Chapter 565: The Fulgers are on the move.

Earth, London, in an ordinary hotel room that easily held four people.

Current time, night.

"HAHAHAHAHA" Natashia's booming laugh was heard throughout the room.

"M-Mother! Stop laughing. That's not funny!"

"Darling put himself in danger. What was he thinking getting himself into a war between two beings who are 'technically' our enemies!?" Sasha didn't know whether to be mad at Victor or worried about him.

Everyone knew that Angels hated Dark Beings and preferred to destroy them simply because they existed. They abhorred the 'Evil' that were Dark Beings.

Yes, the Angels were prejudiced against the Beings on the other side of the coin, which had the nature they defined as 'Evil'.

Sasha snorted at that; Humans committed atrocities sometimes worse than Supernatural Beings, and Angels constantly protected them.

But when it came to a Being of The Night, no matter what they'd done, they would immediately be labeled as 'Evil' and were marked for extermination.

'Hah! Humans and Angels deserve each other, bunch of hypocrites!' Sasha was hyperventilating with rage.

Still laughing a lot, Natashia continued:

"Of course it's funny! The powerful General Scathach Scarlett concocted a 'perfect' plan, and my beloved Darling took that plan, threw it to the roof, said 'fuck it', and did what he wanted... Pfft, HAHAHAHA!"

"She must be really frustrated right now!" Natashia started laughing even harder.

"Mother!" Sasha refocused on her mother.

'Seriously, this woman needs to control her mouth. She never learns!' Sasha remembered very well the last time her mother teased Scathach.

Scathach tied up Natashia and used bondage techniques to suspend her in the air, and Natashia was used as her husband's personal doll.

On the same day that Sasha woke up after her husband's extended 'pampering', she was met with the sight of her mother lying there looking like she'd experienced a gangbang, and Scathach seemed very satisfied. She looked like a woman who had her revenge fulfilled.

"Hahahaha, I lasted longer than you, you fool!"

"S-Shut y-y-our M-Mouth, haaah~" Natashia had spoken while suffering from spasms all over her body, as the very feel of the air against her body caused small orgasms to rock her body.

"Hey, Sasha, did you sleep well?" Even hearing her husband's voice, she couldn't stop looking at her mother in shock.

"Deja Vu?" Her husband spoke, but Sasha didn't care what he said and merely stared at her mother in shock.

"I remember Ruby reacting like that when she saw you, Scathach."

"… I will take revenge. Next time, I will win." Scathach's eyes had glowed blood-red as lust and competition flashed through her eyes.

Victor displayed a gentle smile:

"... Do you want to start now?"

"... Maybe later." She turned her face away and sat down on the bed 'gently'. She obviously couldn't move too much at that moment since her body was likely too sensitive.

"Heh~." Victor's smile only grew.

"Hmph." Scathach snorted and crossed her arms, her body very shaky.

And with all the symptoms that Scathach was feeling, Natashia was experiencing the same.

'Now that I think about it, Scathach looked very much like a child that day… She also backed down from a challenge!? Impossible! Am I remembering it incorrectly?' She doubted the veracity of her own memories.

She was so in shock that she didn't even react back then.

This happened when the girls were on Earth after Victor's failed encounter with the Gods.

'…Wait…' A second thought seemed to have occurred to Sasha, as she just noticed something!

'Wasn't that a reward for my mother!?' Sasha couldn't see how this was a punishment for her mother.

After all, Natashia loved Victor so much that her mother was basically a degenerate for her husband, and she would take anything her husband threw at her.

And she was always looking for new things to make their 'night' even more 'delicious'.

In the words of her own mother:

"He is the man of my life. I love him with all my being, and I feel comfortable doing everything I couldn't do before with him."

Sasha sometimes wished she were as honest with herself as her mother.

'She even bought a pair of panties with a gap at the bottom so that whenever Victor wanted, he could dump everything inside them no matter the time or place…' Sasha started hyperventilating again. This time it was out of embarrassment.

Her mother was a super degenerate!

She could be honest, but there were limits, right!? This was no longer just about being open but more about being a degenerate!

Is this something all Elder Vampires have!?

Do they all have weird, weird fetishes!?

She clearly remembered that Scathach seemed to enjoy being 'slapped' out of existence by Victor.

Ruby spilled details about it when they met the other day.

Apparently, Scathach was frustrated about something and took Victor to train, and somehow they ended up in bed, and a whole new world opened up for Scathach.

