didn't like her.

The 'King' and 'Father' were fighting inside Vlad.

"…You must have received a contract. What will you do?"

"You still ask? I will rescue my son, and no one messes with a Wolf's son." Volk snorted in disdain.

An expected answer.

Vlad looked at Evie.

"... I have to think. If I get involved in this war, I risk losing my neutrality."

An expected answer.

"Demons are not the 'enemy of all in common,' they have allies with the Evil Gods of various Pantheons, and various Evil Gods and their respective Hells are on his side."

"I don't know how many or how long this was planned, but... We may see the rise of a new Faction with multiple Races and Mythologies together."

"That's a power I dare not provoke."

"....." Vlad and Volk hadn't expected Evie to drop information so readily.

"And you, Vlad? What will you do?" Evie asked.

"..." Vlad was silent, and he couldn't answer.

"Are you sure of this information, Evie?" He changed the subject.

Evie and Volk just raised their eyebrows at Vlad. They didn't expect him to be silent, and seeing the Vampire King, who was always lacking reactions, like this was… unbelievable.

The Magic circles of the Queen's eyes only glowed a little, the Queen's screen started to glow faintly, and soon a Magic Circle appeared in Vlad's office, and Volk, soon a report was present in front of Vlad and Volk.

The two Kings were not disturbed by this. After all, this was one of the functions of this magical tool that the Witches also made.

"The report is there. See if I'm lying or not."

"I have to go. I will completely shut down my Kingdom, the bitch who betrayed me is still loose around here, and I won't rest until I have her head on a stake."

Diablo had kidnapped Volk's, Evie's, and Vlad's children.

The children of three rulers of entire Factions.

Vlad had never seen the Witch so angry before… It was very believable that he was suspicious.

'A Witch preventing a primordial?' Vlad couldn't help but snort in disdain. He personally knew the powers of these beings, and he was friends with one of them, after all.

But... It was irritating and unbearable, but Vlad wasn't 100% sure if Evie could do it or not. After all, the woman was just too competent. He'd seen her make a God King easily fall into her trap when Witches were persecuted.

And with time passing and her Faction likely gaining various knowledge and tools from the other Factions, he had no basis to gauge how 'versatile' the current Queen was.

And unlike the Werewolf King, Vlad knew what the Witch was like. He'd worked with her, after all.

She, in a nutshell, was very astute and intelligent, and whenever she made a decision, she thought of several steps in the future. She was that kind of woman.

So to see the woman losing control of her emotions over her supposed daughter, whom no one knew existed, was simply unbelievable.

"See? You are not sure."

"..." Vlad woke up from his thoughts and turned his attention to Jeanne.

"Vlad, I want a divorce."

"...." Vlad raised an eyebrow.

"I want this annoying connection between us to go away."

Even though Jeanne and Morgana had left and were no longer Vlad's 'wives', that was only figuratively speaking. They were still tied to the ritual, and thanks to Victor fixing their bloodlust problem, they were not suffering, but... The ritual was still intact.

"That is impossible."

"Vlad, I want a divorce." This time Jeanne's voice came out much heavier, her body glowing a faint green.

She was no longer weak. Unlike before, she would get what she wanted.

"...." Vlad opened his eyes wide.

'God King...? How did she increase her power so ridiculously?' Vlad felt that the power scaling was broken as he looked at Jeanne.

The woman went from a simple Vampire to the power of a God King overnight!

But what the fuck!?

Jeanne raised her hand, and a green sphere with a somewhat 'cozy' feel was created, but to Vlad, this sphere was anything but 'cozy'.

"The reason that bastard succeeded in kidnapping my daughter is that I don't know how to control that power yet." She admitted her weaknesses.

'Since my... Beloved helped me. I feel like I'm living in a paper world. With each passing day, I feel my power increasing, and I have no control over it, which scares me. Because of that, I avoid using this power.'

Thinking back to when the Concept of Time didn't exist, she felt a little sad that she hadn't taken advantage of that moment when her older brother was just a bud to train.

She had no technique. she had no control, but... She had power.

"... What was that?" He asked with a light sweat on his face. As a Progenitor, he could feel the unique features of that sphere.

'An attack that can devastate a Soul…' But he felt strange. Didn't this sphere convey the same feeling of his attacks, but his were more violent?

He couldn't understand why he felt it that way.

"A power I was born with to protect my older brother, though… I've never needed to use that power before… Unfortunately, before I knew it, my brother had become stronger than me."

... This was definitely not good news for Vlad.

Jeanne raised her hand to Vlad and pointed the sphere at him.

"...." Vlad raised his brow and raised his guard.

Jeanne's eyes were cold, so cold that Vlad had never seen her like this before:

"You proud piece of shit, I'm not your fucking property."

"I'm tired of your games. I'm tired of existing to keep your 'Dracul' ego." The sphere began to spin faster, and the power started to accumulate.

"Today was my boiling point."

"...." Vlad felt that if Jeanne let go of that, everything in a straight path before her would disappear.

"Vlad Dracul Tepes, don't you understand? Morgana and I don't want to have relations with you anymore. The only thing that connects you and I is our son, and even that can be broken at any moment like it was with Morgana."

"Her and I want to stay at least 1000 km away from you. We don't want to have any relationship with you."

"Undo this damn ritual. Unlike the others, you can do it with the snap of your fingers. You are, after all, its creator."

"Vlad...I want my fucking divorce."

Seeing Vlad's lack of reaction, Jeanne bristled:

"Undo that shit now!" The sphere she created grew to the size of a basketball, and the power emanating from that sphere was horrible.

A silence fell around him, and Vlad looked at Jeanne with troubled eyes as various thoughts ran through his head, but... He looked at the sphere in Jeanne's hand.

That kind of power was dangerous, and the being she called 'Big Brother' would possibly intervene if Vlad tried to do something harmful to this woman, and having an unknown being with a power stronger than Jeanne as an enemy now, was a big no for Vlad.

Vlad felt something in him break, his pride was trampled underfoot, and he had no choice but to let his 'treasure' out of his vaults.

"... Okay." Vlad touched his finger on the table, and a red Magic Circle appeared, he spoke some incomprehensible words, and in the next moment, he said:

"I, Vlad Dracul Tepes, sever my marital ties to Jeanne D'Arc, and Anna."

A Magic Circle appeared under Jeanne and Morgana, who was leaving the Castle at that moment.

Sensing the irritating connection they had fading, Jeanne flashed a big happy smile, a smile that did damage to Vlad himself.

"Finally… I'm free…"

"Thanks for your 'understanding'." She spoke in a sarcastic and gentle tone.

The sphere disappeared as if it hadn't been there at all, and she hummed out of the office.

'... Am I so bad that she was happy not to relate to me anymore?' He knew she had her reasons, but… It was still a shock.

Jeanne suddenly came back, and her head popped through the door.


"Don't forget to announce to everyone that Morgana and I are no longer your wives. I don't want my name associated with you, thank you very much." Soon Jeanne disappeared.

"Haaah…" Vlad took a long breath that contained a lot of feelings and looked out the window, and he saw the vision of Morgana hugging Victor tightly while her face was buried in the man's chest.

And the man was hugging her gently, as she was being comforted…

A vein bulged on Vlad's head at the sight of this, and an uneasy feeling appeared in his heart. He had the feeling that he had been betrayed, although, from the moment the two women awoke, their relationships had already been broken.

As that feeling persisted… Vlad just closed the curtain and ignored what had happened. He had a lot of work to do.

He didn't have time for useless problems.