Chapter 592: A new name, a new begin, a new power, a new potential.

"How do you feel, My Maid?" Victor asked in a curious tone.

"Stronger... Taller... My chest is heavier... and my clothes are destroyed, I think I need to change my whole wardrobe later."

'Well, this is definitely quite detailed.' Victor thought in an amused tone.

In all her naked glory, an oriental-looking woman was standing in front of Victor.

'I'm glad I ordered spare armor... But I don't think it will fit her body.' Victor sighed inwardly, still in awe.by the shape how Kaguya has changed.

Kaguya didn't change too exaggeratedly like the other Maids, she was already a noble vampire, after all, the only visible changes were that she grew from her former 165CM to 170CM in height. Her breasts grew from a C-Cup to an E-Cup. Her short black hair grew down her back, and took on a darker, brighter hue as if it were the night sky, and her eyes took on a permanent blood red hue similar to all the vampires Victor created.

"Hmm." Victor nodded in satisfaction when he finished observing everything: "Welcome to my Clan, Kaguya Blank Alucard."

"...Put Alucard in front..." Kaguya murmured as she looked at her body, not at all bothered by her nakedness, after all, the man in front of her was someone worthy of seeing her in this more 'fragile' form... If it was another being, they would already be dead.

"Oh? Why put my last name in front?"

"Even though I feel gratitude towards my family, you are my husband, and my master, your name must come first." Kaguya spoke with a decisive tone that didn't allow for refusals, but at the same time a submissive and respectful tone that she had before.

A contradiction that onlyMaid hard work could have.

Visibly, the change gave her an aura of authority, an aura of someone worthy of a parent's direct lineage.

'As a Noble vampire, it seems the effect was more drastic than my other Maids.' Victor thought interestedly, the other Maids he had were of different races, they weren't noble Vampires.

'She's still the same Kaguya I love... But something has changed, is the blood doing it? She feels more 'refined' than ordinary noble vampires... In fact, she feels even more refined than my own Maids, I guess because my current state is different from before?'

Victor understands that at the time he created his Maids, he wasn't as 'special' as he is now, he has several energies, and souls in his body, maybe that would have influenced Kaguya a little, the reason for that thought was her own ' beauty' of Kaguya.

Even by high vampire standards, the woman seemed to grow even more beautiful, clearly influenced by his beauty blessing.

Another thing he realized is that the same way Victor refuses to bow his head to anyone due to his innate pride as a progenitor and beginning of an entire race.

Kaguya seemed to gain something like that from being a parent's direct lineage.

"…Very Well." Victor wasn't going to argue about Kaguya's decision, it was his wife's decision after all.

"Welcome to the Clan, Kaguya Alucard Blank."

"Mm." She nodded in satisfaction, a soft smile adorning her most perfect features.

Pure darkness covered her body, and soon a Maid outfit of pure darkness was created, the outfit was completely dark, she looked like a Gothic Maid.

"Hmm, that will do for now."

"Now, this is something new..."

"Yes, Master. It seems that my power of darkness, and control has increased… Have I also awakened a power?" Kaguya opens her hand, and pure flames appear.

"Hahahaha, looks like you got my bloodline from the Snow Clan."

"Yes… More tests need to be done, I think I didn't get the passive ability from the Snow Clan bloodline." Kaguya replied while thinking about the ability to increase power through emotions.

'I feel much stronger than before, I feel like even a trained 500 year old vampire is no match for me now… And if I use that clan's secret art, could I fight a stronger enemy?' thoughts were going in the wrong direction, she chided herself.

'Wrong, Kaguya! You are aAssassin, fighting head-on is sheer folly.' She was so used to fighting her master that she forgot this obvious fact, she was never trained to fight like her master.

Her Clan techniques were lethal, accurate, and fast… But perhaps with the Snow Clan's flame, a new path has opened up for her.

'I must first test this power of fire, and see if it's the same as the bloodline of the Snow Clan, or if it's some mutation caused by my husband's bloodline…' She blushed a little when she thought of the word 'husband', she wouldn't believe it. in this, a servant marrying his master, this is no medieval fantasy plot!

"Mm, I'll leave that job to you, the power is yours, you must exploit it, but if you need help, just ask me."

"... I will." Kaguya replied with a small smile.

Victor smiled and thought internally: 'I wonder why the other Maids haven't awakened powers similar to mine... Is something different?' He thought the answer was in the ritual.

Kaguya was already a noble vampire, and the method I used, although different, is still similar to the ritual of giving the bloodline to the next clan.Nobles... Because of that, she hasn't awakened a power that is related to her personality like thevampires slaves, and rather directly inherited one of my bloodlines.'

Thinking of the circumstances of his precious Maids, and the daughter he made.

By taking too long to save her closest friend, Bruna awakened a power that helped her achieve something faster. Telecines.

By admiring the flame Victor used to burn her parents, by admiring the heat she felt in her body, Eve awakened the power of fire... Only corrupted, due to her traumas.

Eve, and Bruna were human, and what they were 'before' they became vampires influenced them to awaken certain powers.

