Chapter 591: The Maids and their Beloved Master. 2

"Master... How long have you been thinking about this?" Kaguya asked

Victor turned his gaze toward Kaguya, and his gaze softened so much. He could still remember the first time he saw the woman before him.

Victor opened his mouth and said…

"Ever since I got back from the meeting, and my thoughts have increased now that this Faction thing is getting serious."

"...I see..." Kaguya was silent.

"As a former leader of the Clan, I know that these kinds of matters need to be resolved as soon as possible." Victor knew very well that the stability of the Clan was essential. Unlike Clan Scarlett, Victor had many people he would like to join.

The Maids nodded. They knew what their master was talking about; like the most trusted women in Alucard's life, they knew about 'Adonis'.

They knew that their master had Adonis' memories, and because of that, he sometimes acted very differently than usual.

"Kaguya... You're the only one I didn't personally create with my bloodline. Even though I've switched influence from Vlad's 'progenitor' to me, you still don't have my full bloodline."

"...." Kaguya looked at her master blankly, but genuine concern could be seen on the woman's face, a concern all Maids could see.

"I know that asking you to join my Clan would be going against your own Clan."

"..." The Maid nodded. Even though she was a hard-working Maid, she didn't see herself abandoning her Clan for her master. After all, the Clan was her family, and she owed a lot to the Clan for being who she was.

"And I will never give you that kind of choice."

Kaguya's eyes opened wide.

"You are very important to me, Kaguya. Just like Violet, and Natalia, you were with me from the beginning."

"Because of that, I ask… Kaguya Blank, will you marry me?"

"Wha-?" Bruna exclaimed but quickly closed her mouth with her own hand. She wasn't the only one who was in shock; all the Maids were, including Kaguya.

"… Eh?" Kaguya's rigid mask completely broke.

"A clan alliance, you marry me, and Clan Blank becomes my ally. So you don't lose your name, and at the same time, you join my clan. That way, I can perform the ritual to give you my bloodline."

"Problem solved, right~?" Victor flashed a gentle, innocent smile that caught everyone off guard.

It was worth mentioning that Kaguya's mind tried several times to restart, but like a broken computer, only a blue screen appeared. The shock was too great for the hard-working Maid.

"Ara~, Kaguya completely froze, and I thought she was a hard-working Maid." Roberta was the first to leave the stupor and quickly began to tease Kaguya.

Hearing Roberta's voice, Kaguya quickly opened her eyes wide, and she forced her head to wake up.

"B-But we are M-Master and servant! We can not! This is wrong!"

"Ara, but isn't it the Maid's duty to take care of ALL of her master's needs?" Roberta didn't miss the chance; it was simply too good a chance to forget.

"A game of Master and Maid... Eccentric..." Roxanne blushed a little.

"Fufufu, I didn't know that our so serious leader was so perverted..." Maria spoke with a twinkle in her eye.

"... Perverted," Eve said plainly, which caused more damage to Kaguya.

"I'm not that kind of Maid!" Kaguya practically screamed with a red face, a rare display of emotions from the stoic Maid.

"... Does that mean you don't accept?" Victor asked gently with a dejected tone.

Kaguya felt as if a sword had pierced her heart when she saw her master's expression.

"N-No...-.I-I mean... M-Marriage?" Kaguya didn't know what to say. She was caught in so many sudden shocks that her brain wasn't working.

Marriage... Where two people get together to love each other and do perverted things like her master? That's what marriage is, right?

Kaguya's face turned a little red when she thought of her master's nocturnal 'activities'.

That was her little secret... She... A perfect maid committed a sin...

She wants her master's affection... It wasn't a normal relationship she wanted, but affection like he gives his wives.

Many times, she did her best to hide this feeling and kept up the Maid facade, but... As time passed, it was simply impossible to imagine any other 'master' other than Victor.

'But... My duties as a Maid... My dream...' Becoming the 'Perfect Maid' was much more than an ambition; it was a form of recognition, a way of honoring her mentor.

Lost in thought, she didn't notice Victor taking her hand and pulling it gently toward his chest.

"W-Wha-" She stuttered a lot.

Victor was trying hard not to tease Kaguya now; she was so adorable...

"Kaguya, I will never limit you."

"... Huh?"

"I will always support you. You shine brightest when you are doing what you like; just because you are going to be my wife, that doesn't mean you need to stop serving me... If that's what you want, of course." Victor knew how important Kaguya's dream was, and he wouldn't deny that from the woman. After all, it's only when she's chasing that dream that she shines even brighter.

