Chapter 582: My Mother-in-law is Jealous… And I love it! 2

"What are you doing-." Before she could finish questioning Victor, she found herself sitting on his lap as her voluptuous body was embraced by him.

"You know that it doesn't matter if the witch queen is my master or not; you will always be the most important."


Not giving Scathach time to say anything, he pressed her further:

"You are the most important." His tone was final, which did not allow room for denials, his face was serious, and none of the usual banter was seen on his face.

"You taught me everything I know, and it became my goal to get stronger. You are mine, Scathach. And no one will change that, not even the witch queen."

"You are my only 'master'."

Looking into those lifeless eyes that screamed obsession, love, and possession, an itch appeared in her stomach, her heart swelled with happiness, a worry she didn't even know existed, and an unseen weight seemed to disappear... And before she realized it, all her anger disappeared as if it had never existed.

A sweet, gentle feeling took over Scathach's body. She didn't care about anything now and just wanted to watch the face of this hateful man who made her feel so many things at once, things she had never felt before.

She just didn't hug him now because of her 'dignity' in front of her daughters, and because of her own embarrassment, she felt it would be wrong to just smile and hug him like a fool... Something she really wanted to do. .. BUT! She held back!

That was enough for now... Yes, for now.

'Later, I will fight another 'night war' with him.' Scathach thought the feeling of having her insides completely filled to the womb was addictive.

The oppressive feeling disappeared from the room, and even though Scathach's face didn't change with only an imperceptible smile appearing, the unease the woman had felt before visibly faded for everyone present who knew the woman.

"As expected of my Darling." Ruby laughed, even though she had trouble calming her mother down, and Victor managed it so easily.

"… This is beyond the level of falling; she is in an abyss of no return," Siena commented dryly.

"Well, it's not like she cares." Lacus spoke.

"... So jealous..." Pepper murmured unconsciously as she looked at Victor, who was lovingly hugging Scathach.

And that made the three sisters quickly turn to face Pepper.

"Sis? What did you say now?" Siena asked with a strained smile.

"… Fueh…?" Pepper looked at her older sister, and suddenly her face turned completely red.

"N-Nothing! I was just admiring the scenery! Yes! The landscape!" She looked out the window and saw that the weather was overcast.

"Look how good the weather is!"

The sisters didn't know whether they were amused by Pepper's actions or looked at the girl in concern.

"... This is bad. If it continues like this, we will all fall into their cruel clutches." Siena spoke about her concern.

"You know he's not doing anything, right?" Lacus spoke.

"Indeed, Sis. He didn't do anything, don't treat him like he's a criminal!" Ruby defended her husband; she knew that the man never ran after other women. In fact, it was the other way around; it was the women who ran after him!

A feeling of irritation ran through Siena's entire body:

"That bastard's very existence is criminal! Seriously, how can someone so beautiful exist! Damn Aphrodite!"


In the Greek Pantheon.

"Achim." Aphrodite sneezed in a surprisingly cute way and looked around in confusion, "Am I sick? Or is someone talking about me? Hmm... Now that I realize it, this is happening quite often." Since she became what Victor was today, she felt that many people were cursing her name.

"Hmm, Whatever." She threw her long pink hair back and assumed a serious expression, "I need to finish this job quickly and get back to my husband! I still haven't had my insides filled by him!"

Aphrodite looked at the temple that had a fireplace as a symbol, "I hope she doesn't cast me out... Or burn me... Or curse me... I hope she at least listens to me... Ugh"

The goddess didn't seem confident that the supposed individual wouldn't do this, and so with not-so-confident steps, she walked up the stairs of the temple.


"Oh~? I didn't know you thought that of me, Siena."

Suddenly Siena froze like a deer about to be run over.

She had forgotten that Victor was also in the room!

"Stop." Scathach pinched Victor's arms, "Don't tease my daughter! I will protect their innocence!" She spoke as if she was making a rather difficult sacrifice.

Victor felt humorous; innocence? Woman, please, she was almost 1000 years old!

But he didn't comment on that and just hugged Scathach even tighter:

"I will gladly accept your sacrifice."

"Mm..." Scathach nodded, satisfied, and hugged Victor. If he hugged her first, then it's no problem, right? He took the initiative; she was just reciprocating, that is... Her dignity as a mother was intact!

"Ruby is enough, don't go after my other daughters."

Victor felt wronged, "... Scathach, are you hallucinating? I did nothing."

"Your existence is the problem." She spoke in an extremely serious tone.

Siena nodded several times in satisfaction. Finally, her own mother was defending her! Tell him, mother!

Again, Victor was speechless; he did nothing! What is this treatment!?

Seeing Victor's confused face, the older woman sighed:

"Huh, you didn't notice, right?"

"Notice what?"

"You're just too perfect for any woman, and I'm not just talking about your looks."

"Loving, kind, always concerned about our well-being, and to make everything better, you are strong and have incredible potential for the future."

"In the supernatural world, strength is what defines everything. Even a relationship can arise from that simple fact."

Victor nodded. He understood that, after all, it happened to him and Scathach.

