Despite all of Victor's allies disagreeing, and protesting about it, Victor didn't care and took Evie into the room alone.

As she walked beside Victor, Evie couldn't help but narrow her eyes at the excited eyes her daughter was giving her.

The queen could see literal stars of anticipation flying towards her.

'What eyes were those? What did she want?' It's worth noting that it was the first time Evie had seen that expectant look on her daughter.

It was a far cry from the expectant look she got when she was going to learn something new.

About women's warning glances? She completely ignored it, one little glance at the girls, she didn't see any way she could lose to them, until a goddess of beauty appeared, she was without a doubt the best of everyone in that room.

Yes, the witch queen was very narcissistic, but not even she dares to say that she is prettier than Aphrodite.

'Hmm?' Evie looked at Victor curiously as she felt a spike of Magic come and go, she narrowed her eyes:

"What did you do?"

"Hmm?" Victor looked at Evie.

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't try to fool me, I felt a spike of magic just now, what did you do?"

"Oh?" Victor smiled in amusement, he thought that nothing escapes the witches' senses, but it seems that this is not the case: "I just exhausted my magic reserves."

A raised eyebrow was all Victor got from the witch's reaction.

"… Training, huh."

"Looks like you noticed." Victor looks forward again and explains:

"I train using the spells I know to completely deplete my magic, I find that every time I do this, my magic reserves increase." Victor didn't mind telling him this, he knew the woman knew it, she didn't she was the queen of witches for nothing.

'... This is crazy, exhausting magic completely is a dangerous thing, in some cases it can lead to death or coma, but he says he's doing it all the time just to train?' She thought about it a bit, and understood something:

'Oh, his magic is originally from my mother, it is not his main source of power, but an alternate power, so he can train with this barbaric method.' Although Evie thinks that it is a barbaric method, she also thinks that it is by far the most efficient method to increase how much magic one can accumulate, unfortunately, few can use this method.

'The pain of having the magic exhausted shouldn't even affect him, after all, the vampire's natural regeneration is insane, especially from a progenitor.'

'Wait... I didn't see what magic he used.'

"… What magic did you use?"


'Oh, a basic spell, but why didn't I see any magic circles?' The witch thinks about it for a while, and soon understands something, she wasn't a genius among witches for nothing.

'He didn't activate the spell itself, he just cast the spell and stopped in the middle, he's using it as a way to deplete his magic.' The moment she understood this, she couldn't open her eyes in shock.

'Insanity.' In the witch's point of view, what Victor did can only be considered suicide.

Activating a spell and preventing it from activating at the last minute just as a way to deplete magic would lead to instant death, this is one of the basic lessons all witches learn.

A hint of curiosity began to grow in Evie's eyes, he was looking at Victor now as if he were a walking specimen.

'Second Progenitor of vampires, that alone would make your existence quite special, but blessed by multiple gods? Even my mother was interested in him? That woman who never left her lab?'

Yes, she hated to admit it but she was curious about him.

Arriving in a room that wasn't completely destroyed, Victor opens the door, and displays a small neutral smile.

Seeing his gesture telling her to enter the room, Evie wanted to snort visibly, but it wasn't a befitting attitude for a queen, because of that, she just walked into the room.

Victor enters the room, and closes the door with the lock, when he turns around and takes a step towards the middle of the room, everything is frozen, wall, floor, ceiling, and even the broken furniture, the ice it was acting as a kind of extra wall.

Evie just raises an eyebrow, the magic circles in her eyes seem to move a little, and at that moment, several countermeasure spells were placed in the room, she just needed a thought to activate the magic in case Victor did something hostile towards her.

Victor smiled internally when he saw the energy leaving her body and spreading across the room.

[Dangerous woman.] The being inside Victor spoke, and Victor couldn't help but nod, in less than a few seconds, she had cast dozens of spells without even a magic circle appearing.

'She's not the witch queen for nothing.' Victor snaps his finger, and a throne of ice is created.

Sitting down on the ice throne, he lays his back comfortably and places his hand on his chin:

"Sit down."

Evie just slams her Staff into the ground, a green magic circle appears, and tree roots begin to grow.

