Chapter 594:The monster that exists inside you. 2

"Leaving that aside, why is this happening to me?"

"You know, right?"

"Yeah, I have a theory, but… I don't know if it's correct."

"… Well, your thoughts are correct. The World Tree is an existence that supports a planet, and without one, the planet cannot have life."

"Now, what happens when that World Tree is in a being's soul?"

"... It supports the being's existence." Victor continued.


Victor nodded; that's what he had in mind when he studied his unusual situation, he knew that Roxanne would be of some benefit to him, but he didn't know what.

"Our soul is robust and big, that is the privilege of the progenitor, our soul is much bigger than the gods, but... Our soul loses in 'quality' to the gods."

"And that's a natural thing, progenitors at the end of the day, they're still mortal, they're mortals with powers of gods, that's how the balance is done, because of that unspoken rule Vlad the first vampire Progenitor, or any other Progenitor in history were never more than a progenitor, but..."

"What if that soul was refined? And if this giant soul that is a progenitor received some kind of support to increase the 'quality?', what would that mean for us?"

"......" Victor opened his eyes wide as he understood what Alter Victor was talking about.

"Pffft." Alter Victor couldn't take it anymore.

"Hahahaha, because of us being a curious bastard who can't stay out of trouble and meeting Roxanne, and because of who we are that Roxanne liked us, this opportunity was created; this feels like something out of a divine Comedy!"

"We are so lucky that the World Tree we know was not a 'positive' tree but a 'negative' tree, something that matches our nature very well! If they found out about this situation, the god-kings would die of envy!"

"HAHAHAHA!" Alter Victor laughed in sheer amusement.

Victor rolled his eyes and looked to the horizon as he saw the giant tree begin to glow.

"What about Lilith? She is a progenitor, but she is also a god."

"..." Alter Victor stopped laughing.

"… I don't know… Honestly, even if she was a god, the way she achieved this feat is different from ours."

"We don't know that… yet."

"Yes, if there is a chance in the future, try to talk to her about it." Alter Victor nodded.

"I will."

The world began to shake, and Alter Victor suddenly turne.

"It started." Alter Victor spoke.

"Roxanne is feeding," Victor spoke.


Waves of blood began to form, the corpses slowly began to dissolve into blood, and 'miasma' began to be expelled from the tree.

And the same moment the miasma left the tree, the miasma was absorbed again.

"That glutton, she is not eating properly." Alter Victor grunted.

"... Let me guess, the leaking miasma is because she is spilling her food like she is a child who is eating her favorite food and can't control herself."

"Hahaha~, Indeed."

"Roxanne is the Qliphoth tree and represents negativity, but... That doesn't mean she's evil."

"That's her own job. Originally, she was supposed to be planted on the 'inverse' side of the planet of Nightingale when the malevolence had grown more, just like on Earth... But that didn't happen due to our interference."

"Hmm... I remember the story..." Victor searched his mind for a story from the book he read and said:

"The branches of Yggdrasil traverse all seven heavenly realms, and on the reverse side, the opposite tree of Yggdrasil traverses all seven hells."

"Indeed. As well as the duality of good and evil, The World Tree also has that, which is how the balance of the world is created. This is why the world tree is so important."

Victor's eyes widened a bit, "... Wait, Wait... If that's true... What happens to Nightingale then?"

"After all, Roxanne bonded with me."

Alter Victor turned his face away and began to whistle.


"AHHH! I don't know, okay!? I just know what you know and the memories inherited when I became a progenitor!"

"Fuck, I hope nothing happens."

"Idiot, don't raise the flag; Murphy will show up!"

"Just like Karma, he's a son of a bitch!"


"Tell me about divinity." Victor asked. He left the problem of the planet of Nightingale not having an 'evil' tree that feeds on negativity aside; he really doesn't want to touch that hive nest right now. He feels it will give him a lot of trouble, more than he has now:

"When will this be useful? I mean, I know it's just a spark right now, but it must do something, right?"

"... I don't know."

"..." Victor's face trembled.

"Don't look at me like that. Like you said, it's just a spark now, a fragment of something that will be greater in the future. Even if we had greater divine energy, we can't actually use it now either because our mortal body will be destroyed by the opposite energy. So you need to get stronger!"

Victor just narrowed his eyes even more.

Alter Victor ignored his other self's expression and continued, "Not to mention that, in order to use this divine energy correctly, we need a 'concept' to wield the energy. If we don't have that, we will just kill ourselves due to opposing energies."

"We are walking down a path that no progenitor has walked, so I don't really know much, I just have 'ideas' of what might happen, but I don't know if they are correct."

"Bruh, don't hype it up and then kill it."

"..." Alter Victor rolled his eyes.

"It all depends on Roxanne then?" Victor asked after collecting his thoughts.

"I mean, yes? The more food you eat, the more Roxanne grows, and as she grows, our bodies are refined, and our limits are increased."

"Hmm…" Victor touched his chin.

"She is a child who feeds on 'Negativity', meaning demons from the seven hells and negative emotions are her favorite dishes."

