Chapter 598: Changes and Potential. 2

"MOTHER!" Ruby spoke louder when she saw her mother ignoring her.

"..." Scathach turned her face towards Ruby, and that look from her mother made Ruby cringe a little; the woman was scary!


"We have a lot of things to do; afterward, you can do whatever you want with my Husband. Remember your responsibilities!"

"...." A frown appeared on Scathach's face. She looked at Victor's body, debating what to do, then sighed and swallowed all the lust she was feeling. It was an arduous process, considering that she had never felt it this intensely before, but Scathach was very good at controlling herself; years of training had made her will become unstoppable.

Her mind cleared a little, enough for Professor Scathach to come back.

She took a deep breath and let the air out of her lungs, making her breasts heave slightly with the sudden movement.

A cold look adorned her face, and she analyzed:

'... Let's see... His body underwent a complete change, and all of his battle instincts must have been completely destroyed by now. He will need to train to recover what was lost... But that's not bad. Due to having experience, it'll just take a few fights to the death with me for him to get used to his new body.' Forming a coherent train of thought, she began to explain to her disciple:

"… In the next fight, I want you not to use a weapon."

"... Why?" Victor asked.

"Your entire body was rebuilt from scratch. You were basically reborn with new, better material, and your physique is now on par with the strongest Alpha Werewolves in the history of Samar."

'If my assumptions are correct, by training with the new body, Victor can reach the same physical level as the Progenitor of Werewolves, which is insane considering that this is a peculiarity of the Werewolf Race.' Not even Scathach could achieve that with training.

The girls swallowed hard and stared with eyes wide in shock, some of them didn't have much experience with Werewolves, but the books always spoke about the actions that Werewolves could do with just their physical bodies.

Lift a mountain? Easy as breathing.

Jump into an active volcano? Like taking a bath in a hot spring.

The strongest Alpha Werewolves had ridiculous physical power.

"But these good changes came with the detriment of you completely losing the habits of your old body. In Martial Arts, when training with the body, our brain gets used to the physical movements, and actions can be done instinctively, but now that your body changed overnight, a feeling of unease will appear when you fight."

To demonstrate an example, she said, "Try to dodge my blow as you normally do." Scathach closed her fist and attacked his face.

Victor just turned his head and dodged, but then he saw Scathach kicking him in the chest, so he jumped back and was surprised that he went further than expected.


"... You didn't want to jump that far, right?"

"Yes... I just wanted to take a step back." Victor spoke with visible discomfort and a narrowed gaze; now he realized his problem.

'It's like I put in more strength than necessary since I just followed my instincts.' He thought to himself and was once again surprised when he realized that Scathach had discovered all this with just one look at his body.

"Fight Haruna with just your body. The more you fight, the more you'll get used to your new body, and knowing your adaptability talent, that shouldn't take long, but this is just a temporary measure. You must use your powers for the highest levels of opponents, so you will need to fight me several times to get used to fighting like before."

"The process of recovering the basic instincts in the fight will be fast since you already have all the knowledge. You just need to apply it to a better and more resistant material."

"Yes, Master." Victor understood what he must do.

'Basically, fight harder, much harder, and relearn to use this body...' Victor displayed a small smile, 'One week is enough. I just have to fight to the death with Scathach...' It would be a lie if Victor said he wasn't interested in testing himself with Scathach again.

"Another thing… What happened to your security seal?"

"..." Victor looked at his hand:

"I think it was lost during the whole process."

"Do you feel any discomfort or like you're going to explode?" Ruby asked in a neutral tone that contained concern.

"…Actually, I don't feel anything. I'm completely fine." Victor replied to his Wife.

Ruby approached her Husband and touched his body. She was amazed when she felt the density of his new muscles, but she quickly stopped thinking with her Horny side and instead thought like a scientist.

'...So much power...' She could tell that every fiber of Victor's muscle carried an absurd amount of power.

'What did Roxanne do to my Husband? I need samples to understand better.'

Ruby created a small needle out of ice and tried to pierce Victor, but the needle just broke.

"..." An uncomfortable silence fell over the place as Ruby stared in disbelief at the needle in her hands.

"Oya? Already trying to hurt me, I thought I would do that to you later."

Ruby's face turned a little red, and she said, "I need blood samples to understand what happened."

"Sure... Come here..." Victor pulled his lover's waist and showed her his neck.

"It's all yours~."

Ruby snarled a few curses at the sexy bastard she called her Husband and quickly bit his neck... Surprisingly, she didn't break her teeth, and the skin was pierced easily.

She took a few sips of the blood and felt the heat wash over her entire body, but with a self-control that Violet would envy, she stopped biting Victor, created a container of ice, and spit his blood into the container.

"... Mother, please take over?" Ruby looked at her mother, silently thinking about something, as she moved a little away from Victor like a lamb running away from a predator, fearing for her self-control now.

'His blood tasted even better~ God, how is that possible?' A dreamy look appeared on her face as she was utterly lost in her own world as if she had tasted food made by the God of Food himself.

"... Hmm, I'll make another seal... But I don't think it will be necessary."

"What do you mean?" Victor asked.

"Your old problem, Victor. You had a lot of power, and your physical body couldn't handle all that. You were trying to hold the whole sea with just a glass cup... Because of that, the seals were necessary; they were like a filter preventing your power from killing you."

"Now, I assume your body can fully handle the load of your powers without the seal, and because of that, you aren't feeling anything, so the seal is no longer needed."

'Because his power is for the first time circulating in his body without interruption, his muscles are full of power, every fiber of his body is made of pure power... His body has finally reached a balance with all its power.'

"If it were before, you would be in a lot of pain, but now… You are completely fine."

