Chapter 596: Decisions that change a future, and regret.


Snow Clan.

Violet, Hilda, and Agnes were in a meeting room; it's been a few hours since Mizuki came and told them everything Victor had done on Earth.

It is worth mentioning that the three women were shocked, going to the enemy's territory, saving the heirs of the factions, killing thousands of demons, rejecting Vlad's request, and giving up being a Vampire Count...

"I still can't believe how much chaos my husband can wreak without me keeping an eye on him…" Violet sighed; she still couldn't believe what she had heard.

"Mm, Victor sure has above-average courage..."

"....." Violet looked at her mother with a narrow gaze, and shortly after, she sighed again. She knew those dreamy looks from her mother very well. After all, it was a look she had when she was younger.

'Looks like she's slowly falling in love with him…' Violet thought, and to be honest, she wasn't too upset… Okay, maybe a little.

But the point was, despite having issues with her mother, she still wanted the best for the woman, and living with thoughts of revenge wasn't very healthy. As a member of the Snow Clan, she knew that emotions could be a treacherous trap.

Just as they feel very strong love, they also feel hate in the same proportion. If her husband was there to ensure that her mother did not succumb to these negative feelings, he is more than welcome.

'Haah, I miss you… I know it hasn't been that long since he left… But still, I miss you! This stress of running the Clan and the city is killing me! Why don't these motherfuckers know how to keep quiet!? Ugh,' Violet muttered to herself.

The amount of trouble going on in the new city could only be described as absolute chaos; that's what happens when mixing multiple races in one location.

"How are the two werewolves doing?" Violet asked.

"They are resting in one of our rooms. Surprisingly, they are getting along well with our clan." Hilda replied.

"Perhaps it's because of the physical similarities. If they weren't werewolves, they could very well pass for our Clan." Agnes commented.

"True..." Violet narrowed her eyes at the end; for a moment, she imagined herself being Leona's sister, and that thought infuriated her. 'No way am I going to become that bitch's sister!'

"Anyway, my husband's Vampire Count Status has been revoked. Now what?" Violet asked; she still wasn't good at politics like her mother.

"Nothing happens," Agnes replied.

"All the most influential beings in the world know his status as the Second Progenitor of vampires, and that Status alone is greater than a vampire count, he ranks with Vlad in importance now, and it's only a matter of time before all noble vampires know this... If they don't already know, of course." Agnes smiled at the end.

"... What did you do?" Violet narrowed her eyes. She knew what that smile from her mother meant.

"Security measures… I spread this information further." Agnes's smile turned a little malevolent.

"Is it okay to do that?"

"Yeah, it's just advantageous for us." Agnes crossed her legs and continued, "When the promised day arrives, our actions won't be seen as 'betrayal'. After all, we are supporting a Progenitor, and everyone knows how important that existence is for a race. That's one of the reasons why Vlad also has quite a few supporters."

"And we're just expressing something that was already going to be known. Of course, we're taking advantage of that too." Hilda continued.

Violet was silent and thought about the possible reactions to what was going to happen. She may not be as experienced as her mother, but that doesn't mean she wasn't learning, and with so much information like that, she could already understand what her mother wanted.

"I see. You're trying to say that vampires are stronger than ever, huh."

Hilda and Agnes beamed with pride.

"The Snow Clan moves with internal and external consequences in mind... In most cases." Agnes muttered at the end since she knew how temperamental she could be and could possibly throw all plans out the window.

"Although we don't like Vlad and his government very much, that doesn't mean that man is not important to our race. We may have problems internally, but on the outside, we need to look stronger than ever, and having two progenitors in our ranks is proof enough of that." Hilda continued.

"And by making this move, we can better control the citizens of the new city," Agnes added.

Violet opened her mouth slightly in shock. 'To think they can make plans that cover several points at once...'

Violet had no choice but to admit that she didn't know her mother, at least those political skills; the woman was a master of that subject. 'Well, she was the leader of the Snow Clan for a long time, so she should have some skill in that... Not that this is something amazing or anything.' She snorted at the end.

Suddenly, the three women heard a knock on the door.

"Come in," Agnes spoke.

The moment the door opened, they saw Victor's parents, the two of them had an extremely serious look, very different from usual.

"If you came here… can I understand that you made a decision?" Agnes spoke.

"Yes," Leon spoke for him and Anna.

"May I ask the reasons?" Violet asked.

"Demons…" Leon was silent and thought through his following words until he opened his mouth, "Even when our son entered this world, our 'normal' life didn't change that much. Yes, the news was shocking, and we found ourselves in a new world that always existed, but... Everything was still normal, like before Victor became a vampire... I assume it was my son who ensured that, right?"

"Yes, from the beginning, when he turned into a vampire, he cared about his family. That's why my subordinates who once took care of me were stationed in the human world protecting you both." Violet was the one who knew the most about this subject. After all, she had been with Victor since the beginning.

"He made sure his 'normal' day-to-day life wasn't disrupted."

"And as he learned more about that world, and gained more influences in it, he began to control every aspect of his life outside of the house, his work, his friends, his neighborhood, everything was controlled and checked by him."

"...." Leon opened his eyes wide as he looked at his wife and saw that the woman wasn't surprised.

"What? You are the only one who didn't realize that. Even without doing anything, I was suddenly promoted in my company. If I wanted to, I wouldn't even have to do any kind of work, and even then, I would earn a lot of money."

"And you know how our son is quite overprotective… He's so focused on this that it's scary sometimes." Anna laughed in amusement.


"Wait, what do you mean everyone got checked out?"

