Chapter 581: My Mother-in-law is Jealous… And I love it!


After sending Jeanne, Morgana, Mizuki, Lilith, Leona, and Edward to Nightingale via Natalia, Victor went to Japan to meet the Scarlett Clan. He needed to resolve the issues of the alliance in question at the request of Haruna herself.

Morgana's and Leona's farewell was quite reluctant, the two girls wanted to follow Victor, but the two had things to do.

Mainly just Morgana, who would need to face Vlad again.

Leona, on the other hand, didn't have much to do; she just had to get back to safety.

Something she grumbled about a lot but found herself with no options. After all, Victor would respect Adam's wishes to take care of his children, and he already broke that promise by taking the two into the middle of enemy territory. Victor didn't want that to happen again.

Edward understood his motives and accepted them because he thought the same. What he saw in that war... on the streets of those cities, it was simply unnerving.

Leona understood the reasons, and she felt the same as her brother. Even if they weren't human, it was hard to ignore that, after all, there was no 'honor' in what was happening; it was just... Brutal.

Reluctantly, she resolved to return, but she was not mindless. She would train in her Clan's techniques; as a young wolf, she still hadn't learned everything.

Mizuki was also a controversial point, she wanted to continue with Victor, and she will, but Victor asked her to come back for now and describe in more detail what happened to her allies in Nightingale.

There were two people Victor could trust with this task, Kaguya and Mizuki.

And both Kaguya and Victor weren't willing to part, and that went for all the Maids Victor created.

The Maids would stay in his shadow all the time and would only come out when they were safe, like now that he was in Japan. The reason for that?

They had become his main strength now with Kaguya's technique, and right now, he needed to always be at 100%. After all, he never knew when something might happen.

And that was something the Maids were super willing to do. By their own words, they felt whole when they were so intimate with their own master.

"...You became what?" a disbelieving Scathach asked with visible shock on her face.

"I became the witch queen's disciple, yay." Victor made the double 'V' sign with both of his hands.

"Idiot! This is not funny! Explain correctly!"

"Okay, Okay, sheesh, no need to get so emotional."

"You-... You-..." Scathach clenched her fist in visible anger; she really wanted to talk some sense into this stupid disciple's head! Didn't he just throw himself into the lion's mouth? And not just any lion, but the damn witch queen.

The woman whose nature was worse than that of Devils, even Devils were more trustworthy than witches!

And to make Scathach's mood worse, this foolish disciple ignored the whole plan she formed and just did whatever he wanted!

Yes, the result was good, and he managed to save Morgana's daughter, but... But... Everything was a matter of luck! He put himself at unnecessary risk and went deep into enemy territory without any support! What if something went wrong!?

She knew that her disciple was reckless, but this was entirely on another level; not even she was that foolish.


A vein visibly bulged on Scathach's head.

"How long are you going to play with my daughter! Put her down!" She looked at Victor, who had Ruby in his lap, with accusing eyes.

Ruby's position now was quite...compromising. The redhead was making small moans and breathing deeply into Victor's neck.

"I can't. I've been away from my wives for days; I miss them." Victor hugged Ruby even tighter and sniffed her neck.

"Darling~" Ruby's lustful, loving voice was heard all around, her gaze was utterly devoid of life, and pure obsession was seen on her face.

'This smell... This warmth... This kindness... Ahhh~, I love this!' Ruby didn't care if she was in a room full of people. After all, the people here were her closest family, and she could show that side of her without worrying.

Scathach just gritted her teeth as she stared at this vision with eyes of anger and...jealousy.

Siena, Lacus, and Pepper, who were in the far corner of the room sitting in a circle while holding cards in their hands, began to speak:

"And started…" Pepper started the conversation.

"Indeed, it started again." Lacus nodded.

"How long will it take our mother to throw herself into his arms?" Siena spoke while putting a card on the ground. They were playing a game that contained all the races of the supernatural world. It was something like a famous card game that used numbers from the human world.

"You know how our mother is. She is very proud and will probably only do that when they are alone." Lacus replied:

"Oh, you take two cards, Siena."


It was nothing new to the girls here that Scathach had fallen into a spiral of no return. If it was even a few days ago, Scathach could still run away from Victor, but after the recent 'defeat' she suffered in bed, it was impossible for Scathach to even think about running away from Victor.

The man literally took her to the eleventh heaven of pleasure and imprinted his image on her entire being.

The last thing stopping Scathach from acting like Ruby now was her pride, her competitive personality, and also the way she was raised; for these conditions to be met, Victor needed to defeat Scathach in battle.

This Status Quo that Victor and Scathach had was quite stressful for the individuals around them.

On one side, we have Scathach, who is stronger than Victor in battle.

On the other hand,

We have Victor, who is stronger than Scathach in the night battle.

