Austin's eyes were unable to be kept off Vere, no matter how hard he tried. He even knew he was staring to the point where when he started to look away, his eyes kept moving and glancing to where she was.

'Alright, calm down.' Vere thought. 'People are going to know we're working together.'

She was oblivious to the real reason for Austin's stares.

The room had been filled as much as possible but it wasn't packed with people. It was a special event at the end of the day, and with the main squad members of the Scavengers group along with the other invited guests, the room number was around two hundred.

Seeing all of this, Vlad’s legs were rattling up and down.

"Are you getting cold feet?" Killer whispered by his side. "Are you sure just you and the big guy can handle it, because I'm telling you now, I won't be helping you guys out.'

It wasn't just the two of them but even Vlad had to admit for three of them to take on this many it would be a tall order for anyone.

"Welcome everyone to the Phantom Brawl!" A voice shouted, emitting through the speakers.

The recognizable voice had immediately caused Vlad's entire body to shiver, it was a voice he would never forget.

At the back of the stage, Nox in a black suit had appeared, and behind him Vixen stood by his side.

'There's plan 1 in the gutter.' Austin thought.

For a second he thought if he could rush the stage and grab Nox it would avoid the need for fighting everyone, but they were far back in the venue.

The moment Austin got up from his seat he would be met by the squads that were conveniently placed in-between the stage and him.

"Tonight's Phantom Brawl is a spectacular event, one that is more special than any of you can imagine.

"As you know, today is about displaying the strength of our upcoming talent. Our new recruits from all corners of the city. It will be a night of great entertainment.

"So please enjoy drinking and of course betting and enjoying your vast fortunes."

The crowd was smiling away and many of the leaders of the other gangs had already started drinking, although the other members by their side remained sober.

"As I said, this event is a special one and it wouldn't be special with some grand prizes!"

Our from the back is the stage, two squad leaders of the avengers came walking out with suitcases held in their hands.

Once on stage they got into place and opened them up revealing four syringes, two in each suitcase.

Those drinking some spat out their drinks at the sight, while others stood up as they turned to look at each other wondering if they were really real.

The respective gangs that had arrived were from other tier 4 cities. Most didn't even have one Altered and here they just showed four altered syringes.

If they knew that the Scavengers had already used ten of them some would have fainted on the spot.

"I can see I've gotten your attention." Nox said. "Well, you will be glad to know that only the grand winner will be receiving one of the Altered solutions meaning there will be three more up for grabs.

"This event will also mark the uprising of the Scavengers, after today we will no longer just be a gang from a tier-4 city. We will be expanding our operations and it's up to you guys what you want to do.

"But don't make your decision now, make it after you witness the strength of our new talent."

The faces of those in the room had drastically changed. Some smirked, thinking that the future could be exciting, while others frowned.

It was clear the Scavengers were the top tier 4 gang in the area with this statement made. If they didn't join or submit to them they would be the first ones to be swallowed up and they could see that from the look on Nox's face.

The suitcases were packed away along with the two guards that held them. They hadn't come back out staying behind the scenes.

"Let's get this event started!"

Two names were called out and two high school students entered the ring. The format was similar to most underground fights, with the odds being displayed on the big screen once in a while.

Nox, enjoying the fights, went to sit with his daughters while Vixen sat at the same table as them.

"Keep your eyes peeled girls, one of these boys could be the future star of the Scavengers." Nox said. "We need more power in the gang."

"If only they could be strong and not look like an elephant in the process." Vivi commented with a sulk.

As the fight went on, the other members continued to drink and they would end in a brutal fashion.

Unlike last time, it didn't feel like the contestants' lives were on the line and Austin wouldn't intervene.

The plan was to allow the other members to get a little drunk before they put on their show, that way it would be easier to deal with them.

The second fight was on the way and Vere had gotten up from her seat.

"Hey, you're going to miss the next fight?" Nox said.

"Don't worry, I'm just going to the toilet now, that way I don't miss anything when the main event starts." Vere answered.

"Ah I need to go as well!" Vivi said, popping up from her seat and following her sister.

It was clearly unexpected, but if anyone could deal with it, Austin had confidence in the Shadow Fighter.

"Man, I just hope you guys get started before it's my turn." Killer said. "When the heck are you guys going to do something?"

A couple of minutes had passed since Vere had left the venue and a message had been sent from her phone.

"I've found them, let's go."