Chapter 601: The Fox loved by the moon. 2

A literal second moon was created in the sky.

"Holy fuck..."

Seeing Haruna standing in the sky with the two moons behind her, Victor felt his heart beat faster.

'Haah~, as expected, she's perfect~.' Victor had to quickly escape his stupor when he felt something approaching him at high speed.

He quickly jumped back and saw a beam of energy impacting where he'd previously stood.

"Don't tell me…." Victor looked at the sky again, and thousands of energy beams filled his vision.

"Well, that's a bit much, isn't it?

"Fufufufu, you said you could take whatever I threw at you." She smiled with a seductive and sadistic smile, "Don't worry, this is just the second move; there will be many more than these."

Victor felt a pleasant shiver down his spine, and he growled with a big predatory smile on his face:

"…Damn, Girl." Victor practically growled for Haruna's pleasure.

"You know how to get me motivated." His smile grew: "Come, I will receive everything!" He opened his chest as if inviting her in for a hug.

Haruna's obsidian eyes seemed to glow a little, and she opened her Fan on her face, and with a simple order, all those energy beams in the sky fell simultaneously toward Victor.


Thousands of beams of light traced vicious arcs at her command:

"Let's try this, shall we?" Victor took a position that Scathach was all too familiar with.

Scathach's eyes opened wide, "... Don't tell me he's going to do this without going into Vampire Count Form..."

Victor punched the air, and for a moment, it felt like reality itself shattered; for a moment, his own arm seemed to disappear from everyone's view.

"One Hit, One Million Punches."

The effect was instantaneous. A tremendous blast wave of energy flew toward the sky, and everything was erased from the air, all energy beams; nothing was left. Even the clouds several KM away in this false reality had evaporated.

"This is ridiculous; that attack almost destroyed the reverse world! Quick, channel more Youki!" Scathach heard Kuroka's voice yelling at her subordinates.


The audience was utterly silent; they didn't even feel like commenting, 'just what kind of power is this?' they wondered.

Vampire Counts didn't display their Power all the time like Scathach, but when they did... Everyone understood why they were called walking nukes.

This kind of Power was simply surreal, and the terrifying thing was that he was doing it with pure physical strength! Not once did he use his Bloodline's Powers! Fuck, he didn't even use any Vampire Racial Abilities!

It was all physical strength! He didn't even use any kind of Martial Arts.

"Umu, I think using this attack in Base Form does a lot of damage," Victor spoke while looking at his arm, which was utterly destroyed.

'Well, there's a reason why Natashia uses that power in full Vampire Count Form...' Was Victor disappointed?

By no means was he unhappy. After all, he'd performed the Technique at full Power this time, and he did it in his Base Form!

Yes, his arm was destroyed, but... So what? In a few seconds, he would regenerate.

Victor nodded in satisfaction when he saw his arm return to normal.

'If I use Lightning Power... Even better, if I added in plasma heat... It will surely become a terrifying technique.'

The future was bright; the future made Victor excited! Just thinking about the potential his new body had allowed him... He nearly orgasmed at the prospect.

'As expected, his arm couldn't withstand the consequences of the attack, but… The very act of performing that attack and not breaking his body in his Base Form is already amazing… Normally, he should have a broken body by now...' Scatthach bit her lip with a twinkle in her eye.

The surrounding women broke out in a cold sweat when they saw Scathach's gaze.

'If this continues, won't she rape Victor?' They all thought at the same time.

Scathach was very thirsty today!

"…Oh?" Victor raised an eyebrow when he saw the energy moon forming again in the sky.

"Third Dance." Victor turned his face to the side and saw Haruna with her clothes a little damaged; it seemed that she couldn't wholly avoid his attack.

"Moon-" She couldn't finish executing the Technique because she suddenly saw Victor appear in front of her.

And then all she saw was a fist appearing in her vision.

But instead of panicking, she just smiled...

Victor's punch hit Haruna, but his hand just 'passed' through the woman as if she were a mirage.

Suddenly, he felt gravity tighten around him even more and sensed danger from above.

He looked up and saw a beam of light flying toward him with ridiculous speed.

'This thing serves to restrict movement, and is it a sentry too?' Then, exerting more force on his body, he freed himself from his invisible restraints, quickly evading the attack.

The beam of energy impacted where he was previously standing, and this time it wholly pierced through the hard ground.

'I knew that was dangerous... And it seems to get stronger the more time passes.' Victor didn't doubt that those beams of Power could pierce his body.

"Moonlight Flower."


Haruna covered her sword with pure Youki, and the blade became pure sharp darkness. Then, she performed six attacks meant to slice through Victor's body... But...