One couldn't just give up on the other, and this awkward situation of war, sexual tension, love, desire, competition, and jealousy was in the air.

And whenever that happened, Siena, Lacus, and Pepper walked out of the middle of the argument. They just couldn't stand being caught in the crossfire.

'For god sake, can't she just give herself to him soon? Fuck it, have a kid or whatever! Just stop this tension!' The three sisters muttered to themselves.

But they didn't voice those thoughts. They were afraid of retaliation, after all... Victor and Scathach were the same and would find any excuse to 'train'.

Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, but this training could be called torture when both of them are in a bad mood; this training was just awful! And the worst part of all is that they actually made progress with this training.

They can't help but feel helpless in this situation. Why is their family so complicated?

"Lacus, it's your turn," Pepper said.

"Oh..." Lacus woke up from her thoughts and looked at the cards she was dealt.

'Damn.' She had a bad hand.

Ignoring the three sisters who were silently trying to stay away from the conflict, Scathach and Victor stared at each other with tension visible in the air.

"...Victor, explain what happened, now!" Scathach practically growled.

Victor flashed a small smile that made Scathach shudder, she hated how much she liked that smile, but that wasn't for the perverted side [that she had recently discovered] to show!

She needed answers!

"Darling~, don't tease my mom too much, even though it doesn't look like it; she was worried, you know?"

"Yeah, I know." How could he not? He doubted there was anyone who understood Scathach like he did.

"I just find her reactions so cute that I have no choice but to tease her."

Scathach's eyebrows just rose when she heard what Victor said: 'Is this brat treating me like a child?' It was noteworthy that she hated this treatment.

Even though she hated being treated like a child, she knew that Victor did it just to see her reaction, which, for some reason, filled her with happiness.

… Women… Abrupt mood swings seemed to grow in their genes.

"She reminds me a lot of you from when-." Victor was about to talk about the day Ruby exploded in frustration, but the girl quickly covered Victor's mouth and displayed a cold smile.

"Now, DARLING, you promised to keep silent about that."

Victor's eyes sparkled with amusement, he licked Ruby's hand a little, and the girl shuddered at the tickling she felt.

"S-Stop!" She removed her hand from his mouth, and when the man released his restraints, he placed another passionate kiss on her mouth.

Ruby quickly cupped his face and passionately returned the kiss. She loved it! That burning passion, those eyes thirsting for her!

The tongue war went on for two whole minutes, and when Scathach was about to interrupt, Victor stopped kissing Ruby and said:

"I missed you."

Delighted by her husband's loving eyes, she flashed a loving smile:

"…Me too, Darling." She hugged him again as she rested her head on his chest.

"Are you going to visit Violet? She's about to explode at any moment due to work."

"That's what I was planning, I need to get my little nuke, or she'll burn everything down."

"Little Nuke... Pfft, a very apt description."

"Right? If she's pissed off enough, she can even beat a demon duke." Approval, satisfaction, and pride could be heard in Victor's voice.

Even though he hated that his wives exposed themselves to danger, he was proud of their achievement. Ugh... This was a tricky topic for him.

On the one hand, he didn't want to expose his wives to danger, but at the same time, he didn't want to treat them like delicate flowers, which they didn't like... Dilemmas.

"Ugh, don't remind me of that. She makes a point of throwing it in my face all the time. If I see a demon duke, I swear I'll kill him just so that woman will shut her up."

Violet could be annoying if she wanted to be, and trust me when Violet wants to piss someone off, she can. Ruby was full of frustrations on this subject.

'Damn demons! Why didn't you send a normal, strong enough demon into my territory! Diablo piece of shit!' The unreasonable woman was taking out her frustrations on Diablo for not sending someone normal into her territory.

"About that-." Before Victor could continue, Scathach's more irritated than usual voice was heard.

"Are you ignoring me?"

Victor and Ruby looked at Scathach and saw the woman.

Scathach was livid at this point, and anger could be clearly seen on her face. She was at her boiling point, she was going to explode at any moment, and it wouldn't be pretty when she did.

Victor and Ruby looked at each other as husband and wife exchanged a conversation between glances.

'She's jealous.' Ruby said.

'Yes, she's jealous.' Victor nodded.

Scathach was worried about Victor, that's a fact, but the biggest reason for her annoyance was jealousy.

Jealous of the attention Victor gave Ruby when he returned, and even greater jealousy of the witch queen who became Victor's 'master'.

The reason was not important, she became his 'master', and it made her angry.

She felt like some whore was trying to steal what was rightfully hers! She created it! She fed him! Victor was hers!

Husband and wife nodded in unison as a decision was made.

Ruby, of her own accord, got off Victor's lap and stood up. Victor got up from the sofa and walked towards Scathach.

His eyes were neutral and somewhat predatory, Victor was ready to attack, and when he made his move, Scathach was left speechless by the position they were currently in.

"What are you-."