Maria, Nero, Roberta, and Roxanne were already 'something' before becoming vampires, because of that, Victor doesn't know if this theory is correct or not.

'Well, I will learn in time.' Victor shrugged as if he had no choice.

"The positions haven't changed, they've just become official, I am the Head of Clan Alucard, and in my absence. Kaguya will speak for me."

"…Even when their wives are present?" Kaguya asked curiously.

"You're my wife too, you know?"

Kaguya pouted, and turned her face which was a little red, "Don't tease me, Master... I still need time to adapt."

Victor's smile just grew a little sadistically, as much as he wanted to tease his maid now, he had important things to do... But it seems that the other Maids didn't share the same thoughts as him.

"Children,Children, Kaguya has become an official wife! Now there are only you sisters left." Roxanne spoke with an excited smile.

"What-" Before Kaguya could question it, she heard it.

"Indeed, finally Kaguya has moved on, now we can go after what we want." Bruna got even closer to Victor.

"Tsk, Tsk, damn tsundere, because of her, we had to wait a long time!" Maria grumbled as she looked at Victor with obsessive eyes.

"We are finally free!" Bruna joined the mess.

"… So… Maids Orgy?" Roberta asked with a seductive smile, and innocent tone.

Victor tried very hard not to show a big perverted smile, but his imagination was already running wild, several Maids that he knows very well, in a bed big enough to fit them all, they were in the costumes ofMaids provocative very different from the usual.

'Haah~, my dream came true!' The young human Victor still existed within this progenitor:

'I definitely don't regret creating a Maid Squad.' He nodded to himself in satisfaction.

It all started with an impulse, but he never thought that his idea would get so many people important to him.

Maria's red eyes sparkled:

"Let's Fuc-" Before she could finish saying something.

Bruna, who had a red face, hit her on the head: "Have respect!" She would accept 'pure' pranks but that was off limits!... At least in front of her master!

"Tsk, Puritan." Maria grumbled as she stroked her head.

"I am a nun!"

"Former nun." Mary corrected.

"Still a nun! I am innocent!"

Maria snorted, "As innocent as Lady Ruby."

Bruna's face turned even redder when she remembered the 'eccentricity' of the husband's wife.Clan Scarlett.

"They say the quietest are the most degenerate." Roberta pointed with a small smile on her face.

A hush fell around them, and they all looked at Eve.

"…Eh?" Slowly her face started to get redder as understanding dawned on her face.


'What is happening? I was silent! Because theyare aiming in me!?' Eve felt quite wronged.

"As expected, Eve…" Bruna murmured: "She… Yes?"

"Yeah..." Maria nodded.

"Stop talking in codes!" Eve screamed, her face slightly red, she didn't know how to react now that she was thrown into the crossfire.

"… Now, there's no need to be embarrassed, this is completely normal." Roberta supported: "Like men, women also have desires, we are after all living beings, sexual fantasies are normal, fetishes are acceptable, degeneration is the answer!"

"Preach, Sister!" Maria smiled widely.

Eve turned so red that smoke seemed to be pouring out of her head, she'd clearly overworked herself.

"Umu, I sometimes think about it too, even though I don't have the courage to move on, but it's completely normal!" Roxanne flashed a wide, innocent smile that seemed to lighten the room.

The Maids felt that the light damaged their eyes a little.

"Don't put words in my mouth! I didn't think of anything! I do not know anything! I also didn't think that my master would attack me, tear my uniform anduse-... What are you making me talk about!?" Eve crouched on the floor and held her head.

"..." An even greater silence fell over the place.

"Whoow, I imagined that, but...Whoow." Maria was speechless.

Bruna just remained silent with a blush on her face, she didn't want to be caught in the crosshairs.Maid 'sneaky'. [Maria and Roberta.]

"Fufufufu~. I bet Kaguya is like that too." Roberta fired back at the leader.

The group looked at Kaguya, but they didn't get any reaction from her, she was completelystoic, she wouldn't let herself be teased by her subordinates!

"…She got stronger! Her stone mask has gotten stronger!" Mary grumbled.

"Wrong, Wrong! Look again... Her cheeks are red." Roberta pointed.

"Oh… You're right." Maria confirmed with a mischievous smile.

Kaguya just turned her face away and ignored theMaids.

"AHHH! Kaguya turned her face away! She turned her face! She lost!" Roxanne pointed at Kaguya as if she were a child who had beaten her friend at a game.

"S-Shut up, I'm completely normal!"

"She stuttered! She lost again! Yay!"

"Roxanne!" Kaguya snarled, her gazenow Kaguya's permanent red blood seemed to pierce Roxanne's body.

"Hehehehe~" But that look didn't break the World Tree's impenetrable defense.

"..." The other Maids sweat a little when they see Roxanne acting like a child, that act doesn't stick with them anymore! They know she's smarter than she lets on!

Victor who was watching all this just had a gentle smile on his face, he loved this view, somehow the view of his Maids interactionwas so peaceful.

Even though the Maids had 'played' around, her senses never left her master, and seeing his peaceful smile, their hearts filled with peace and comfort, they loved that sight.

"Girls." With just one word from Victor, all the girls looked at him.