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Chapter 589: Otsuki Haruna and Victor Alucard. 3

The meeting ended, Victor and Haruna signed a contract, cementing the alliance between the Youkai and the Vampires.Nobles allies of Clan Alucard.

yes they are not allies of all Vampire Clans, only those who have some connection with Clan 'Alucard'.

Ground rules have been decided to avoid unnecessary conflicts,rules that were created together with Ruby and Scathach and Victor's experience taking into account Haruna's opinion of course.

A set of laws were created to maintain order, Haruna and Ruby decided that they would review the laws in the near future, but the 'base' self Was built.

In short, the rules were.

1: Don't harm your allies. Any attempt to be deemed malicious may be punishable by death, or expulsion from the respective clans.

2: Unforgivable crimes committed such as Rape, exploitation of minors, experimentation on species, etc. It is punishable by death.

3: Conflicts must be resolved immediately by a high-ranking official present, and if any of the parties feel unjustified about the conflict, they can request a new situation assessment which will be immediately handed over to the faction leader, and the trusted agents themselves of leaders will solve the problem.

Of course, both major figures in both factions were aware that there are loopholes in these rules, and that most of the time, they can become useless.

But they don't care, the goal here is to ensure a 'Status Quo' to allow conflicts not to arise.

The reasons leaders are so concerned about conflict is for two BIG reasons.

First, Scathach Scarlett was responsible for a genocide a few years ago that killed many Youkai at the time as well.

Second, Victor Alucard committed another genocide not long ago...

Yes, teacher and student are greatly feared, consequently, the vampires who are under their control are also feared. And that didn't do anything to ensure that the Youkai didn't freak out, and do some kind of stupid thing out of fear.

After all, most of the Youkai that are currently in Haruna's faction were recruited after the event related to the Vampire King's daughter.

And the hellish image that Alucard created that day is still alive in everyone's memory.

Despite being an important point, this is an issue that Ruby is not particularly concerned about.

The reason?

She completely believes in her husband's social capabilities, he is after all the man that the goddess of Love Aphrodite gave her heart to and gave him every possible blessing.

It could be said that he is a male version of Aphrodite... And the question remains, who is Aphrodite?

She is a goddess capable of turning enemies into allies simply with her social skills and her own charm, she is the definition of a 'social butterfly'.

Ruby fully believes that her husband has an ability similar to Aphrodite's.

And this is one of the reasons that led to the following discussion.

Taking advantage of the fact that Victor and Haruna will fight anyway, Ruby proposed that this fight be in a place where all the Youkais can watch.

Despite being scared, and afraid, one fact still remains indisputable.

Supernatural beings love strong beings. This is something no one can deny.

And since the two groups are now allies, they must show how their allies are 'amazing', and by doing so most of the Youkai's feelings of fear will be eliminated.

This idea was immediately approved by Haruna, a fight between the two 'leaders' of the alliance would help a lot as propaganda too for the new Youkais to be interested in joining the army that Haruna is building, and it will also help in looking for spies among the Youkais .

Effectively this action by Victor and Haruna will solve several problems at once, and she was even more excited about this result.

Now, for this goal to be realized, Victor definitely must not show his 'beautiful' smile that is capable of making a demonic beast piss itself in fear, and he must contain his sadistic, psychotic, manic and crazy tendencies as much as possible.

"Me and my 'sisters' are quite used tolike my husband fights, but we can't deny it's a pretty scary sight."

"HmmHmm." Several nods and sounds of agreement were seen in Victor's group.

It's worth mentioning that Victor really didn't know how to react when he heard his own wife saying these things about him, he was also left speechless with the other women agreeing so easily with this particular point.

I mean, he knows it's true, but anyway! This is wrong! A wife shouldn't say that about her husband!

Victor's eyes when he heard his wife saying these things promised a lot of pain, and it's worth mentioning that this only made Ruby even more excited, and she started talking with more enthusiasm.

"So Darling, definitely don't show your sadistic, sociopathic, psychopathic, psychotic, manic, crazy side! Try to contain yourself as much as possible! Our alliance depends on you!"

Victor's smile trembled, he felt that she had put more unnecessary adjectives in her description:

"... Fine... I'll do my best."

"Please don't try your best! You always exaggerate when you think like that, Darling."


"Just don't let the 'beast' out of the cage, okay?"

"... Okay..." Victor's eyes flashed even more with a sadistic and dangerous gleam.

Victor's body shook for a few seconds, and she did her best not to let her smile grow, but the feeling of arousal was deliciously obvious, he didn't even need his connection or being a master of body language to know it.

... Ruby is already on a path of no return...

Not that Victor was complaining or anything. He loved that part of his wife... The couple's nights were brilliant because they had several fetishes that could be explored due to this eccentric trait.

'If the daughter is like that... She must have inherited it from somewhere, right?' Victor looked sideways at Scathach, and a small smile appeared on his face.

'She already showed signs, but it's not 100% sure, she still hasn't given herself completely to me because I didn't defeat her...' A feeling of excitement appeared in Victor's heart, he really was this cat and mouse game that Scathach and he played.

Scathach was your wife? Of course.

But at the same time, she's not completely 'his' because he didn't defeat her.

Does that mean there's a small chance that Scathach will run away from him?

The answer is, Impossible. She won't run away from him even if she wanted to, he's 100% sure of that.

