Chapter 597: Changes and Potential.

Agnes and Hilda couldn't contain their proud smiles at Violet; she was growing up to be a wonderful woman.

Violet remained silent until she made up her mind, as she opened her mouth and said...

"Very well, I understand your reasons, and I approve of them. I will get in touch with my husband as soon as possible. He is currently in Japan discussing with our Youkai allies."

Anna sighed, a little relieved. Initially, she should have become a disciple of Aphrodite, something like a saint to the goddess, but since Victor got all of Aphrodite's blessings, that path was no longer open for Anna. Not to mention becoming a disciple of Aphrodite would not give her the same potential as becoming a vampire, especially one of her child's bloodline.

She was a little worried because her son had left the decision to Violet. If Violet approved, he would change her. The reason for this was that the group was generally very busy since they were all moving around to ensure the group's goals.

So that decision fell to the 'First Wife'.

"… Hmm, can't you do that?" Leon asked.

"I can, but then you will not become vampire nobles, but instead be Vampires Slaves. Only a progenitor can make vampires nobles."

Thinking about the explanation of how vampire society worked, Leon said, "... Oh, I had forgotten about that."

"While you are waiting for my husband, I suggest you learn about the supernatural world more deeply, especially Vampire nobles."

"Bring them in."

"Yes, Lady Violet." A voice resounded in the room, and a few seconds later, a shadow emerged from Violet's desk, and several books appeared.

"Read, and learn."

Anna and Leon sweated a little when they saw how thick the books were.

"…Hmm, don't you guys have the internet or something? Maybe, a video explaining…" Leon asked.

"We do not."

"Ugh." The two groaned in defeat.

"Even Victor had to read all these books at some point. Most of our information is in thick, ancient books. As vampires, time doesn't affect us like humans; we have great longevity, and because of that, our society evolves slowly."

"Trust me when I say that whatever you learned from our interactions was just the tip of the iceberg."

'Something Ruby and I intend to change in the future. Once you learn about the ease of the internet, it's hard to go back.'

"Haah, let's get this over with. Ugh, the thickness of these books reminds me of my time at university." Anna grumbled as she picked up the books.

Leon held the remaining books in silence as he helped his wife.

When Anna and Leon left the office, Violet glanced at her mother and Hilda, who had such a big, satisfied smile that it made Violet cringe a little.


"We are so proud of you, my daughter! You will become a splendid clan leader!"

Hilda just agreed with a satisfied nod.

Violet's cheeks turned a little red, "Stop being nice to me and go back to being the bitch I know! It's unnerving!"

"Fufufufu." Agnes was unaffected by her daughter's words; she knew the girl was just embarrassed.

Violet snapped, "And I will not become the Clan leader! I swear to god, these papers are the enemy of all Faction leaders!"

"You will be in control of the Clan for a long time to come!"

Agnes looked at her daughter in horror, and soon after, she looked at the pile of papers that were not yet accounted for, she broke out in a cold sweat, and then she looked at her daughter as a mother looks at a daughter who must carry her burdens. :

"... My Daughter, I'm getting old. You know how it is; it's time for the young to take up the mantle and let the older generation rest."

"Fuck you, I won't take on that shit! And you didn't say you were old when you decided to marry my husband and slept in the same bed with him while drooling all over his body!"

The woman at least had the decency to look embarrassed, "This and that are different things."


"…You don't understand how hard it is to stay away from him when he did that pounding to Scathach and Natashia! The two looked like the happiest bitches in existence! If it weren't for my inhibitions, I would have been riding that big cock already!"

Seeing mother and daughter exchanging barbs while being embarrassed, Hilda just rolled her eyes.

'Can't they be honest with themselves? Is it really that difficult?'

"Lady Violet, Countess Agnes, we have more reports that need approval..."

"..." Mother and daughter stopped yelling at each other, and a defeated look appeared on the two women.

"Ugh, I swear I will kill Vlad for this," Agnes grumbled.

"Damn bastard throwing work at me! This shit never ends!" Violet spoke next.

Hilda just broke into a cold sweat with this demonstration, 'Somehow, the poor king became a scapegoat for these women.'

The two women sat down in their respective places and said at the same time, "Let's continue."


One hour later.


Scathach, Ruby, Siena, Lacus, Pepper, Kaguya, Natalia, and Mizuki, who recently joined Natalia, were looking at the large structure of ice that began to melt into steam.

"… He finished meditating," Kaguya spoke.

Suddenly a pressure as if gravity itself had shifted around fell upon them, and it left everyone breathless for a few seconds.

The only one unaffected was Scathach, who grew a predatory grin, her eyes glowed blood red, and battle lust seeped from her body.

"He got stronger…!" Her smile distorted even more when she felt the pressure building.

"…Didn't he just go to meditate!? What happened!? How has he grown so much!? I can barely breathe!" Siena wasn't taking this well.

Scathach reveled in this oppressive feeling, ignoring her daughter completely as she twitched her legs a little:

'Fuck, I'm wet.'

"Something has changed... This feeling, it's worse than before..." Ruby murmured as she focused on her connection with Victor and opened her eyes wide.

"… What is this dark feeling…? It's like I'm in a pit of negativity."

