Chapter 575: Second Progenitor, And The Queen Of Witches. 3

That day was etched in the mind of Queen Evie Moriarty, the undefeated queen who always got what she wanted, a genius who raised the status of witches to what it was today, the founder of the Kingdom of Arcane, the woman all witches respect, this amazing woman lost.

This was her first defeat, and the fun fact was that the opponent who defeated her didn't even need to leave his comfortable throne to make this victory a reality.

By holy magic, how she hated it! Especially that goofy grin on this vampire's unnecessarily divinely handsome face!

It was worth mentioning that Victor felt like he was in seventh heaven right now. It was a euphoric feeling he usually only felt when he was doing wild activities in bed with his wives.

It looked like he had discovered a new side of himself.

The first thing the queen said when she got to her room was:

"Daughter, we are going back." Despite the neutral tone, her voice carried an authority that prevented her daughter from refusing.

The little girl pouted; she was in the middle of a conversation! But... She couldn't disobey her mother, especially now that she was in this mood.

'Why is her mood bad? Did he do something?'

"Yes..." Emilly spoke reluctantly as she walked away from Bruna and Jeanne D'Arc.

Yes, Jeanne D'Arc herself! Imagine the little girl's surprise when she learned that this woman was a saint in the past. Normally, she had no interest in other people, but Jeanne D'Arc was different. She respected that saint's values, and despite finding parts of it stupid, she was still a great woman!

It was so interesting to talk about the past.

"Fufufu, you don't need to run away so fast, Master~." Victor put so much warmth and gentleness into the word 'Master' that it made Evie's spine shiver with so many different sensations, and she hated herself for the simple fact that she liked that feeling a little bit.

"… Huh?" Shock was seen on the faces of everyone present.

"Shut up, stupid disciple. I already wasted too much time here; I need to get back."


Victor didn't say anything, as he just laughed gently, increasing the incongruity in Evie's heart, and soon she understood why he was reacting like that. She just accepted what he said in front of everyone!

She called him a disciple!

She was manipulated by that bastard! Unforgivable!

It's okay that she agreed to become his master [She was blackmailed].

But that doesn't mean she likes that fact! [After all, she was blackmailed]. Ugh, she, for the first time, was feeling how other beings felt when witches tricked them.

It is worth mentioning that it was not a good feeling! She guaranteed she would never feel that way again!

The magic circles in the witch's eyes glowed with determination as she glared at her daughter, who looked like a deer who froze in a car's headlights.

"Emilly, now!"

"Y-Yes!!" Emily woke up from her stupor and ran to her mother like a child that had become lost in a park.

Coming close to her mother, she glanced furtively at Victor with a still disbelieving look.

"Take care of me next time I visit you, eldest disciple~" The melodious and somewhat loving tone that came out of Victor sent shivers down Emily's spine!

Her? The eldest disciple? Her? Is Emily Moriarty going to have a disciple brother, and to top it off, he's that good-looking? Hell yeah, baby!

"Umu! I will treat you well, youngest disciple!" She nodded in satisfaction with a big smile on her face.

"Stop seducing my daughter, bastard, or I will render you impotent!" She's a witch, you know? Making someone important is as simple as casting a simple spell!

'Ahhh! It doesn't work on this bastard because he has the blessing of sexuality!' Evie just reminded herself, and again, her distaste for Aphrodite grew.

"Don't worry, Master~."

Evie did her best to ignore the feeling that coursed through her body when he said that damn word!

"I will have my full attention on you."

By holy magic! How she hated feeling satisfaction from that! Ugh, she needed to get out of here quickly. Being in this bastard's presence was making her lose a lot of things that it took her years to build!

Like her reputation as a stoic woman!

"Whatever." She spoke in a dismissive tone.

Victor's smile only grew, since he saw from her body language that she liked it.

And when Evie spied Victor's smile, she remembered that bastard was a monster at reading people!

'He knows!'

"Has anyone ever told you that you are annoying?"Evie narrowed her eyes.

"No, this is the first time." Victor laughed a little.

The Queen just rolled her eyes in disdain, slammed the Staff to the ground, and a magic circle appeared underneath it.

"Evie Moriarty."

Hearing Victor's solemn tone, the queen glanced at the man, and she was mildly taken aback by the serious look on his face.

"Declare to the world my punishment for the genocide of Japan."

Evie raised an eyebrow, "… What do you mean?" She was surprised that he'd broached the subject with her.

"Clan Alucard will no longer do business with any witches."

"The Witch Queen Evie Moriarty will 'personally' mete out Victor Alucard's punishment."

Ugh, how she hated that her mind went straight into the gutter when she heard the word 'personally'!

Evie!! Stop thinking nonsense! And concentrate!