And he loved that side of her, a side he wanted to monopolize for himself, only himself.

"...." Kaguya opened her eyes wide, and all the worries she was feeling suddenly disappeared as if they didn't even exist in the first place.

With a few simple, honest words that contained all of Victor's heart, he managed to erase Kaguya's insecurities completely.

Regaining a bit of composure and ignoring their current position, she stared into the eyes of her beloved master:

"Will I still have my family name?"

"Of course, my Maid. You can do whatever you want. I will always support you, as long as, at the end of the day, you always come back to my arms."

"… It is my duty to support you, Master."

"Believe me, you do a splendid job. I couldn't ask for anyone better."

"..." These words put a big gentle, and satisfied smile on Kaguya's face as if the deepest part of her existence was being caressed with love.

Losing herself completely in those violet eyes, she was reminded of the time when those eyes had been sapphire blue.

A man Lady Violet had pursued since she was a child, a man who entered their lives and changed everything just by being who he was, a man she learned to respect and treat as a master more than the ladies of the Snow Clan themselves.

The very thought of returning to serve one of the Snow Clan never crossed her mind.

'I will always be the Maid of My Master.' Slowly, a decision began to form in her heart.

Slowly, she brought her hand close to his face and touched it gently as if she was afraid of damaging it, a ridiculous thought considering who the man in front of her was, but that was how she felt right now.

"I accept..."


"I agree to become part of your Clan."

"This means..."

"Yes." Her cheeks turned slightly red just from the outrageous thought she was having right now.

Does a servant marry the master? Huh? This is no medieval fantasy story!

But... She couldn't help feeling that this was correct... Even if she didn't fully understand her feelings now. After all, she never stopped to think about them properly, but she knew that she was making the right decision.

"I agree to marry you, Master…" Her eyes change to a serious look, "But I won't do the ritual to bind my bloodlust to you… It's dangerous, Master. You already have a lot of women in this ritual, and adding more will intensify your bloodlust and create even greater openness."

Victor nodded:

"I wasn't planning to do that either... Aphrodite and I found a way, but this marriage is more permanent than the last one and can only be done by gods or special beings."

"Mm… Lady Ruby explained."

"For now... Let's go with a normal wedding with no ritual, or something like that, a more... Human wedding."

"... That is acceptable." She nodded her head with a blush that refused to leave her face; she wasn't used to this kind of conversation.

"Turn your neck, and I will perform the ritual to make you part of my bloodline."

"… When did you learn to do this?"

"Memories of Adonis."

"Oh… I had forgotten." And she really had, even if she had been thinking about it a few moments ago, she was utterly taken aback by this incident that her brain was still not entirely back to normal functions.

"And I'm also a progenitor, so my ritual works differently than normal Noble vampires." Victor instinctively knew he shouldn't do like other vampires. Instead, he should do something similar to when he turned his daughter Nero into a full vampire.

Craning her neck, Kaguya heard Victor's words close to her ear:

"I will not make you a minor member. I will give you the same treatment as my Maids… You are mine."

Kaguya's body trembled slightly at the possessive growl at the end, and she felt her insides clench completely. 'Now, I understand why the others melt when he hugs them.'

Licking Kaguya's neck, Victor bit her throat, but he didn't suck the blood.

Instead, he injected his poison into her.

Kaguya was completely paralyzed, as her whole body started to heat up as if she was in the desert, but rather than the uncomfortable heat, this was an exciting heat that provoked reactions throughout her body.

'My existence… is being completely changed…~'

Victor remained still, in absolute concentration. Even Kaguya's silent moan and heavy breathing wouldn't break his concentration. In Victor's mind, he could see Kaguya's soul; as she was already a vampire, the process would be easier.

Victor narrowed his eyes as he saw the vestiges of Vlad's influence struggling against his own.

'Begone, Vlad, she's mine.' Completely eliminating the traces of Vlad's influence, Victor began to slowly add the pieces of his soul into Kaguya's existence.

As Kaguya had already drunk his blood thousands of times, the process was relatively quick.

In the real world, Kaguya's body slowly began to be covered in darkness, the woman having long since lost consciousness.

"Oh my god…" Roberta wasn't much for talking about gods, but there's no more appropriate expression for that view.

Kaguya was changing right in front of them.