"Oh, don't go into Progenitor Form until you've completely overhauled your Base Powers. You'll need to overhaul everything from scratch, including your Vampire Count Forms, to understand your new limits and what you should and shouldn't do."

Victor just nodded his head, listening to his Master's teachings. He didn't feel sad that he had to redo everything from scratch. After all, the quality of his current body and the old one couldn't even be compared. It was like comparing the level of resistance of iron with that of diamond; the level was completely different.

'...I think with this body, I can create that technique...' Victor thought deeply with an excited smile on his face. Since he learned how his blood powers worked, he thought of recreating a technique that completely changed the notion of his power.

"Anyway, let's go back. You have a fight with a Nine-Tailed-Fox."

"Umu." Victor took a step, and Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Water simultaneously covered his body. Then, he vanished and reappeared a little away from the group.


The Scarlett sisters looked at this with expressionless faces.

"... Well, this is nostalgic," Lacus muttered in amusement. She remembered something similar happened when Victor first went to Nightingale.

"Indeed." Pepper nodded.

"Ugh, my control has gone to shit," Victor grunted as he got up from the ground and climbed out of the hole; then, when he stepped out of the hole, the earth around him caved in.

"Your Powers have gotten stronger, Victor..." Mizuki muttered as she looked at the damage caused. A huge hole was created just because he moved.

"And your body is heavier, Master," Kaguya spoke as she noticed that with every step Victor took, the earth caved in around him.

'He must weigh hundreds of pounds now.'

"As Countess Scathach said, his entire inner body has become denser; it must be because of that," Natalia said.

"It seems so." Victor accepted the girls' words. "Although the increase in power is not significant, the increase in quality is."

"... Quality?" Natalia asked curiously.

"Yeah, look." Victor raised his finger up, and three ice cubes were created in front of Scathach, Natalia, and Ruby.

"...This..." Scathach widened her eyes. She didn't know much about the other Bloodlines, but she knew entirely about her own. This little cube had a density she couldn't create in her Base Form.

And that made Scathach's smile grow, 'Damn monster; I love you more and more!'

"M-Mother..." Just like her mother, Ruby also realized this fact.

"Yes… Ruby, I've said it before, and I'll say it again. You hit the jackpot when you decided to follow Violet that day; all your luck was used up on that encounter.

"… Yes." Ruby had no other choice but to accept it. With how strong Victor's Bloodline had become now, she would imagine that his children would be talented monsters.

Then she blushed a little when she thought about her and Victor's child.

'I hope it's a girl... I could teach her everything I know.'

"Hmm, doesn't that look different?" Natalia spoke, confused.

Ruby and Scathach displayed a slight sneer, but they didn't judge the Maid, considering that only someone who used Ice Powers could understand the difference.

"By comparison, the Ice before Victor changed was like Arctic Ice, it was tough but could still be melted, but now, it's Ice created from absolute zero." Siena spoke in layman's terms, "Only Fire of the same quality can damage his Ice."

"... Oh..."

"I assume the same happened with your other Powers, right?" Ruby asked.

"... It seems so." Victor raised his finger upwards, and a white fireball was created.

The people around him sweated a little when they felt the temperature of that small fireball.

"It's become much easier to refine my powers... Although I'm using more energy than necessary." Victor narrowed his eyes, as he used the same amount of energy when he created this technique earlier but realized he didn't need to.

Victor dispelled the fireball and raised his palm to the sky.

Rumble, Rumble.

His body was covered in Lightning, and soon a tiny golden sphere was created.

"That's..." Mizuki opened her eyes wide and wasn't alone; everyone was in shock.

"Plasma… Something I was training before," Victor's smile grew. He had had so much trouble refining Lightning before, but now it came out so naturally.

"All his Bloodlines grew stronger," Eve murmured.

"Master has become deadlier than before." Maria, Roberta, and Kaguya were all smiles at that fact.

"Yes." The three stepsisters spoke at the same time. A bit of barely concealed lust could be seen in their eyes.

"Anyway, no Powers until you go over all the basics again! And I want to know what happened!"

"Oh, it's not a big deal; just as all beings in the world have their stages of growth, Roxanne also has stages. According to her words, she went from a child to a teenager, and with how connected she is with me on a spiritual level, I changed too."

"..." Was that a teenager? The girls opened their eyes in shock as they remembered Roxanne's changes.

"I see..." Scathach narrowed her eyes.

'Nothing with Victor is normal. How could a World Tree that takes thousands of years to reach maturity grow so fast? Was it because of the demonic 'nutrients'? Ugh, I need to know more...'

"Anyway, let's go back!" Scathach ordered them all. She had many things to do, most of which would be to avoid her jumping up and riding on her beloved disciple's lap and milking his seed within her.


Scathach turned and started walking while thinking.

Just because his Bloodlines became stronger, he seemed far more desirable than he once was to female Vampires.

'Focus, Scathach! Focus! The fight comes first!' She squirmed a little as she felt her disciple's gaze on her.

It was a look of pure fighting, lust, and sexual desire, and she could tell he wanted to fight 'two' fights with her.

And only the omniscient Gods knew how Scathach longed for it too. She was barely controlling herself now.

'He took my hardest punch in my Basic Form and didn't even blink. He acted like it didn't affect him!' Scathach just smiled excitedly. Usually, a punch like that should've gone through Victor's chest, but nothing happened:

'I need to see the range of his durability... But from my experience, I'll only be able to injure his body without a weapon if I enter my Early Vampire Count Form... And that might change if he also wields that power just like me...hahaha~. He is the best! Ugh, I'm so wet; I need another pair of panties.'