Green magic flowed through her entire body, and she became calmer as her poker face quickly returned.

Thinking of the consequences if she did that, Evie's special eyes soon widened in shock as she realized the implications of what Victor was proposing.

"… You are a damn crafty bastard."

"I will take that as a compliment." Victor chuckled lightly.

"But are you sure? Won't you be at a disadvantage?" She narrowed her eyes, wanting to know what the game was here.

Victor shrugged as if he had no choice, his face became kind, and he flashed a small smile:

"A disciple's duty is to help their master in every possible way."

'That bastard! Stop talking with double meanings!' Evie was seething inside.

"And 'My Master' is kind enough to her disciple not to punish him excessively, right?"

'The punishment of witches not being able to trade with Clan Alucard doesn't matter. It's not like I use witches' service a lot. I'd rather use witches' that I control.' He thought of Esther and the girls he picked up in Greece.

"Before I am a master, I am a queen."

"And a queen always puts her people first."

"Even if it meant the loss of a close relative?" Victor's voice was devoid of the gentle tone from before. It was cold and neutral, a sharp question.

Evie opened her mouth, about to say something, but she hesitated, and Victor didn't miss that hesitation.

"Isn't it clear?"

Victor's cold expression broke, and he flashed a small smile, this time, it wasn't a calculated smile or a fake expression to catch the queen off guard. Instead, it was his real smile.

Mother and daughter couldn't help but be caught off guard by that smile and expression.

"That hesitation shows what kind of ruler you are."

Evie's eyes quickly changed to cooler tones, "You're questioning-." She was going to say something but was cut off by Victor.

"And such a ruler is someone I can respect."

Evie opened her eyes wide.

Victor looked at Emily:

"Little girl, do you know what the main rule of Clan Alucard is?"

"... I don't know."

"Members of Clan Alucard look out for each other."

Emilly opened her eyes a little, and a memory popped into her head.

"Daughter, remember, no matter what they tell you, our royal family comes first. We look out for each other." That was a lesson her mother made sure to drill into her head.

Because of this, even though she had 'sisters', Emily was not jealous of her mother spending a lot of time with the women because the little girl knew that her 'sisters' were not part of her mother's real 'family'.

"No matter the time, or the place, we take care of each other. Family always comes first."

"Even for an immortal like us vampires, we don't have time to worry unnecessarily about others."

Selfless heroes never have a good ending. An example of this was Mizuki; because of her twisted ideals, she would almost throw her life away in a war someone else caused.

Even angels, beings who were supposed to 'protect' humanity, don't have that kind of disposition. They just do what they are ordered by their creator. Yes, Victor does not rule out that some really wanted to protect humanity, but he was pretty sure these angels were not the majority.

"… You are different from Vlad." For the first time since she arrived here, the queen spoke her real feelings and thoughts.

"Very different... He would never do something like that..." She looked at Jeanne and Morgana:

"Putting family first."

The two women narrowed their eyes but said nothing, the witch queen was correct after all.

"I bear the name of Alucard as a reminder not to make the same mistake as my predecessor."

The witch queen turned her gaze to Victor, and she saw the man's neutral expression while determination was seen in his violet eyes.

"I am the opposite of Dracul, the first progenitor of the vampire race, a vampire who became so chained in his duties and ideas that he lost sight of what was important."

"I am Alucard, the second progenitor of the vampire race."

At the end of the day, no random vampires or people you've never met in person will be there for you in your tough times.

In every struggle, in every difficulty, only family will be there to help him; these are Victor's ideals, the ideals he was nurtured with since he was a child by his parents. An ideal he spread to all of the new world, his family.

This is also one of the reasons why the girls' 'fights' never escalated to something bloody and irreversible. The girls know Victor, and they know that conflict with each other would only leave the man disappointed and sad.

And only the omniscient gods knew how they wanted to avoid that as women who obsessively loved Victor, feeling their love's feelings of disappointment and sadness was just terrible.

Because Victor is who he is because girls are who they are, a subtle and never-before-seen dynamic was created. Even if they are obsessive to the point of killing any woman who gets too close to him, they respect each other, and above all, they respect Victor.

Respect, understanding, and honesty are the foundation of Victor's relationship with his Clan and wives.

The man was the glue that held together the whole puzzle known as his own family, but this merit is not just his; his wives are also what united everything.

Violet, Ruby, and Sasha, these girls' presence were key to keeping the group together. Scathach, Natashia, and Agnes' maturity and life experience are what keeps the group going and what leave the heiresses in a state of peace.

Not just them, each of the women had become an important point that kept the great machine known as the 'Alucard' family running.

And that's something Evie herself could respect.

The queen gently closed her eyes, and a few seconds later, she opened them again. In that small gesture, all her prejudices and previous irritation disappeared, and she started to see Victor for who he was and not for what he let on.