"Exactly what I said. Ever since that incident with Aphrodite, he made sure to check the entire neighborhood to see if there wasn't some kind of supernatural being hiding or not. Fortunately, they were all clean."

"But I must say that your family from the beginning was not normal."

"What do you mean?" Leon asked.

"Think about it, you guys were friends with a former general of the werewolves, a former skilled hunter, as well as a damn goddess, and your son is a progenitor of vampires. That is definitely not normal. It seems your lives are out of some sort of dramatic movie or something, and worse, you didn't even know about it."

Hilda and Agnes raised their eyebrows when they heard what Violet said, realizing that Violet was correct.

"... Meh, each with their own secrets, Adam was a good barbecue friend, and Renata was always good to my wife; Andrew's mother was a result of my mother helping her in the past," Leon commented, unconcerned.

"Don't be so casual about it!"

"What do you want me to do?"

"I don't know, be shocked or something?"

"I got over those things when I found out my wife's friend was a goddess; believe me, nothing gets over that shock."

"I know, right? Who thought Renata was a goddess..." Anna commented in a light-hearted tone.

Hilda and Agnes were sweating a little, aren't these two quite unconcerned about it?

Violet's smile grew, "Oh, that said goddess is your son's wife now."

"…What!?" Leon screamed in shock.

"… That cradle snatcher! I told her not to do that! I will have a talk with her later!" Anna was quite irritated.

'Fucking lucky son of a bitch! A goddess of beauty as a wife!? Isn't he extraordinarily lucky!?' Leon thought to himself. He didn't dare express his thoughts, or the woman next to him would get very angry.

'But seriously, I've never been jealous of anyone before, but my son makes it quite difficult. What man wouldn't be jealous of him?' Leon thought.

"Hey, that offends me. I'm not a cradle snatcher!" Agnes grumbled, she was a little older, but in the supernatural world, numbers don't matter! As long as you have the mindset of an adult, it's okay!

Because of this, even though Violet is considered a 'baby vampire', she is not treated as such... Most of the time.

Overall, the adult age was just the stat that indicated the vampire had passed their first strength boost.

"..." A silence fell in the room when Agnes' voice came out.

Leon looked at Agnes with a lifeless look, "Another one? Triple Oyakodon?"

Violet broke out in a cold sweat when she heard 'triple oyakodon'. It looks like Ruby even infected Victor's father! And the man was a movie lover!

"... Didn't you already know that?" Anna looked at her husband.

"No, I didn't know."


Looking at Agnes for a few seconds and seeing what a stunning beauty the woman was, he was speechless. Leon looked at Violet and saw that the woman didn't lose to her own mother, and the two women were with his son. His son was with three pairs of mother and daughter!

"…Fuck, my son is a fortunate bastard." He accidentally blurted it out.

"..." A cold feeling suddenly fell in the room.

Leon looked at his wife and saw the lifeless look in her eyes.

"Ara, I wonder what you mean by that."

'Shit,' Leon was sweating like a pig about to be slaughtered.

Agnes' and Violet's eyes sparkled; mother and daughter looked at each other and waved at the same time, and their thoughts were the same:

'We found a companion.'

'Now, I understand where Victor's possessive personality came from.' Hilda thought with amusement as she looked at this situation. If Anna didn't have black hair, she might mistake the woman for a female member of the Snow Clan. She has seen several situations like this in the past with the female members of her Clan.

"Mister Leon, Madam Anna, as much fun as it is to see Leon being tortured, I would like for us to get back to the main topic."

The two stared at Hilda with different looks, Anna with a lifeless gaze and Leon with a horrified expression.

'That woman is a sadist!' Leon thought.

"...Fine." Anna put that aside…for now.

Her eyes started to return to normal, and she continued where she had left off:

"We realized that my son was keeping us protected the whole time, but due to the recent demon invasion, we realized that there are forces that even my son can't easily fight, and... He won't always be there to protect us; therefore, we decided to become vampires."

"Will you give up tasty foods to eat blood?" Violet asked with a bit of resentment in her voice. She was furious when she heard that from Ruby.

Anna looked at Violet neutrally, "I'm sorry."


Her look turned a bit regretful, "You have every right to be irritated. I now understand that we are in a privileged position that not even other beings could imagine. We can choose between vampires and werewolves."

"The very benefit of having an option and being able to choose is a privilege few, if any, have, and that's all thanks to my son... I admit I didn't think much about it at the time."

Violet's gaze softened; she couldn't be mad at Leona even if she wanted to. After all, she was the mother of her husband, and it wasn't just that. The woman was very difficult to hate, she was very much like her husband, and for Violet, that was a weakness.

A good example is now, the woman was completely honest, a trait that Violet is very fond of and that her husband had completely inherited from his mother. She doesn't doubt that if Victor had been in Anna's situation now, he would have done the same thing.

"Huh... When I found out what you said about vampires and your attitude, I got really pissed off. I'll admit that... And I apologize for my petty attitude a few seconds ago."

"It's okay; I know I was wrong. I had a lot of time to think about it, and I learned that if my son wasn't so... exceptional as he is, the situation would have been quite different. My family would probably not be safe."

"...." Violet nodded her head. She didn't deny Victor's mother's words for the single simple fact that she was entirely correct.

If Victor was weak, they wouldn't be enjoying those benefits right now. That was the privilege of the strong, and in the supernatural world, that was everything.

Agnes and Hilda couldn't contain their proud smiles at Violet; she was growing up to be a wonderful woman.

Violet remained silent until she made up her mind, as she opened her mouth and said...