'Tsk, it's shallow! How durable is his body!?' She intended to pierce Victor's body completely, but she couldn't go any deeper; it was like she was trying to cut through an immovable object.

Haruna used Victor's body as a blank slate and carved a flower into Victor's body with her blades, an attack that targeted all of a Being's weak points and should generally tear a Being entirely to shreds! But that didn't happen!

Haruna took two jumps back, spun in the air as if dancing and disappeared from everyone's sight.

"Tsk, I don't know what she's doing, but she's completely fooling my senses," Victor complained, but his bloodthirsty smile never left his face.

Just like his Master asked, he was only using his body, slowly improving his body control. If this match were under normal circumstances, Haruna wouldn't have been able to hit him; after all, he was a Lightning User, and his reaction time with Lightning Power active was insane.

'Before this change in my body, I always let my Lightning run in small amounts passively through my body; that way, I would be prepared for any unforeseen event... But that's impossible now; it requires very precise control, a control I lost because of the quality of my new Power.'

With his body healed, Victor jumped to dodge the beam of energy from the sky.

'Tsk, this technique is annoying; gravity increases with every step.' Even with Victor's current physical strength, it was still challenging to move around; he was experiencing 100x Earth's gravity right now.

If it were someone else, they would have already been crushed and killed.

'A deadly Martial Art indeed...'

Haruna, who was hidden in the illusions created in the environment, thought: 'Youki's poison on the blade is taking its time to act...' The Third Move was an attack designed to kill instantly, but... If the enemy survives, the poison of the Youki that was carried in the Katana at the time of the attack was supposed to weaken the enemy so that the Martial Arts user could perform the next Dance.

'Normally, when I use this Technique, my enemies only survive until the Third Dance...' Haruna's smile grew; she was having so much fun. How long had this not happened? She didn't even know.

Yes, Genji's fight was a little fun, but not as much as this fight. She could feel the delicious sensation of growing and getting stronger; he was the perfect opponent!

Victor looked at the second moon in the sky and decided to get rid of it, but just as he expected, just as he went to attack the moon, Haruna appeared beside him.

"Fourth Dance…" Haruna's nine tails started to glow with Power.

'There's still more!?'

"Ugh…" Victor fell to the ground. The gravity around him increased dozens of times again.

Withstanding 300x gravity on his body, Victor felt like he was holding the world on his shoulders.

Suddenly a deep pain appeared in his chest, and he saw a beam of energy pierce him.

"Full Moon."

Haruna began to divide, and soon, eight Haruna clones surrounded Victor, and each of these clones had a tail behind her, including Haruna herself.

The gravity around Victor increased even more, and Victor was forced to fall to the ground; the gravity reached a point where he couldn't get up.

Victor growled and exerted more physical strength; for a moment, he managed to get to his feet, but it was too late.

As Haruna sheathed her Katana, they all pointed their palms at Victor.

Each Haruna's fox tails started glowing with an individual element, and the Fox's own tails completely changed to wield the element, elements that were:

Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Metal, Wood, Lightning, Darkness, and much to her own grandfather's surprise.


It was understood that when a Fox gained a tail, they gained a new element to control, the element depended on the Fox themselves, but a Fox that was born with an Affinity for Darkness should never be able to gain an Affinity for Light.

It was a rule that was never broken; Haruna was from the Otsuki Clan, predominantly Foxes of Darkness, and none of the Clan members had obtained the opposite element of the Clan.

'An anomaly...' Yoichi thought.

Something that shouldn't be happening was happening in front of him right now; his granddaughter had the Element of Light.

"Well, fuck." Victor spoke in a slightly amused tone when he saw what was happening; in no time, he withdrew his smile; at no point in time did he even think about using his Powers. He knew all he needed to do was release some of the Power he was holding back, and this Technique would be destroyed.

But he didn't; he respected his Master, and above all...

He wanted to see the end of this Technique! He was so curious! He didn't even mind being the guinea pig!

But that also didn't mean he was being beaten without doing anything, he genuinely couldn't get up, even using all his physical strength, and that was Haruna's own merit.

'This song is so gentle, comforting, and lonely... Am I hearing things?' Since the beginning of the fight, he could hear faint 'music'. He knew it didn't make sense. How could there be a song if there was nothing around to be played?

But... In the Supernatural World, many things don't make sense, and Victor wasn't crazy [yet]. Even if there wasn't an instrument, or someone playing anything, he was listening to Haruna's music.

Every blow exchanged, every attack he received, he was listening to her 'music', and understanding her' intent'.