Victor watched curiously, the tree roots creating a throne for her.

"First, I apologize."

"... Huh?"

"I apologize for my attitude towards you at the meeting. Although I don't regret them."

Evie's lips trembled a little:

"Was that supposed to be an apology?" The man didn't look sincere at all.

"That's as much as you're going to get from me, believe it or not, it's a sincere request." It was clear that Victor was trying to erase the 'little' grudge they had.

She narrows her eyes, and less than a few seconds later, she replies:

"The pride of a progenitor."

"Looks like you understand." Victor added in the same neutral tone.

"That is known to the Elders, Vlad has never bowed his head to anyone, and that is a common trait for all progenitors of all known races, some are more intense than others, and others don't care so much about this 'pride'. ', but this is something that cannot be avoided, lowering your head to someone the parent does not recognize is a reason for humiliation, and your entire existence will deny this act."

"Although the parents ofvampires, and demons are known to be the proudest about this little 'condition'."

"That's one of the reasons progenitors are so hated by some groups of gods, they don't give these gods 'proper respect'."

Victor snorted in visible disdain, "The way gods walk around with their dicks up their asses, I wouldn't be surprised that they hate even a wall that doesn't meet."bow down to them in respect."

A small smile appeared on Evie's face, it seemed that she shared the same thought as Victor.

"... Looks like you've already met some gods." She spoke with a little curiosity.

Victor lightly nodded his head, "A god of lies tried to manipulate me, and the same tried to invade my privacy, while a goddess who commands the Valkyries did the same as the aforementioned god."

'Loki, and Freya, huh.' Evie quickly understood who they were, 'What did they want with Alucard?' She asked herself.

"No matter who you are, if you are a 'mortal' they will look down on you, even a parent like you is not exempt from that fact."Evie spoke in a neutral tone, but the glint of disdain in her eyes, and the sneer that could be seen from her body language, was subtle, few individuals could see it, but luckily, Victor was one of those few individuals.


"Leaving aside the gods with the stick in the ass."

"Put a spell to stop foreign eyes and sound from coming out of this place, completely isolate this place.."

Evie He narrows his eyes, and tries to read Victor, but finds nothing, the man is completely normal.

"… I don't know if you're brave or stupid, you're still alone with the witch queen, you know? Witches that are a faction that had a whole saying made up for them, a saying that warns of new beings entering the supernatural world."

Victor displays a gentle smile:"Heh~. Is the famous witch queen scared to be alone in a man's room?"

"How cute."

Evie squeezed her Staff tighter with her hand. By holy magic! How she hated that look! How she hated that this man could with a simple gesture completely shake her cold attitude!

All Aphrodite's fault for creating this abomination! That bitch!

Unconsciously, she snorted in disdain, and hit the ground again.com a Staff, soon several magic circles appeared all over the room, completely isolating this place from the outside world.

Victor looked around with curious eyes, one thing that always called attention was the mysticism that was magic, there is a 'logic' behind it, but doing various phenomena that break the laws of science with something as simple as a magic circle was impressive , this was indeed a power that causes 'miracles.'

Evie who never took her eyes off Victor looked at this reaction with the same neutral eyes, but it was quite visible that the intensity was not the same as a few seconds ago.

'He's like a child seeing magic for the first time...' Victor couldn't help but find this sight cute.

Noticing her thoughts, Evie quickly shakes her head inwardly, she's almost caught up in his charm just now!

That was why this power was troublesome, just with several interactions a mortal enemy could become a friend, that was the power of charm.

Of course, several other factors come into play, such as beauty, the attitude of the being, whether or not he was good at the conversation, etc.

"Done, this place is completely isolated."Evie spoke as the magic circles started to disappear.

While looking at the ceiling, Victor asked innocently:

"What is your deal with Diablo?"

Victor has to applaud internally, everything he's done so far, absolutely everything, was because of that question, his friendly attitude, neutral conversation, even covering the entire place with the power of ice so that he has the reflection of witch everywhere he looked.

Everything was for that moment, and the witch didn't even blink at the sudden question.

'She sure is a tough nut to crack.'

Victor looks back at Evie, and all he read in her body language is confusion.

"What are you talking about?"