That event happened before Victor went to visit the Gods, and Sasha was sleeping at that time.

The two eldest Countesses experienced a whole new world on the same day!

Lightning started to crackle in her head, and she lowered her head a little and bit her finger:

'Should I suggest that too…?' Sasha wasn't going to lie and say she wasn't interested, especially now that Victor had bested Scathach in bed. The Strongest Female Vampire had begun to experience a whole new world since Victor gained Aphrodite's Blessings of Sexuality.

Not just Sasha, they were all very interested in Victor's new 'exploits', because he was already excellent before. Now they wanted to know the difference between then and now.

Having Natashia brag about it was a boiling point for Violet, Ruby, and Agnes as well.

Agnes was holding back a lot since she still didn't want to take that step without taking her revenge first. But she had a very competitive nature, and with each passing day, she grew even more frustrated.

Natashia bragging and calling her a coward definitely didn't help matters.

'... I'll suggest it next time when we're alone after this mess is over.' She made an unspoken decision.

"..." Natalia, who had just gone through the report, looked at all this with a neutral gaze, but internally, she somewhat agreed with Natashia.

Even knowing that Victor was an unpredictable man, she didn't know that he would do so much, but... she also couldn't deny that everything worked out in the end.

'Victor acted correctly, regardless of whether or not he exposed himself to danger. His attitude of meddling in the war and helping the Seraphs at that time was correct. Now, not only do the Angels owe Clan Alucard a debt, and Victor, specifically, Master also managed to approach one of The Seven Virtues.'

It was clear that the 'approach' that Natalia was thinking about was the belief that: 'If Master wished, no woman could refuse his advances.'

This belief was established when Victor managed to 'conquer' Aphrodite and Scathach Scarlett.

The two women had very high standards and were nearly impossible to conquer.

For god sake, he managed to make the Goddess of Love herself fall in love! If that wasn't proof of his charm, Natalia couldn't think of anything else.

The Maid's heart pounded every time she remembered that moment when Victor asked her to join him.

A decision she couldn't make easily... But that didn't mean she couldn't help him, right? After all, the KING himself ordered her to do this.

Natalia was the bridge connecting all of Victor's groups that were spread out doing their given tasks. As two different dimensions separated the group, she was essential to pass on information since the group decided not to use the 'equipment' provided by the Witches to do this task,

Equipment that Vlad had given to the Snow Clan to make everything more 'manageable'.

With the suspicion of the Witches' involvement in this mess, the group did not trust the communication devices to pass on vital orders because these devices could potentially be used to spy on people.

Although Hecate said it was okay, she wasn't 100% sure about this specific issue. She wasn't an expert on this kind of subject, after all.

And there was still the problem of this equipment being provided by Vlad. If the case of Witches was just a suspicion, they were 100% sure about Vlad's.

After all, Vlad's own Royal Guards were seen by the shadows of Clan Blank personally reporting the King's forces, which would not be unusual. However, the problem started when the reported content was something that should've been a 'secret', or something that had nothing to do with the guards' own work.

Because of this, orders which must not be known to anyone were being transmitted to Natalia, and Natalia would then inform the whole group.

And orders that anyone else could know concerning the mission they'd agreed to earlier were being relayed through the equipment Vlad gave.

Because Natalia was so important, Victor and Agnes had ordered Clan Blank to protect the woman. Natalia didn't even know how many assassins were in her shadow herself.

'... Seriously, he's so overprotective.' She thought with a bit of embarrassment and happiness. She appreciated Victor's gesture, and even more, she appreciated his trust in her because, despite not being 'officially' on his side,

Victor trusted her completely and knew she wouldn't report anything that could harm him and his group.

Victor touched the deepest part of Natalia's heart and made the woman melt for him.

'Haah, he's so sinful. Even if I didn't make a decision at that time, he knows I can't run away from him... Not when he takes care of me so well...' Natalia, unlike Eleonor, knew that very instant she was tied to the man known as Victor.

Someone she definitely didn't mind being stuck with forever.

Natalia quickly shook her head several times and threw those indecent thoughts from her mind!

Natashia and Sasha, as well as Tatsuya, who was in the other room, were on a critical mission here in England. Using Natália's power to create portals, the three mentioned were transporting Supernatural Beings allied with Noble Vampires.

With the Fulger Clan's speed, and Tatsuya's power to create illusions within the minds of beings, they were the perfect match to deal with any problem related to that task.

Natashia was here as security for Sasha, Tatsuya, and the 'guests'.