She didn't want to hurt him, but she was very excited to challenge herself with a superior opponent. She was excited; she wanted this fight to know her current level compared to a superior opponent.

Victor was listening to Haruna's 'heart'.

His big smile slowly started to change into a small gentle smile.

'Huh~, she definitely won't run away from me after this.'

"Destruction of The Nine Elements." As soon as the Harunas spoke simultaneously, the energy beams of their respective elements came out of the hand of each Haruna and flew toward Victor. When the energy beams met, a pillar with various colors rose towards the sky and reached the second moon created by Haruna.

As if it had connected to the pillar itself, the moon in the sky fell towards the ground, and in the blink of an eye's time, an explosion that blinded everyone took place.



In the bleachers.

"That fool! Why didn't he dodge?!" Siena screamed in frustration.

"Take it easy, Daughter," Scathach spoke. Concern was not seen in her eyes; only curiosity was seen.

'This is definitely an interesting Technique... All the Dances were created to completely destroy the opponent and not let them have a chance to defend. From the Third Dance, it's practically impossible for the opponent to escape with that moon in the sky, and Haruna hiding with that weird Power that reminds me of Natashia's nephew.'

Siena looked to the side. She looked at her mother and Ruby, who were acting like nothing was happening.

Siena looked at Victor's Maids, Mizuki, Natalia, Luna, and even her sisters, but their expressions hadn't changed!

"Aren't you worried?"

"Nope." They all said at the same time.

"Ugh. Alright, I admit that Victor is strong, but he was attacked with Light! Our weakness!"

"Idiot, Light is different from the 'Holy' Element," Ruby spoke.

"We are weak to the Sacred Element of the Gods and the Element of Fire."

"It's the same thing!" Siena exploded.

"It is not." Ruby countered in an emotionless tone.

"Ara~? I didn't think Siena was so worried about Victor."

"...." Siena squirmed a little at the teasing tone; she looked to the side and saw Roberta's gaze.

Siena just snorted and turned away.

Roberta just laughed with a smile on her face, but she didn't continue with her teasing.

"Master is a Progenitor. He is an anomaly who has the Bloodline of The Three Strongest Houses of Vampire Counts, and one of these Houses, in particular, has a high resistance to the Element of Fire, and the Sacred Elements of the Gods, the same Bloodline that I am a part of. He's not going to get knocked down by something like that." Kaguya spoke with absolute confidence in her voice.

"Ugh… But why isn't he using his Powers!? He could finish everything quickly!"

"Idiot, you missed the point of doing all this," Lacus spoke without taking his eyes off the Arena.

A vein bulged in Siena's head; what's with her sisters calling her an idiot!?

Ignoring his sister's fierce glare, Lacus continued: "This is a friendly duel that should show the strength of the Leaders of both Factions to their subordinates. This is a show for all those Youkai present."

"Not only that, but this is also an opportunity for Victor to get used to his new body." Ruby completed.

"By the way, you are recording this fight, right?" Mizuki asked Ruby.

"Yeah, this video will come in handy in the future." Ruby flashed a sly smile.

"I predict you'll use it to convince the Vampires as well?"

"Umu, you know me well, Natalia."

The light in the Arena started to dim, which got all the girls' attention, and what they saw in the Arena... left them a little embarrassed and with a little heat in their private parts.

And they weren't the only ones to react. Everyone in the Arena reacted that way... Including the men.

Shock, excitement, desire, and disbelief were seen by the audience and those who didn't fully know Victor.

Excitement and pure desire were seen in the women in Victor's group.

The man Aphrodite chose as her equal was a very sinful man.

Victor was standing with his whole body covered in blood, and the only thing covering his intimacy was the piece of clothing that consisted of his pants and kimono.

Even though it was covered in blood [which was rapidly disappearing], the beauty of it wasn't erased by that fact. On the contrary, it actually enhanced his appeal further!

After all, everyone in the Supernatural World liked strong beings, and Victor's image now was that of a proud warrior who remained standing even after several fights.

Victor patted his chest to get the dust off and stretched his body a little. Popping sounds were heard, and soon his whole body was healed, and he looked the same as when he entered to duel.

Vampires and their regeneration were a broken Race! Because of that, there were few compared to them, mainly the Werewolves!

"Haaah~, that attack certainly hurt."

Haruna's face tightened a little when she saw that he didn't take as much damage as she thought.

"... This is disheartening, you know? How did you not receive any damage?"

Victor looked at Haruna, who seemed to be pouting; tiredness was seen on her face.

"I'm built different... Literally." Victor laughed softly.