The battle scene had completely changed in a matter of seconds. The Amra had been retreating further and further towards the tower. They were ready to make their last stand, and in that final moment, it was when what looked like a miracle appeared.

Beasts had joined the battle, coming from behind the injured and tired Amra. They were of all sorts of different types, ones who ran on four legs, ones with vicious teeth, large bear-like creatures, plant creatures, and more.

The beasts' numbers were in the thousands, and they were taking on the vampires without a hint of hesitation.

"Ronkin, are you seeing this?" Jeouk asked, who was giving orders to one of the demon-tier shadow beasts.

"Yeah… yeah… I am," Ronkin said with a large smile on his face.

The two of them had been somewhat hiding out of sight. They stayed in a building where they could watch everything because they weren't on the vampires' side, but the Amra wouldn't know that, so it was best for the two to just observe the fight from far away.

The vampires were struggling. They were using their daggers to try to slash right at a black wolf-like beast's neck. The dagger managed to hit, but it didn't go in deep enough to kill the beast. That was because there was a strange lingering shadow coming off the beast.

In turn, the dark wolf turned around and bit the vampire right in the arm, holding on tight and shaking its head. It lifted the vampire in the air.

"Everyone, help those around you, stick in groups. Don't be arrogant and try to take on these beasts on your own!" Hikel shouted.

So far during the fight, the vampires had been rotating those who were attacking and resting. This was part of their plan to chip at the strong wall slowly while tiring out their enemy, but now with the thousands of beasts that had suddenly joined the fight, they needed to act.

Another large bat-like beast was flying through the air and had come right at Grenlet. It dived, hitting his large belly, but a shield of blood aura deflected the attack, and the creature was lifted into the air.

Jumping up, Grenlet created a large hammer out of his blood aura in his hand and whacked the bat down, slamming it into the ground. The beast struggled for a bit until it eventually stopped moving.

"These beasts, they aren't normal," Grenlet answered. "That was, what, maybe an emperor-tier beast, but it took so much effort to take it out."

Hikel could see it as well, and soon, all of the other originals were starting to gather around him. They all were there to report the same thing to him, the struggle they had against these beasts.

"There has to be a reason for the beasts to suddenly come out like this. The tower… this whole time, have they been backing up to the tower to protect it? Is this their trump card?" Hikel said to himself.

Jim was also having a look at the situation. He was away from the others, looking at the back of even the leaders.

"I can't believe it, these vampires, they can't even take care of some beasts, but maybe this will be the push they need to finally evolve!" Jim said to himself and was wondering what was happening with another situation that had been occurring from before.

The energy from the battle seemed to fade, so there had to be an outcome of who had won and who hadn't.

"You idiots," Jim said to the leaders. "Seeing how all the beasts are coming from that tower, take it down!"

The message was transmitted through a telepathic vampire, and they all heard the order loud and clear.

The original leaders had gathered, and now all of them were walking together towards the tower. The beasts came to attack them, but with their blood powers and abilities as well as physical strength, they dealt with them with relative ease.

Their moment wasn't slowed as they went further and further ahead. Geo and Dober could see this. They were busy fighting as well and could see them walking toward the tower.

"Should we stop them?" Dober asked.

"No… it should be fine," Geo answered because he knew.

Right now, standing at the base of the tower, a certain individual had finally left. He stood there for a while, observing the situation in front of him, and quickly had to do something.

"I… was longer than I thought," Quinn said to himself, smelling the blood of the battle in the air. He could feel the blood that was being spilled everywhere. He could sense it. Not just of the Amra, but also of his fellow vampires that were like him, and in this situation, it pained him that he was unable to do more before it had gotten to this point.

Raising his hands, two large shadow portals appeared behind him, right by the base of the tower. All of the regular beasts that Quinn had gathered from the vampire settlement in his spare time and from the Penswi planet were unleashed onto the battlefield.

The vampire leaders, the original vampires, the first that had been turned, all eight of them that were still present and alive, continued to push down to the centre. Getting rid of as many beasts as they could on their way. They were still a large distance away from the tower, but now they could see someone standing at the base.

"Who… is that?" Bianca asked.

Due to the distance, some struggled, and due to what the person was wearing, it was hard for them to recognize the person, but one of them was breaking down in a sweat once more.

Grenlet fell to his knees. His entire forehead and the side of his face were drenched, his heart was beating fast, and he was in pain.

"This reaction… it's happened before," Hikel realised.

Looking at the man in question, he was covered from head to toe in an armour set. It all looked like a single piece of armour, and no one would even imagine that they were made from multiple different crystals based on the way it looked.

A dark red colour had been used as the base of all of the pieces of equipment, with large engraved designs and accents of gold. It wasn't too bulky as it sat on top of Quinn's body but looked fierce as ever.

The boots were crafted perfectly, covering one's feet, and when it bent at the kneecap, there was an appliance, an illusion almost of fangs. If one bent the knee, then it would close these fangs to bite down. On the side of each of the boots, made in gold, there were what looked like two large feathers sticking out.

From there, the chest piece was thick in the centre, like that of a grand knight. Just like most of the armour, it was covered in a dark red, but engraved on the outside in gold was an image of a phoenix. However, this engraving didn't look normal. The golden Phoenix looked to be moving, as if it was burning even now on top of the armour.

Although separate, the design continued on the shoulder pieces as well, with two phoenixes that could be seen on either shoulder with the same glow. The chest piece had been made with the Behemoth crystal and the Phoenix crystal.

Then, there was the mask that covered his face. Just like Quinn's original mask, he had gone for a traditional design. There were large fangs that covered his mouth, but at the side, close to the edge of the mouth, there were two large circular objects that stuck out slightly. Even while standing there, little sparks of lightning were going off.

Then, finally, there were the gauntlets, extending from his fingertips all the way to his elbow. Although the colour base was also red and gold, the golden glow seen on the gauntlets emitted radiant power. The fingertips of each gauntlet were glowing gold, and there was a red base with a golden power, like a volcano steaming all the way down to the elbow.

All of the equipment that Quinn was wearing beamed with power, so much so that it was almost as if it could not be contained by the armour itself.

"I have a message for you all!" Quinn shouted. It wasn't loud enough to reach the end of the battlefield, but it was loud enough for the vampire leaders to hear.

When they heard the voice, their suspicions were confirmed at that moment.

"I am Quinn. I am part of the Shadow Convent, disciple of Arthur, and the previous king of the vampires. With this information, choose what you will do next wisely."

Raising his hand in the air, several shadow portals started to open up from the portals, and dropping out of them from above were shadow beasts. But unlike all the ones from before, all of these were Demon-tier shadow beasts, ones that had been collected from the planet the Behemoth resided on.