If something came up that Sasha or Tatsuya couldn't handle, Natashia would have to step in. She also acted as a 'diplomat', convincing these beings to move.

Sometimes these beings were just very stubborn.

While they were doing this work across the globe, Clan Fulger, of which Victoria was now in charge, was making all the preparations to gather food.

With an entire population of new beings, the stockpile of supplies would be severely affected, and the job of getting more labor supplies had been left to Clan Fulger.

And unlike before, she had to collect not just blood but other types of food as well.

It was worth mentioning that Victoria was very busy, and even Natalia felt a little sorry for the woman. After all, she had barely rested since she learned that most of her investments went to waste thanks to Diablo's invasion, and now she had to deal with an exhausting and stressful job.

The only reason she hadn't sprung roots of white hair now was that she was a Noble Vampire. But it was clear that she was very frustrated.

"Russia, huh…" Natashia, who had stopped laughing, commented this was information that Victor had shared with everyone since he'd discovered it through 'eating' Sitri's existence.

"We had our doubts about the basis of Diablos' location, but it looks like we were correct," Sasha commented upon hearing her mother.

The girls and Victor himself had deduced that Diablo would be in one of the first countries he destroyed, but 'deducing' and being 'sure' was something else entirely.

And acting without correct information in the war was very deadly, something the three Countesses and Victor knew very well.

"Anyway, leave the information-gathering job to Jeanne, Morgana, and Aphrodite. They're good at that kind of work." Natashia got up from the bed, straightened her clothes, and stretched a little.

Her lean, slender body was shown through her modern clothes. She might not have a body like Scathach, but she had everything in the right place, neither too small nor too big, with only her thighs sticking out, which was, after all, the pride of the Clan Fulger.

All the women of Clan Fulger had thick thighs.

Natashia wore black pants highlighting her thick thighs, black boots, and a white shirt showing off her shoulders and stomach.

Jeanne and Morgana were former Queens, and although they weren't acting in the role now that they're divorced, they still had a lot of connections to influential people.

And most importantly, Jeanne and Morgana were strong. They were also in charge of 'looking' for information in the violent sense of the word.

That is, if they found any carefree Demon Dukes lying around, they would capture them and extract information from the Demon.

It was worth mentioning that Morgana was very 'enthusiastic' about the violent part.

Natashia threw her golden hair back and looked at her daughter.

Unlike her mother, Sasha was wearing the armor Victor gave her, an armor that was wholly repaired and improved with Scathach Runes.

Something that Victor insisted they wear constantly. The girls wouldn't go outside without protection. Even Natashia was no exception; she had her armor, but it was something very 'basic' nowadays. It just gave extra protection since creating something unique and personalized took time.

But it was better than wearing ordinary clothes. After all, they were armor created from monsters, so they were more resistant than metal.

Natashia felt quite sweet when she sensed Victor's genuine concern, and because of that, she'd promised to wear the armor if need be.

Though internally, she thought it was unnecessary. However, she wouldn't bring it up with Victor. After all, it was something that was for her own good.

Even though they were mother and daughter, Natashia and Sasha were on entirely different levels.

The Fastest Woman Alive's reaction time was no joke. Few beings could catch her off guard, and even though she's acting 'cool', she constantly had her guard up very high.

'Victor would never forgive me if something happened to my daughter and I just because I had my guard down.' She wasn't scared of Victor's reaction to her; she was afraid of Victor's response to the world. If something happened to Sasha, Natashia, or Natalia, it might not even be Diablo that would destroy the world. It would be Victor.

Something that made her incredibly wet just thinking about it.

'Darling is very overprotective~' She chuckled internally; she loved that part of him: 'Aaaah~, I'm horny again. I want to see my husband! I want him to fill me up again!' She hated being too far from her husband, and not feeling his heat on her body for a few hours was unbearable.

But she was controlling herself; after all, this was important work, and it was a war. She wouldn't let her guard down because of her desires.

...Yes, Tatsuya was conveniently forgotten... Though a certain Witch and possessive mother would be pretty pissed off too.

"Are we going now?" Sasha asked.

"Yes..." Natashia looked at the window and the moonlight.

"I hope the Fairies who gave King Arthur his Sword will be kind to us," Sasha spoke with a tense face.

"... Even though we are Vampires, our family were once Spirits, and that remnant still exists in us; maybe she will be more forgiving. Because if she isn't..."

"Well, she'll just die to the Demons." Natashia finished coldly.