Hiding his malicious thoughts to himself, he looked at Haruna:

"About the fight, will you use your personal weapon?"

"... Unlikely, my personal Katana is too..." Searching for the right words within her, she opened her Fan, and spoke with a dangerous glint in her eye: "Arrogant."

The group raised an eyebrow at this choice of words:

"Once I remove the Katana from its sheath, only death awaits my opponent, having a special blade as a personal weapon has its difficulties." She gave a small sigh behind her Fan.

"Very well, in that case, I won't be using my Junketsu either."


Victor displayed a small smile: "My personal weapon, you must have seen it that day."

"…Oh." Remembering that blade that was too big to be called an Odachi, and that had a handle similar to a Katana, she understood why she couldn't use that blade.

'But... Purity, huh? Interesting name choice for a progenitor blade.'

"I'm sure not using 'Junketsu' won't hurt your performance,right~?" Haruna asked.

"My mastery of Odachi, and Greatsword is expert level, I can't be a master yet, but my performance won't be hindered by not being able to use my personal weapon."

Haruna's eyes opened slightly in shock. 'Expert level... This is amazing, he's only one level below me.'

Haruna is a Master of Katana Arts, which is not uncommon due to her great talent, potential, and dedication to Kenjutsu.

"Do not be humble, stupid disciple. Reaching Expert level at such a young age is quite an achievement, you're only 24, you know?"

'It's 23, Master… That's if you count the time I spent in the human world.' Victor thought, but he didn't speak aloud, he knows his master will be upset, she is a woman who doesn't worry about small details like that .

Victor sulked: "You're grandmaster level, master. Not to mention you're master level in almost every weapon."

Haruna, Genji, and Yoichi gasped a bit at this information.

The three of them couldn't help but stare at Scathach as if she were a monster, master level in almost every weapon? Huh? This is a joke, right?

The fact that she is Grandmaster in a specific weapon is not shocking, after all, everyone knows how old the woman is, but... Master of almost all weapons!?

'This is just Bullshit.' Genji and Yoichi thought at the same time.

"I had two millennia to dedicate myself toSpearmenship, and in other areas, stupid disciple." she gruntedin annoyance.

"Even I would be disheartened if you reached my level in such a short time." She pouted.

'Seriously, isn't this woman very adorable?' Victor's heart melted at this adorable, and rare, sight.

"… Hmm, can I ask you a question?" Yoichi butted in on the conversation.

The group looked at Yoichi.

"Go on, Lord Yoichi." Ruby spoke in her usual cold tone.

Yoichi nodded his head, "Do you speak as if to indicate that Victor-Dono only started his training just a few years ago?"

"Oh… That's true. In fact, he wasn't even a vampire.noble before."


"I mean, he was a human before, and due to certain circumstances he became a noble vampire."

"…HUH!?" This time not only Yoichi, Genji also joined.

Haruna blinked three times, she took a deep breath trying to process what she just heard and spoke, the fox's mind worked a lot, she put together the information she just learned, and the first information of Victor's appearances in Nightingale, and suddenly everything did sense...

But that's not to say she isn't any less shocked.

"…H-How…" Controlling her emotions, she continued, "How is this possible? How did you go from being a normal human to being the second progenitor of vampires, and being able to challenge vampire earls in less than a decade?"

'Actually, how was he not turned into a Slave vampire? After all, he was a human!'

Even though she wanted to try to control herself, it wasjust too unbelievable, the man's situation was too bizarre.

"The Anomaly... That's what my beloved master once called me." Victor looked at Scathach in amusement.

"And can you blame me? You appear out of nowhere, step on the common sense of a society that already has more than 2 millennia of existence, and act as if this is commonplace!" A smug smile appears on Scathach's face, and then she adds:

"Isn't that amazing!? I don't doubt that in less than 500 years, you'll be on my level of power, or might even surpass me, I can't wait!" She thought with a dreamy look as if she had already imagined their future fight.

With the gentle smile on his face, he thought in amusement: 'I won't wait for 500 years,my master... Thanks to my beloved Roxanne, I may have a way to shorten that time even further.' He had no intention of letting this woman wait that long, he was going to defeat her, and put a child in her oven, and make her completely his. .

He wouldn't be Victor if he didn't.

"... Not even a genius progresses that fast, calling him a monster is just an insult to monsters themselves... Anomaly, is a pretty accurate term for this man's existence..." Yoichi commented with a tired sigh, it was as if all perception of the world of him had now broken.

Genji and the women in Victor's group just nodded in agreement with the old kitsune.

[As expected of my Master!] Bruna was proud as if the achievement was hers, a feeling that was shared by all Maids.

Victor just scratched it a little, he never really thought about it much, after all, his goal was the woman next to him.

Only now did he feel firsthand how he breaks common sense.

"... Leaving Victor-dono's prowess aside, me and my subordinates will prepare the Arena, and all preparations."

"I anticipate that everything will be over in three hours, please use that time as you see fit, but I ask that you stay away from prohibited areas."

"Of course, we don't want to break the trust of our allies." Ruby replied with a small smile.

A smile that Haruna returned from behind her Fan, she closed her Fan, and spoke with a neutral face:

"The meeting is over, see you in three hours, Victor-Dono."

"Mm, I will be meditating in my quarters."

[Good idea, Master! You have to get your inner world in order, this place has gotten completely messed up with the ridiculous amount of souls we've consumed!] Roxanne perked up.