"..." Scathach looked at her daughter with a neutral gaze, not ignoring Ruby's words.

Looking at the melting ice structure, she focused her senses and realized that her daughter was correct. She opened her eyes wide as she remembered the feeling.

'It's similar to that woman, but at the same time, it's different... That must be the effect caused by Roxanne.'

When the structure was completely dismantled, someone fell in front of the group.

Wearing only half of his kimono, Victor's muscular body was in full view.

The women looked at Victor strangely; he hadn't changed much, just his hair had grown back, but that wasn't something to stand out.

Unlike the girls, Scathach clearly noticed Victor's changes. The change did not occur externally but internally.

The woman's smile grew, and she disappeared and punched Victor in the chest.

A crash was heard, and the surrounding area took the brunt of the impact, but Victor was just standing there as if her blow had no effect on him.

"Oya? I did not expect such a reception, my beloved master."

"…Tell me, did you feel something?"

"Like a mosquito biting my skin." Victor's smile grew.

Scathach's smile just grew once more. She was about to lose control at any moment, and the look she had on her face was a look that those who trained with Scathach knew all too well.

A maniacal look to 'cut' a diamond in the rough, the woman's teaching instinct was crazy.

But she held back... It wasn't time for that yet... She needed to check on him first.

Wasting no time, the woman approached Victor and touched his entire body.

Ignoring his master, he looked at the girls, "You're back, Natalia, Mizuki."

"...Yes..." The two replied unconsciously, while the looks they used on Victor's body seemed like they were from a sex offender.

A look that was shared by everyone present; even Ruby was not left out.

[Girls, come back to me.] Victor spoke in his mind. Normally, he could only do this when the girls were in his shadow, but due to the physical changes, he could now passively utilize his traits as a progenitor.

And being the father of those he created, telepathy was a simple thing to do.

The girls were surprised for a few seconds, but then they replied:

[... Yes!]

"I hope Nero didn't hear that…" Evidently, he still couldn't control his abilities well.

"Roxanne." When Victor spoke the woman's name, a red mist appeared beside him, and soon a tall, curvy woman appeared.

She grew to a height of 195 CM tall, her long, blood-red hair grew to her ankles, and she was wearing a red dress that showed her legs and emphasized her assets that grew into an E-Cup. In addition, her ears became more prominent and sharp, and her sharp teeth changed to normal teeth. She looked much more 'graceful' and hotter than before.

"... Looks like it's not just me who will need another dress."

"You got taller."

"... Hmm, yes...?"

"I mean! Wrong! What do you mean I got taller!? Look at my sexy body!" She held both her breasts:

"Look at my ass!" She touched her ass.

"I got hotter, even Aphrodite would lose against me, and all you can say is I got taller!"

"Fumu, it seems your ego has also grown." Victor just nodded, not caring about the woman's pout. She may have grown up in... many areas, but she's still the same airhead Roxanne.

"Of course, my level of importance has grown, so my ego will also grow." She snorted proudly as she patted her chest.

Kaguya felt a vein pop out in her head when she saw Roxanne's attitude, "Looks like she needs to be disciplined again."

"....." Roxanne felt a chill run down her spine when she heard Kaguya's emotionless tone.

"W-W-Wait, head maid, we're on the same level now! We are married to our master! You can not do that!"

"… That is where you are wrong, as I am on the same level as you; I really can do this now." Kaguya's smile grew:

"As my Master's wife, you must behave as such. This arrogant attitude will not be tolerated."

"…Fuck." Roxanne disappeared in red clouds and returned to Victor's inner world.

"... Pfft... HAHAHAHAHA!" Everyone looked at Scathach with confused looks, 'Why was she laughing all of a sudden?' they wondered.

"As expected! Externally you may not have changed, but internally? Everything about you has changed! Your entire internal structure was completely renewed; it is as if you had been refurbished from the toughest material on the planet."

"Haaah~, I'd love to break it down to see its limits~" A manic look appeared in Scathach's eyes.

This time, even Victor broke into a cold sweat. This reaction didn't even compare to what she had at the beginning; he thought that if he continued, Scathach would really kidnap him and do all kinds of things that would be bloody and must be censored. ... Not that that was a bad thing, he loved that part of Scathach, but he didn't have time for that right now.

Several presences approached Victor, and he realized that they were his Maids.

Ignoring his Maids, who had just arrived, Victor looked at the Scarlett sisters.

'Some help here?' That's what his look conveyed.

Lacus quickly turned her face away and ignored Victor. To be honest, her mother's current state scared the hell out of her, and she didn't want to get caught in the crossfire.

Pepper just turned her face and started to whistle, but no noise was made.

... Sienna just glared at Victor.

'What's wrong with her?' Victor was too lazy to analyze the woman.

"… Mother, we need to go. We have a lot of things to do." Ruby spoke with the same cold tone as always.

Victor looked at Ruby with a grateful look, as expected from Ruby! Only she had the attitude to touch this manic woman now.

Victor decided to stay silent and not say anything because he knew that if he said anything, Scathach would quickly kidnap him. Therefore he gave that job to someone else.

"MOTHER!" Ruby spoke louder when she saw her mother ignoring her.

"..." Scathach turned her face towards Ruby, and that look from her mother made Ruby cringe a little; the woman was scary!