It was because he had potential that Scathach accepted him as Ruby's husband and because of who he is that she accepted him as her lover.

Personality matters too, but the bottom line of it all was the strength that Victor could have in the future.

"And to top off the combo, you're unnecessarily handsome, and you've become an even bigger beast in bed, damn Aphrodite! She did something troublesome!"

Victor broke into a cold sweat when he heard Scathach's curses. He knew the woman didn't have hate in her curses; it was more like an annoyance that Aphrodite had done something troublesome.

And he can't help but smile proudly. What man doesn't like to hear about his prowess in bed? When he received the blessing of 'sexuality', he instinctively knew everything related to 'sex', further increasing his already high prowess thanks to his past experiences with his wives and memories of Adonis.

"Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if my daughters jumped into your arms too. In fact, I still don't know why it hasn't happened yet."

Victor looked at the girls and flashed an amused smile when he saw Siena, Lacus, and Pepper averting their faces to the side and pretending that nothing had happened, but their red faces were proof enough that they'd already thought about this.

'...I didn't do anything because I'm not the same type as you or my sister, Mother!' Siena roared in her heart, and her face grew even redder as she realized her thoughts.

The sisters all knew Victor's 'peculiar' taste. In fact, it was pretty obvious due to the man gathering crazy psychopaths everywhere.

Just look at the Maids. They act docile and normal, but in any subject involving Victor, they become obsessive and dangerous, and that was a side that Victor loved so much about the maids.

And because of that, they didn't do anything because they feared it would damage their current relationship, and things would get awkward, something they wanted to avoid.

The sisters were overly aware of Victor. It wasn't a problem before, but it all started to get worse when the Adonis incident happened, and it got even worse due to his recent changes, and they couldn't stop thinking about it.

Mainly Pepper, who remembered the moment she had with Victor in Clan Adrastea territory.

"Huh, I am really worried about the future. Our future daughters will have a lot of problems." It was not Scathach who spoke those words, but Ruby.

"'Our future daughters, huh?'" Scathach asked in an amused tone.

"I mean, my husband's children by his other wives will be my children too." Ruby shrugged.

Victor displayed a gentle smile when he heard what Ruby said, and the temperature in the room visibly warmed up. It was as if his powers were being affected by his emotions.

Pepper, Siena, Lacus, Ruby, and even Scathach herself displayed shocked faces at his current expression; they really underestimated how handsome this man was.

'Children, huh...' For a moment, his thoughts went to Nero and Ophis, and a longing began to grow in his heart. 'I will go see them.'

While Victor was lost in his feelings, Ruby's sisters and mother looked at the girl in question with understanding eyes.

They began to understand what Ruby was worried about. As a girl and eventual woman who will grow up next to a man who can only be described as 'perfect', will that woman look to other men?

The answer was no, they wouldn't because they would always compare men to their 'perfect' father.

And given Victor's obsessive personality and the doting father he was to Ophis and Nero...

It was even more unlikely that this would happen.

"That's bad, isn't it?" Lacus spoke.

"Yes, that's bad." Scathach nodded.

"... I vote not to worry about it now; it's a waste of time."

"Indeed, as far as I know, my husband hasn't knocked anyone up yet, not even Natashia or you, Mother."

"... H-Huh?"

"Why that confused look? Do you remember what happened a few weeks ago?"

"Mm." She shook her head. Of course, how could she forget that? That wild night that completely changed her world view of 'sex' with her 'love'.

"It wouldn't surprise me if you got pregnant after that day which is why I'm always checking up on you and Natashia."

Somehow Scathach thought her daughter was too responsible.

"You completely forgot about the matter at hand, and Victor still hasn't given the full status report, Mother." Lacus suddenly warned everyone.

"""Ah.""" They all spoke at the same time.

"VICTOR! Wake up, and explain to me what happened!" Scathach quickly pulled away from Victor and looked at him with a serious look... She didn't leave his lap, something Ruby noticed but decided not to comment on.

… She would have her time later, and God, she was going to enjoy it so much.

She licked her lips, and her eyes glowed blood red.

"H-Huh?" Victor, who was abruptly woken from his thinking state by Scathach, looked at the woman in shock. Wasn't she fine a few seconds ago? What is this sudden mood change? Was she on her period?

Actually, can vampire noble women menstruate? It's not like they were human, and the biology was different. Searching his memories for a few seconds, Victor realized that female Noble vampires went through something similar when they reached their 500th birthday and that it significantly increased the chances of seriousness.

'Oh, that must be one of the reasons for considering 500 years as an adult, the awakening of a new power, and the change in the body, huh...' Victor was really interested in how he would act when he was 500 years old.

But… Ugh, 500 years was a long time! He could barely think that far into the future. Even though he had the memories of a 1700 year old being in his body, most of Adonis' memories were of him in the sick room.

Putting these useless thoughts aside, he spoke:

"Okay, Okay, Sheesh, I will explain everything." Victor wasn't in the mood to joke again, so he started to explain all the events since they separated.

He was perfectly aware of Ruby's desires, which made him smile inwardly.