Someone who shared the same ideals as her, was someone she could respect... almost.

He was still a hateful and unnecessarily handsome man! Someone must lower his beauty! Damn Aphrodite!

She sighed a little internally and spoke in an almost tired tone:

"Fine, I'll do it, don't complain later when it all blows up."

Victor's neutral face disappeared, and an amused look was seen, as a sadistic smile was shown by him along with the words:

"It's not like it's going to affect me too much. I'll still have the support of my beloved 'Master'."

She squeezed her staff; if the material wasn't of high quality, the wood would have already been broken with how much force she was putting on it.

"And it's not like this is the first time you've done business behind the scenes. There was that time you helped Diablo with Lilith, right?" He spoke in an innocent, gentle tone as if he was talking about what kind of food the queen would want to eat tonight.

She rolled her eyes, "Yeah, whatever-." The queen froze like a deer headlight.

Victor's sadistic smile grew wider.

And that smile said everything Evie needed to know. This hateful man had gained another advantage in their 'relationship'! She really couldn't let her guard down!

Morgana looked coldly at Evie, but internally she couldn't help but be amazed that Victor managed to pull out concrete evidence from Evie.

"W-We are going back!" She activates the magic.

"Have a safe trip, Master~."

'Eu, I hate this man!! Now, I understand why my mother blessed him! They are the same species! Damn manipulative bastards who can easily break my posture!' It is worth mentioning that not even the leaders of each faction could do what Albedo and Victor have now done to Evie.

Perhaps only lying gods like Loki, who were experts in this sort of matter, could catch Evie off guard a little, but they would never break years of proper queen posturing.

"You too, little witch. See you in the future."

"Mm." The little girl nodded her head with a smile on her face and looked at her mother:

"Mother, won't you give him the device you gave me? Is he not your disciple?"

Albedo looked at her daughter in disbelief. Girl, which side are you on? I'm your mother! You should be on my side!

She grumbled and groaned internally, but even so, she still did what she had to. A magic circle appeared in her hand, and soon a blue cube was created.

She threw it in Victor's direction, and the man caught it with interest.

"What is it?"

"A personal communication tool I created." That was all she said before disappearing.

"…she could explain better." Victor spoke somewhat amusedly as he looked at the blue cube. The object was the size of a Rubik's Cube from the human world and was completely transparent and light blue.

Noticing the silence in the room, Victor looked at the group, who were looking at him with expressionless faces.

"What?" He asked in an innocent tone.

"Playboy," Natalia said.

"Is even the witch queen not safe from your insatiable lust? You even made her accept the roleplay of master and disciple." Mizuki spoke with an accusatory tone and a bit of shock.

"What will happen next? Will you go after the werewolf queen?" Leona narrowed her eyes.

"Actually, you could keep going at this rate and take the queen of demons for yourself," Morgana spoke dismissively and with a bit of anticipation?

"He's already got a Seraph. I don't doubt he'll get the Queen of Demons." Jeanne spoke neutrally, but her accusatory tone was unmistakable.

Victor was speechless, weren't these women being too condescending?

He looked at his friend.

"One of these days, you're going to be stabbed to death."

Victor's lips twitched a little, "... Good thing I'm immortal."

"I wouldn't count on it too much. Most of the women you surround yourself with are powerful."

Victor's smile grew, and his black hole like eyes appeared:

"Aren't they!?" Edward and the girls flinched a little at the intensity of Victor's gaze.

"All of them are amazing! Honestly, the urge I have to lock them in an isolated location for their own safety is overwhelming, but I know they would just hate me for it."

Victor looked at each of the girls with his gaze, and the girls visibly flinched even more while a noticeable blush appeared on their faces.

"... I need to go to the bathroom." Jeanne left the room.

"Me too." Mizuki and Leona spoke at the same time.

Natalia just created a portal and left.

Victor looked at Morgana and Edward, confused:

"What was that about?"

"They are wet, just like me." She spoke with a blush on her face.

"....." Victor and Edward didn't know what to say about that. Isn't she too shameless? Oh, she was a succubus.

"Don't you need to go to the bathroom?"

"Despite not being a full succubus, I still have traces of that race in my body. So I can easily control my fluids so as not to wet my clothes."

Victor didn't know if that was useful information or not.

"Anyway, sit here, and let me hug you. When the girls come back, we'll get out of here."

Victor just nodded and sat on the couch; soon, Morgana sat on Victor's lap and let her sinful body fall on his chest.

She took a deep breath. 'I love that smell.'

Victor just laughed in amusement and patted Morgana's head as he looked at Morgana's daughter, who was sleeping like a baby the whole time, and was impressed that she hadn't woken up yet. She seemed to be quite tired.