"…And a demon war is going on right now." Victor's smile was bloodthirsty, a smile shared by his Alter.

"Free food… Is it time for mass genocide?"

"Maybe..." Victor's smile only grew, as plans that have no other term but to be described as evil formed in his mind.

'Initially, I only planned to fight the elites... But... With this information, I might have to change my strategy a bit.'

"Don't forget to train too. The effects that Roxanne gives us are passive, but...-"

"We must not forget our bases." Victor completed.

"I know; my master won't allow me to forget that."

"Umu." Alter Eve nodded in satisfaction.

"Haah, I thought I was going to get something, but I just got more questions." Victor sighed as he placed a hand on his brow.

"Meh, I was just explaining how our soul has changed… And believe me, things have changed a lot since we married that goddess."

"... Oh? Tell me more."

"Look." Alter Victor pointed to a location.

Victor turned his face and saw a floating island; on that island, you could see a place that looked like a small piece of paradise.

Narrowing his eyes, Victor could see a large structure that appeared to be a Greek temple.

"That is..."

"Yes, the soul of Aphrodite."

"…Things are getting hectic around here, huh."

"Meh, that's just a representation of our wife's soul. That's a piece of her 'core', and she might not even know it exists. After all, the 'inner' world is something special to the Progenitors of vampires since we have to deal with other souls with our mortal soul, so management is necessary."

"Wait, if that's part of Aphrodite's core, that means…" Victor's eyes widened.

"Yes, if you destroy that place, she will die... Forever... At least, that's what I think. I'm not sure about those thoughts. After all, as I said, it's a 'part' of Aphrodite's core. , is not her whole soul."

"Most likely, her soul will be severely damaged, but she won't die." Alter Victor voiced his thoughts.

"… Is there any way to protect that?" There was no way Victor would allow anyone to damage those lands.

"You greatly underestimate the soul of a god, especially an old god; that whole island is covered by an impenetrable barrier."

"But that doesn't mean we can't protect it even more, right?"

"So overprotective... Well, we wouldn't be us if we weren't like that." Alter Victor raised his hand, and the blood that was being absorbed by Roxanne flew towards the floating island and completely covered the place with blood, creating an even stronger barrier of pure blood.

"Impressive control over blood…" Victor was slightly shocked, he could see that the barrier might look weak, but it was anything but weak.

"I am your progenitor side; if I couldn't control blood that easily, it would be a shame on me."

"..." Victor had no comment on those words.

"Oh, something like that is in Aphrodite's soul, but it's something that represents our soul 'core'."

"… I see. It looks like this is a two-way exchange."


"Hmm..." Victor thought about the matter for a bit, "Wait, this is how 'fate' happens, huh?" He remembered Aphrodite's explanation of soul marriage.

"Indeed, if one of us dies, it is through this soul fragment that we will meet again." Alter Victor spoke.

"This is how 'fate' works to keep us together, and our fates entwined."

Suddenly, Roxanne appeared beside the two Victors.

"Husband, I am going through the second phase of growth!" Roxanne spoke with visible animation.

"... Huh? Growth phase?" Somehow Victor started to get a bad feeling about this.

He looked at the world tree and just now realized that the entire sea of blood was entirely absorbed, and the red earth could be seen everywhere.

"What do you mean by growth phase?" Alter Victor asked quietly.

"Huh? It's something all the world's trees go through."

"Like other beings, we go through changes too. I was just a small sprout when you met me."

'...That was a small sprout?' Victor pursed his lips.

"When I became what I am now, I went through my improvement phase; you could call it a child phase."

"..." The two Victors looked at the giant tree on the horizon.

'Is that the child phase? Just how big is the adult phase then!?'

"I will grow into adolescence now! Yay! That was faster, thanks to master! It usually takes thousands of years for this to happen!"

"..." The two didn't know what to comment about the strange biology of the world trees.

"... Uhh, when you 'grow up', Is there any kind of problem on the outside? or some problem that could happen to me?" Victor went to the important affairs first.

"Umu? Of course not; I would never hurt my husband! All that will happen is just an explosion of power or something... Hmm, oh, your inner world will change too. Even though it represents negativity, I'm still a tree of life, you know? This whole place will become one big forest!"

"Oh, your soul and your physical body will change too! After all, I must protect my husband!"

"Is anything else going to happen?" Alter Victor asked just in case.

"Hmm… My husband's existence will get more robust?"

"So… My inner world will change, my physical body will change, my soul will change, an explosion of power will happen… Isn't this basically a rebirth?"

"I call it enhancement! It's not like you're going to die, you know?"

"Oh, and your physical body will get stronger… You will be able to use Progenitor form longer."

"......" The two Victors looked at each other and shrugged, they only saw benefits, and they both trusted Roxanne, so the choice was obvious.

""Go on.""

"Yay!" Roxanne disappeared, and suddenly the world tree started to glow brightly like it was going to explode or something.

""Uhh, I think that was a bad idea."" The two spoke at the same time.